Manufacturing Processes MCQ Questions and Answers

Manufacturing Processes MCQ Questions and Answers

1- Following material is not a very good electrode in electric discharge machining (EDM) process

(A) Graphite

(B) Copper

(C) Gray cast iron

(D) Tungsten

2- Hot working of metals is carried out ___ the recrystallization temperature.

(A) above

(B) below

(C) at

(D) none of the above

3- Cylinder blocks of internal combustion engine are made by

(A) casting

(B) extrusion

(C) forging

(D) drilling and broaching

4- Increasing the feed rate in abrasive water jet machining (AWJM)

(A) improves the surface finish

(B) decreases the drag

(C) deteriorates the surface finish

(D) none of the options

5- Which of the following types of surface is produced by Facing operation on lathe machine?

(A) A cylindrical surface

(B) A plane surface

(C) A tapered surface

(D) A hole

6- For Grinding steels, the preferred abrasive is

(A) silicon carbide

(B) aluminium oxide

(C) diamond

(D) cubic boron nitride (CBN)

7- In __________ welding , the heat required for welding is produced by means of the electrical resistance between the two members to be joined

(A) Gas

(B) Spot

(C) Adhesive

(D) Arc

8- Which of the following is not a welding joint?

(A) Riveted joint

(B) Lap joint

(C) Corner joint

(D) T-joint

9- The cavity, made in a suitable refractory material that can withstand the high temperature, into which molten metal can be poured is known as

(A) Mould

(B) Pattern

(C) Core

(D) None of the above

10- The process in which the metal is heated and then shaped by plastic deformation is called

(A) Forging

(B) Welding

(C) Threading

(D) None of the above

11- Joining two sheets of metal at the edges, without use of fasteners, welding or other joining processes is called

(A) Hemming

(B) Flanging

(C) Beading

(D) Seaming

12- The process of shaping a flat blank into a three-dimensional hollow component without any appreciable change in sheet thickness is called

(A) Drawing

(B) Coining

(C) Blanking

(D) None of the above

13- External taper can be obtained by

(A) taper attachment

(B) form tool

(C) compound rest

(D) tail stock offset

14- In which of the following welding processes filler material is used?

(A) Spot welding

(B) Projection welding

(C) Seam welding

(D) None of the above

15- Electrodes for electrical-discharge machining are usually made of

(A) Material harder than work-piece material

(B) Material softer than work-piece material

(C) Very hard and brittle material

(D) None of these

16- Which of the following is having the highest material removal rate?

(A) Electrical-discharge machining

(B) Laser beam machining

(C) Plasma arc machining

(D) All of these having equal material removal rate

17- Which of the following is not a forming process?

(A) Rolling

(B) Forging

(C) Machining

(D) Extrusion

18- Which of the following process requires vacuum?

(A) Electrical-discharge machining

(B) Laser beam machining

(C) Plasma arc machining

(D) Electron-beam machining

19- Among the following ceramics which one has the highest hardness?

(A) Aluminium oxide

(B) Quartz

(C) Boron carbide

(D) Silicon carbide

20- Reflectivity is an important physical parameter in

(A) Electrical-discharge machining

(B) Laser beam machining

(C) Electro-chemical machining

(D) Water-jet machining


1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(A), 4-(C), 5-(B), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(C), 10-(A), 11-(D), 12-(A), 13-(D), 14-(D), 15-(B), 16-(C), 17-(C), 18-(D), 19-(D), 20-(B)