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Ukraine says downed all missiles, drones in new attacks – Times of India

By | 06/02/2023

KYIV, UKRAINE: Ukraine said Friday it destroyed all 15 missiles and 21 drones from a new wave of overnight attacks that left two people wounded in Kyiv.“The occupiers don’t stop trying to terrorise the capital of Ukraine with attack drones and missiles,” the air force said.“All 15 cruise missiles and 21 attack drones were destroyed,”… Read More »

Redditors Are Making Cruise Missiles in Tears of the Kingdom

By | 06/01/2023

Legend of Zelda Looks like the Bokoblins are blasting off again! Published on May 31, 2023 Kristina Ebanez Home » Legend of Zelda » Redditors Are Making Cruise Missiles in Tears of the Kingdom Legend of Zelda fans have constructed many elaborate builds for their Tears of the Kingdom journey, from powerful helicopters to indestructible… Read More »

Russia fires missiles on Kyiv in rare daytime attack – Times of India

By | 05/29/2023

KYIV: Russia fired a barrage of missiles at Kyiv on Monday sending panicked residents running for shelter in an unusual daytime attack on the Ukrainian capital following overnight strikes.A series of explosions rang out in Kyiv on Monday as Russia targeted the city for the second time in 24 hours.The latest barrages hit the pro-Western… Read More »

Russia launches 16th air strike on Ukraine’s Kyiv this month

By | 05/29/2023

Explosions rang out across Kyiv on Monday as Russia launched its 16th air attack on the Ukrainian capital this month, hours after unleashing dozens of missiles and drones overnight. Local residents walk next to damaged buildings after Russian missiles strike, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv region, Ukraine May 29, 2023.(Reuters) Panicked residents, some… Read More »

Putin reeling as Ukraine bombards Russian-held territory with UK’s missiles

By | 05/27/2023

The delivery to Ukraine of British Storm Shadow missiles appears to be positively affecting Kyiv’s offensive against Russia. Satellite data shows more than 900 war-related fires have occurred in Russian-occupied territories over the past two weeks. The analysis suggests there has been a fourfold increase in blasts since May 11 – and it appears to… Read More »

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine shoots down 10 missiles and 20 drones in overnight attacks

By | 05/27/2023

Ukraine shot down 10 missiles and over 20 drones launched by Russia in overnight attacks on the capital Kyiv, the southern city of Dnipro and eastern regions, the Ukrainian government announced on Friday morning, May 26. Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office said in a statement that a fire had broken out on the outskirts of… Read More »

How racing drones are used as improvised missiles in Ukraine

By | 05/26/2023

Drones have become a ubiquitous part of the war in Ukraine. Both sides use consumer quadcopters to track the enemy and drop grenades. Russia has used Iranian Shahed-136 drones to torment Ukrainian cities. In February Russia detected Ukranian drones deep in its territory. More recently Ukraine has been converting devices designed for the sport of… Read More »

20 Simulated Battles, 24 Hypersonic Missiles: China ‘Sinks’ US Carrier

By | 05/26/2023

USS Gerald R Ford is the world’s largest aircraft carrier. The military planners in China organised a menacing simulation in which they blew up USS Gerald R Ford, the world’s largest aircraft carrier. The simulation was run on the war game software used by China’s military, according to a report in South China Morning Post… Read More »

Storm Shadow: Russian-installed official says Kyiv struck port city with British Storm Shadow missiles – Times of India

By | 05/21/2023

MOSCOW: A Russian-installed official in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region said on Sunday that Kyiv had struck the Russian-held port city of Berdyansk with British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles. In a statement on Telegram, Vladimir Rogov said that seven missiles had been fired at the city, four of which were Storm Shadow missiles. He said six… Read More »

Shot Down 29 Of 30 Russian Missiles Overnight, Says Ukraine

By | 05/18/2023

Kyiv, Ukraine: Ukraine said Thursday its air defence forces had shot down 29 out of 30 Russian cruise missiles fired overnight, in an attack that targeted Kyiv and other regions. “The Russian occupiers launched several waves of missile attacks from different directions. A total of 30 sea, air and land-based cruise missiles were launched,” the… Read More »

Ukrainian: Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets; Ukraine says 29 were shot down – Times of India

By | 05/18/2023

KYIV: Russia fired 30 cruise missiles against different parts of Ukraine early Thursday in the latest nighttime test of Ukrainian air defenses, which shot down 29 of them, officials said.One person died and two were wounded by a Russian missile that got through and struck an industrial building in the southern region of Odesa, according… Read More »

Ukraine Defence Forces Downed 29 of 30 Russian Missiles Overnight

By | 05/18/2023

Last Updated: May 18, 2023, 13:23 IST An explosion of a missile is seen in the city during a Russian missile strike, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Image: Reuters) The Russian occupiers launched several waves of missile attacks from different directions. A total of 30 sea, air and land-based cruise missiles were… Read More »

Russia Targets Kyiv, Odesa With Missiles, Ukraine Says Most Were Shot Down

By | 05/18/2023

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia launched cruise missiles at Ukraine’s capital and the Odesa region early Thursday, officials said, in an escalation ahead of a much-anticipated counteroffensive. Most of the missiles were shot down, and one death was reported from the attacks. Loud explosions were heard in Kyiv, and falling debris caused a fire in… Read More »

4 Dead After Russian Missiles Strike East Ukraine, Hospital Hit

By | 05/16/2023

Ukraine has accused Russian forces of frequent war crimes in the conflict. (Representational) Kyiv: A Russian strike on the frontline Ukraine city of Avdiivka has killed at least four people and damaged a hospital, the regional governor said Monday. “Four people died as a result of a missile attack on Avdiivka. Russians attacked the city… Read More »

UK To Give Ukraine “Hundreds” Of Air-Defence Missiles And Drones

By | 05/15/2023

Britain is the second-largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine after the United States. London, United Kingdom: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Britain on Monday to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who pledged “hundreds” of both air-defence missiles and long-range attack drones to fend off Russia’s invasion. Zelensky’s arrival, confirmed by the UK government,… Read More »

Russian missiles strike home town of Ukraine’s Eurovision entry during contest

By | 05/14/2023

The home town of Ukraine’s Eurovision entry came under fire from Russian missiles during the song contest on Saturday. Ternopil, the university home town of electronic music duo Tvorchi, was among the places targeted, according to Dame Melinda Simmons, the British ambassador to Ukraine. Simmons wrote on Twitter: “Meanwhile, this #Eurovision night Ukraine is under… Read More »

Russia-Ukraine war live: 15 missiles shot down over Kyiv as Victory Day begins in Russia

By | 05/09/2023

Key events Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature Opening summary Welcome back to our continuing live coverage of the war in Ukraine. Russia launched 15 cruise missiles at Ukraine’s capital on Tuesday, the second attack in as many days, with air defence systems shooting all of them down, officials… Read More »

Ukraine Says Air Defences Shot Down 15 Of 18 Missiles Launched At Night

By | 05/01/2023

Firefighters work at the site of a residential area hit by a Russian military strike. Ukrainian air defence crews destroyed 15 out of 18 missiles launched by Russian forces in the early hours of Monday morning, the military said, as Moscow intensified attacks on its neighbour in recent days. “Around 2:30 am (1130 GMT), the… Read More »

Air defenses shoot down 15 of 18 missiles launched at Ukraine in dead of night – Times of India

By | 05/01/2023

Ukrainian air defense crews destroyed 15 out of 18 missiles launched by Russian forces in the early hours of Monday morning, the military said, as Moscow intensified attacks on its neighbor in recent days.“Around 2:30 am (1130 GMT), the Russian invaders attacked Ukraine from strategic aviation planes,” a post on the Telegram channel of Valeriy… Read More »

Twelve dead after over 20 Russian missiles hit Ukraine. it’s biggest strikes in two months

By | 04/28/2023

  At least 12 people are dead after Russia hurled missiles at cities across Ukraine early Friday morning, April 28 killing 12. its first large-scale air strikes in nearly two months.   The attacks were carried out as Kyiv prepares to launch a counteroffensive to try to retake Russian-occupied territory. In the central city of Uman,… Read More »

Shot Down 21 Russian Missiles, 2 Drones Overnight: Ukraine

By | 04/28/2023

Ukraine said it had downed a barrage of 21 Russian missiles and two attack drones. Kyiv, Ukraine: Ukraine said Friday it had downed a barrage of 21 Russian missiles and two attack drones overnight in Moscow’s most recent deadly wave of strikes targeting cities across the country. “Ukrainian air defenders shot down 21 of 23… Read More »

Ukraine: Russia launches cruise missiles into Kyiv and other cities, killing at least 8 people

By | 04/28/2023

Air raid sirens echoed throughout Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv early Friday morning as Russia fired more than 20 cruise missiles at it and other parts of the country, leaving at least eight people dead, officials said. The missile barrage was Russia’s first direct attack on the capital since March 9. In Kyiv, officials said… Read More »

At least eight dead as Russian air strikes hit cities across Ukraine

By | 04/28/2023

R ussia has carried out a series of air strikes on cities across Ukraine killing at least eight people, including a mother and her two year-old daughter, officials said. Vladimir Putin’s forces fired more than 20 cruise missiles and two drones at the capital Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine early on Friday, Ukraine has… Read More »

Bandt: ‘I want to hear less talk about missiles and more about fixing the housing crisis’ – video

By | 04/26/2023

Adam Bandt says he wants to hear less talk about defence spending from Anthony Albanese and more about a housing crisis that is leaving pregnant women couch surfing. The Greens leader told the National Press Club that freezing residential rents is possible thanks to ‘wall-to-wall Labor state governments’. He also lashed Albanese for dismissing solutions… Read More »

‘Not a moment to lose’: Australia urged to build missiles faster

By | 04/26/2023

Defence Minister Richard Marles is spruiking the government’s plan to spend $4.1 billion on missiles over four years – however some are urging the government to accelerate the defence plan which is being delayed for 12 months. Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy claims the weapons will be manufactured in Australia within two years – while… Read More »