How is the Innova Crysta for long drives?

Innova Crysta Long Distance Review: Last year we decided to go on a road trip, but a road trip is incomplete without your family and friends so a comfortable 7-seater was our car of choice. We looked around and narrowed down to one of the most popular – the Toyota Innova. It is at the forefront of the long-range 7-seater, but we wanted to check if it can withstand rough roads or is good to drive too. We had the BS6 Innova Crysta powered by a 2.4L diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox. You can definitely go for a manual but looking at the drive over 800 kms, we go for the automatic.

There was a plan to drive till Udaipur in one go with fewer stops. Udaipur is a favorite destination for Delhiites looking for a long road trip. The total distance is around 700 kms with a total drive of 8 hours. The 150 bhp 2.4 liter diesel diesel of the Innova was to be put to good use. Loading the car with luggage, the Innova gets a lot of space along with a large door pocket.

The Innova Crysta steering is slight at low speeds out of town, but the SUV-like stance along with the driving position makes it an SUV rather than an MPV. The interior of the Innova looks to be of good quality and is tough in terms of build quality. The top-end variant also has a slightly plush luxury-like vibe.

Anyway, pointing towards Udaipur, we made rapid progress in no time. With the 2.4-litre diesel automatic, the new Innova looks more refined at lower speeds and offers more liner power delivery than the earlier 2.8-litre. After the B6, the Innova is now much more comfortable with less engine noise. You can stop at Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer or Pushkar before Udaipur. These are famous places and offer a chance to take a break. Being in a hurry, we stopped only twice for tea and once for lunch during the entire 800 km to Udaipur.

The bigger Innova was comfortable and looked like an SUV with its excellent ground clearance. It made us travel a great distance easily without getting tired, all because of its smooth automatic. The Innova comes with a 6-speed torque converter which is quite smooth and provides a comfortable highway cruise. We found that the car does not get a power rush when driven as loudly as the earlier 2.8L diesel, but does get a more liner, smoother drive which suits its personality. Talking about mileage, it gave an average of around 11kmpl.

One thing for sure, the Innova didn’t make us feel that it was an 8-hour drive, big and had a tough SUV-like quality that made it stand out. Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur has spectacular views and a variety of tourist attractions. We suggest you start your journey earlier to avoid truck traffic. In Udaipur, you should explore Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar Lake while exploring the beautiful surrounding roads.

There is indeed a beautiful view from every corner while watching the sunset from Monsoon Palace. In terms of food, try Laal Maas, whereas for vegetarians, there is Dal Bati Churma. Udaipur is nice and seems like a good destination for a weekend getaway, not that far from Delhi. As far as the Innova Crysta is concerned, Drive has again told us why it is so popular in the first place!