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Imran Khan Blacked Out on Pak TV Channels, Alleges PTI as Regulator Calls for Ban on ‘Hate Mongers’

By | 06/01/2023

Last Updated: June 01, 2023, 13:08 IST The ‘ban’ on Imran Khan includes no live coverage, sound bite, visual or tickers. (PTI) The I&B Ministry invited all TV channel owners for a meeting on Wednesday and directed them to black out Khan, with a source claiming that the directive was issued by the ISI’s media… Read More »

Funny Money: Counterfeit Currency Making Its Way Back into India via Pak-Nepal Route?

By | 05/31/2023

Last Updated: May 31, 2023, 01:06 IST Ever since 2019, the NIA has registered 26 cases of counterfeit currency, most of them with a Pakistan connection. The cumulative face value of the currency seized is Rs 20.1 crore, with around 60-70% notes in the denomination of Rs 2,000. Representational image These notes are allegedly printed… Read More »

Amritpal: NSA slapped as Amritpal Singh seen as ISI pawn to revive militancy in Punjab | India News – Times of India

By | 04/24/2023

NEW DELHI: The National Security Act was invoked against self-styled Khalistani preacher Amritpal Singh as he had designs to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Punjab, which intelligence sources said could be gauged from his indulgence in abduction and assault of another Sikh Varinder Singh earlier this year, his open defiance of the authorities during protests… Read More »

Agencies’ Focus to Expose Amritpal’s Pakistan ISI Links After His Arrest from Bhindranwale’s Village

By | 04/23/2023

Last Updated: April 23, 2023, 09:53 IST It will also be probed if Amritpal Singh got some outside help during his 36-day long escape and if anti-India forces helped him with logistics during his run to various states before returning to Punjab. (Screengrab via PTI) Agencies would now quiz Amritpal Singh about his criminal connections… Read More »