Dhoka Movie Review: Aparshakti Khurana, R Madhavan movie is a weakly executed game of two truths and one lie

It’s an exciting weekend in theaters this weekend. While R Balki is rolling out his own psychological crime thriller Chup, Kookie Gulati (Director of The Big Bull, Prince) is also trying his hand with the crime thriller genre through his new release Dhoka: Round D Corner. Starring R Madhavan, Aparshakti Khurana, Darshan Kumar and Khushhali Kumar, the film revolves around an allegedly confused woman who is taken hostage in her own house by a terrorist while her husband and police officers fight. A team helps save him.

As already revealed from the trailer, Khushali plays the housewife Sanchi while Madhavan plays her husband Yatharth. Wreaking havoc in his life is terrorist Haq Gul, played by Aparshakti, while Darshan Kumar plays Inspector Malik.

The film begins with Reality and Sanchi as ideal love birds, who eventually turn sour. From romancing on every occasion, now this couple has reached a point where Sanchi is demanding divorce. Refusing to comply, Yatharth dismisses it as one of his delusional episodes. However, he soon learns that his wife has been taken hostage and runs home in an attempt to save her.

At the same time, Inspector Malik and Gul also have a history. Malik had caught him in an alleged bomb blast case and kept him in jail for months. When he is being taken from one jail to another, he allegedly runs away and also takes Malik’s gun.

The first half seems like a game of two truths and one lie. Each character shares their own side of the story. While Reality claims that Sanchi is delusional, thinking that she falsely suspects her of having an affair with a psychiatrist and accuses him of presenting a sexist side to win a situation, Sanchi makes her mentally ill. Accused of declaring ill from him and having extramarital affairs.

Malik and Haq have their own version of the game. Malik claims that Haq is a trained Kashmiri terrorist who is in the city to avenge a death that happened years ago and planned the bombings but Haq says he has no idea about it and is an innocent. is person.

While director Kookie Gulati is trying to trick you into his lies, he adds a layer of Lima syndrome to spice things up. This syndrome allows Sanchi to take control of the situation from time to time. To put an end to it, she uses her sexuality to make sure Huck is under her spell.

The other half is spent guessing who is telling the truth and whether Sanchi has been safely rescued from a hostage situation.

On paper, the plot of the film sounds interesting but the execution doesn’t do full justice to the concept. Gulati tries to add suspense to the drama and somewhere he loses his balance. The first half takes time to set up, but considering the style of the film, you would expect it to keep you hooked for a moment. But the uneven motion and unbalanced focus don’t let you fully invest in the film.

The second half tries to capitalize on the film but only to a certain extent. The highlight of the film is undoubtedly the climax. Gulati focused more on tying the knots at the end to keep the threads that need to be tied properly. Also, some loose ends hang down at the end, leaving a few holes in the plot. The script also needs some tightening.

On the acting front, Aparshakti is undoubtedly the star of the film. The actor impresses with his good Kashmiri dialect and presents almost all of his acting cards throughout the film – a volatile criminal, a vulnerable lover, a man trying to choose between life and death, and eventually a psychic. terminally ill person. This is actually his film.

He is well supported by R Madhavan. It’s always nice to see him play a role that involves limited romance and pushing the boundaries more. However, it was heartbreaking to see Darshan Kumar performing a weakly written character. Even in the situation, he tries to save what is in his hand but it is not enough.

As far as Khushali Kumar making her Bollywood debut with the film is concerned, it is sad to see that the film focused more on her curves than her face. Considering that the film mainly revolves around Sanchi, his character should have been portrayed better. #Justice for Sanchi!

Special mention of the newsroom derision shown in the film as a relief. Gulati appears to deviate from the suspense story from time to time, thus adding scenes like how media houses are fighting for TRP ratings over coverage. The film also features a journalist who is inspired by some of the loudest voice anchors on television. It did bring some laughs but it mostly felt forced.

final call: The hoax presents an interesting plot but the vision is shaky in many places. shall i watch the movie? Well, it would be a boring Sunday watch when I would have nothing else to look at.

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