Where are Corrina and Joey Roppo Today? Dated & Related Update

Having a steady support system during the ups and downs in one’s romantic life is certainly a blessing. Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related’ brings this idea to a whole new level by asking participants to join the show alongside their siblings in order to help each other find their perfect match. Each season, siblings have to ensure that they find a romantic connection in the house while being a good wingman/wingwoman for their family member. At the end of their stay in a luxurious villa, one of the romantic pairs formed within the house gets to take home the cash prize of $100,000.

The premiere season of the dating reality series featured several sibling pairs who won the heart of the viewers through their charm and actions. One such duo was that of Corrina and Joey Roppo, who had the attention of the audience since their first appearance in season 1. With the recent release of the show, fans are curious to know what the Roppos are up to, and we are happy to tell you what we know about the same!

Corrina and Joey Roppo’s Dated & Related Journey

Corrina and Joey Roppo, AKA the Roppo siblings, were the first duo to step foot in the luxurious villa they would call home throughout the show’s first season. Despite their easygoing personalities, both siblings had their fair share of drama since the very beginning. Upon entering, Corrina was immediately attracted to Kaz Bishop. When the Roppos won the first sibling challenge, they had the option of choosing which sibling pair they could go on a double date with.

Knowing about Corrina’s interest in Kaz, Joey consented to go on a double date with Kaz and Kieran Bishop. However, Kaz already had expressed his interest in Diana Parsijani, who apparently reciprocated his feelings. After the date, Kaz kissed Diana and decided to come clean to Joey and Corrina. While Joey, a self-confessed overprotective brother, was a bit angry, he told Kaz that he should talk and clear things out with Corrina. The Roppo sister was certainly heartbroken but did not hold any animosity toward Diana or Kaz.

Within a few days, Daniel and Julia Perfetto entered the villa and commandeered the attention of the Roppo siblings. However, that ended up being a disaster as Daniel soon realized he was more interested in Nina Parsijani. Meanwhile, Julia was put off by Joey’s reserved nature and his friendship with her brother Daniel. The entry of William Wade and his subsequent interest in Julia led to the split between Julia and Joey. Though the two did end up reconciling, Joey could not commit to Julia with the same fervor he had shown before.

When the foster siblings made their entry into the villa during the last leg of the competition, Corrina was immediately interested in Andy Foster, leaving behind her tentative romance with Henry Wade. Though her bond with Andy was strong, the Foster brother felt that Corrina was too nice for him and was afraid of breaking her heart with his actions. The two had a conversation about their relationship’s future, with Corrina telling Andy that she was saving herself for marriage.

Ultimately, neither Corrina nor Joey stood up before the finale when Melinda Berry, the show’s host, asked couples to stand up if they thought they had found their match. Despite their bad luck in the department of love, Corrina and Joey were able to form several friendships with other cast members and did not seem to have left on bad terms with anyone. But what have the Roppo sibling been up to since their time in the villa, you ask? Worry not because here’s the information we have collected about their current whereabouts.

Where Are Corrina and Joey Roppo Now?

As of writing, both Corrina and Joey seem to be doing well in their lives. The Roppo sister had been working as a musician and an instructor before appearing in the Netflix show. In fact, you check out her song “Body Heat,” released in February 2021, on Spotify and YouTube. Since their time on ‘Dated & Related,’ Corrina and Joey have recorded another album that is set to debut in Fall 2022. Meanwhile, Joey seems to have left behind his position as Customs Brokerage at Expeditors behind him and is pursuing the fields of acting and modeling.

The Roppo siblings recently moved to Los Angeles, California, from Seattle, Washington, to further their careers within the entertainment industry. They also seem to have high hopes regarding collaborating with other cast members from the Netflix series that they are on good terms. Joey still posts videos featuring himself and Corrina on TikTok and Instagram. His use of the #siblings for his videos started when people started assuming that he and Corrina were a couple. This allowed the Roppos to catch the eye of the casting agents of the Netflix show. Unfortunately, the siblings seemed to have had no luck in the love department as of writing. We wish them the very best and hope they have successful careers and wonderful romantic journeys in the future.

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