Pune rly yard remodelling plan estimates 260 days for project completion

Pune: The Pune railway division has laid out preliminary plans for its long-pending yard remodelling work at the Pune railway station. The mega project that includes extension of some platforms and more passenger amenities has been given an estimated time period of 260 days for completion.

“Discussions are on with other stakeholders to cover every minor details as such projects cannot be stopped once it is started and cause inconvenience to passengers and others. The work will be completed phase wise as the entire yard cannot be closed,” said Indu Rani Dubey, Pune divisional railway manager (DRM).

Indu said the proposal given by construction parties has a 260-day period for completion.

“We aim to provide minimum inconvenience to passengers as several train schedules will be changed, affected and diverted. If everything goes as planned, the work will start within the next 2 to 3 months,” she said.

The railways had announced yard remodelling plan in 2018 to facilitate operations of long-distance trains with more than 24 coaches at the Pune railway station. More than 230 train operations use the six platforms at the station with only platform number 1 having the facility to board 24-coach trains. Platform number 2, 3, 4 and 5 has a capacity of 22 and 6 of 18 coaches.

The yard remodelling plan will increase length of platforms to accommodate 26-coach trains. The last remodelling works at the Pune railway station were done in 2009.

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