Chicken Afghani Samosas available in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh has won the hearts of people, know what is special about it

दिल्ली के शाहीन बाग में मिलने वाले चिकन अफगानी समोसे ने जीत लिया लोगों का दिल, जानिए क्या है खास

In today’s time, Internet has become such a place that we can reach every corner of the world even while sitting at home.You can travel around the world while sitting in your kitchen and know what is happening where. Nowadays people are sharing many types of food videos on the internet. In which normal food … Read more

Women opened beer bottles with long hair, people were surprised to see their strange talent

महिलाओं ने लंबे बालों से खोल दीं बियर की बोतलें, अजीबोगरीब टैलेंट देख लोग हुए हैरान

On the internet, you see videos of people doing various strange feats. A video of two women doing similar stunts is going viral. In the video, these women are seen performing some strange feats, seeing which you too will be surprised. As this surprising video progresses, it also forces you to laugh. The video of … Read more

Ori’s lookalike seen in Mumbai’s local train, people mistook mobile phone cover for a bowl and put money in it, can’t stop laughing after watching the video

मुंबई की लोकल ट्रेन में दिखा ओरी का हमशक्ल, लोगों ने मोबाइल फोन के कवर को कटोरा समझ डाल दिए पैसे, वीडियो देख नहीं रोक पाएंगे हंसी

Ori alias Orhaan, who is present in every party from social media to B-town, is considered to be the best friend of star kids. His connections range from Ambani family to Bachchan family and he is seen clicking photos with celebrities in every party. But recently such a video is going viral on social media, … Read more

This cute kid did something to everyone one by one in the flight, people said – he is the future president

फ्लाइट में इस क्यूट बच्चे ने एक-एक कर सभी के साथ किया कुछ ऐसा, लोग बोले- ये फ्यूचर प्रेसिडेंट है

Videos of small cute children keep appearing on social media. One such video of a little innocent boy stealing hearts with his cute expressions is going viral these days. This little child is charming people with his cute style, and people are also praising him for his intelligence. This innocent looking child may be small … Read more

Texas shooting spree leaves 6 people dead, 3 injured, including 2 police officers; suspect in custody

Texas police arrested a gunman who allegedly went on a violent city-wide shooting spree, killing 6 people and injuring three more — including two police officers — on Tuesday. The male suspect was arrested and charged with Capital Murder of Multiple Persons late Tuesday night, the Austin Police Department said. “The suspect is in custody … Read more

Seeing the bird flying in the sky, the fish also started flying, people said – it would have been fun if there was a race.

चिड़िया को आसमान में उड़ता देख मछली भी उड़ने लगी, लोगों ने कहा-  रेस हो जाता तो मजा आ जाता

Social Media Viral Video: Every day we see some such videos on social media, after watching which we are completely shocked. There are many videos which, after watching, we cannot believe whether it is real or not. Actually, in the age of Internet, people like watching videos of animals and birds very much. Such videos … Read more

Had to pay a bill of Rs 1000 for Idli and Dosa, customer got angry at this restaurant in Gurgaon, people gave such suggestions

इडली और डोसा के लिए भरना पड़ा 1 हज़ार का बिल, गुड़गांव के इस रेस्टोरेंट पर भड़का ग्राहक, लोगों ने दे डाले ऐसे सुझाव

Had to pay a bill of Rs 1000 for idli and dosa, customer angry at this restaurant in Gurgaon A person recently shared on X that he was surprised to see how expensive Gurugram is. Ashish Singh had gone to dine at a popular South Indian restaurant located on 32nd Avenue and ordered two dosas … Read more

People come to this restaurant to get slapped, the waitress slaps them continuously, the bill has to be paid, know the reason

इस रेस्टोरेंट में थप्पड़ खाने आते हैं लोग, लगातार कई तमाचे जड़ती है वेटरेस, भरना पड़ता है बिल, जानिए वजह

People come to this restaurant to get slapped, the waitress keeps slapping them repeatedly. While restaurants around the world are experimenting with new themes to attract customers, a restaurant in Japan has started a strange and new trend to attract people’s attention. In a restaurant called Shachihoko-ya in Nagoya, people happily get their faces slapped … Read more

Gautam Adani reached 15th position in the list of world’s richest people, his wealth increased by $12 billion in a day.

दुनिया के रईसों की लिस्ट में 15वें नंबर पर पहुंचे गौतम अदाणी, एक दिन में $12 बिलियन बढ़ी दौलत

Gautam Adani (file photo) Chairman of Adani Group Gautam Adani (Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani) Now he has come at number 15 in the list of world’s richest people. In the latest list of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Gautam Adani has come at 15th position, surpassing Jim Walton. According to the index, Gautam Adani’s net worth … Read more

Man rants about Rs 1,000 idli-dosa bill at Gurugram eatery; people say ‘you’ll get it for Rs 100 in Bengaluru’ | Viral News

Man rants about Rs 1,000 idli-dosa bill at Gurugram eatery; people say ‘you’ll get it for Rs 100 in Bengaluru’

Man rants about paying Rs 1,000 for 2 dosas and idli at Gurugram restaurant | Image: X Gurugram: How much are you willing to pay for two dosas and a plate of idli? A man was surprised after he had to pay Rs 1,000 for two dosas and a plate of idli at a restaurant … Read more

In Bigg Boss 17, Neil Bhatt was nominated for the entire season, this contestant was safe from nomination for the entire season, people said – this is unfair

Bigg Boss 17 में नील भट्ट पूरे सीजन के लिए नॉमिनेट तो ये कंटेस्टेंट हुआ पूरे सीजन के नॉमिनेशन से सेफ, लोग बोले- ये अनफेयर है

Vicky Jain safe from nomination for the entire season of Bigg Boss 17 New Delhi: Boss 17 nomination Safe Contestant: This season of Bigg Boss 17 is being said to be biased. While the sword of nomination has been removed from the head of Anurag Doval, which was hanging for the entire season, Neil Bhatt … Read more

Adani Foundation’s big initiative to help the disabled, organized employment fair and gave jobs to 111 people.

सुहाना खान की

Also read- Adani Group organized Green X Talks program, disabled talents shared experiences Adani Group gave jobs to 111 disabled people Appointment letters for jobs to all 111 Divyangjan Jeet Adani, Director of Adani Group, VJ Rajput (IAS), Commissioner for Divyangjan, Government of Gujarat, Vasant Gadhvi, Executive Director of Adani Foundation, Executive Director of Adani … Read more