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Alexis, who was just 21 years of age at that point, was most recently seen in Anderson, South Carolina. Alexis Product’s missing case was accounted for on January 30, 2022.

Alexis, who was just 21 years of age at that point, was most recently seen in Anderson, South Carolina. As per sources, she had gone to a service station to meet her ex before she evaporated.

Regardless of a broad inquiry exertion by the specialists, no proof or leads have been found to reveal insight into her whereabouts.

During the examination, Alexis’ red vehicle was found two provinces away in McCormick region. Her own effects were tracked down in the vehicle, yet there was no indication of Alexis.

This revelation simply added to the secret of her vanishing, passing on specialists with no strong prompts follow.

Alexis was a diligent mother living in Greenville, South Carolina, with her two kids, a nine-year-old little girl and a two-year-old child. She was referred to for her ability as a beautician and had even set up her own home studio. Reports recommend that she had big designs to open a store in Atlanta to give her youngsters a superior life.

In spite of the entry of one year, the instance of Alexis’ vanishing stays strange. Her family is pushing for more regard for be brought to the situation, and the country has been dazzled by her story.

Everybody is seeking divine intervention for her protected return, yet with no new leads, and the specialists are as yet looking for replies.

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Vanishing Before her vanishing, Alexis decided to spend her end of the week at her mom’s home, situated around 80 miles from her home in Greenville, South Carolina.

During her visit, she made it a highlight devote her opportunity to her family and partake in some merited unwinding.

Nonetheless, Alexis trusted in her mom that she had been getting undesirable calls from an obscure individual and felt like she was being followed.

On January 30th, Alexis passed on her mom’s home in the early evening to get back to her own home. Later on, she had a video talk with her mom and referenced that she would rest.

That very day, she got together with her ex and father of her kids, TJ Patterson, at a 7-Eleven store on Roadway 29 North in Anderson, South Carolina.

She gave over her kids to him at this area, and the two of them left in isolated vehicles. Soon thereafter at around 7:30 pm, Patterson called Alexis’ mom and portrayed their splitting.

At the point when her mom attempted to call Alexis’ telephone, it went directly to voice message, and she couldn’t contact her little girl. Alexis never got back and has not been heard from since.

As concern developed for her whereabouts, Alexis’ family documented a report for someone who has gone missing with the Anderson Region Sheriff’s Office on February 1, 2022.

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Right up ’til now, her vanishing stays a secret. Examination Following the report of Alexis Product’s vanishing by her family, an examiner was alloted to her case.

They had the option to follow her telephone’s area in Anderson, South Carolina, at 8:15 pm the evening of her vanishing.

The examination drove them to a high rise in Anderson where her vehicle was spotted on CCTV film two or multiple times.

Tragically, the CCTV camera’s recording was muddled, and they couldn’t decide whether Alexis was driving the vehicle then.

The police recovered prints from the vehicle however have not openly uncovered whether they matched Alexis’ or any other person’s. On February 1, 2022, Alexis’ red 2019 Honda Accord with South Carolina Tag #6635NS was found deserted and canvassed in mud in a hunting field in McCormick, South Carolina, roughly thirty miles south of Anderson.

It was found that Alexis had no companions or family in the McCormick region. Her PDA, handbag, and ID were undeniably tracked down inside the vehicle.

Moreover, a sack of garments was tracked down in the storage compartment, and her hair hood was tracked down external the vehicle.

TJ Patterson, Alexis’ ex, expressed that he returned home after their gathering at the corner store on January 30th and went to work the following day.

The security film from the corner store’s parking garage was explored, yet nothing appeared to be uncommon. Right now, no people of interest have been openly named in Alexis’ vanishing.

Nonetheless, the police are completely examining all potential leads and roads to carry equity and conclusion to her family and friends and family.

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