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Who Is Amor Armitage British Yoga Teacher Survived In Boat Propeller Accident In Mexico

A dreaded incident happened with a famous Yoga Instructor named Amor Armitage who was enjoying her lavish vacation and met with an awful action. She was in Mexico at the time she was involved in the deadly accident. The local emergency service arrived at the accident spot just after receiving information about the mishap. After providing initial treatment the yoga instructor soon rushed to the hospital. Later, the information about her accident went viral all over social media and all of her fans and followers are keen to learn about the details of the circumstances under which the accident took place. Get more information on what happened to Amor Armitage.

Who Is Amor Armitage?

According to the latest updates, the yoga instructor Amor Armitage was 37 years of her age at she suffered the accident. She was along with her husband at the time she met with the fatal tragedy which left her helpless and battling for her life in the hospital. She was currently receiving treatment for her critical injuries. Most lately doctors informed that a miracle happened to her that saved her life when a two-inch blood clot in her artery barricaded the flow of blood and saved her from death.

British Yoga Teacher Survived In Boat Propeller Accident

Amor is admitted to a hospital located on the Caribbean Island of Cozumel and her husband is making supreme efforts to pay hospital expenses of more than £60,000. He further informed that…

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