‘The Romance Retreat’: Davina McCall To Host ‘Love Island’-Style ITV Format For Older Singletons

Former Big Brother host Davina McCall is to host a Love Island-style ITV format for older people.

In The Romance Retreat (working title), McCall, who also helmed Channel 4’s Language of Love, will oversee a UK country house in which single parents from all walks of life seek true love.

McCall told Stephen Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast several weeks ago that she had pitched the idea to ITV.

A casting call has been issued for the series, which apes the format of ITV juggernaut Love Island. That show wrapped up its winter season earlier this week, with more than 1M viewers tuning in for Monday night’s final.

In an Instagram post in the past few minutes, McCall wrote that the show will be for “single parents who have lived a life, have stories to tell about their dating pasts and deserve another chance at love.”

The Romance Retreat comes with UK reality shows looking to ramp up their authenticity by choosing contestants from all walks of life. BBC smash The Traitors was praised for its casting of older women such as 72-year-old Andrea and 54-year-old Angela.

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