Pakistani Actor Babrik Shah’s Son Zaviar Shah Passes Away

A shocking piece of news is coming forward from the film industry. It is reported that actor Babrik Shah has fallen into immense grief and sadness after losing his child. Yes, you read it right. The actor sadly lost his 4-year-old child. The little kid reportedly drowned in the water tank and died. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has brought everyone’s attention to it. Netizens are rushing to forward and are paying heartfelt tributes to the deceased soul. Here, check what happened to him.

Actor Babrik Shah’s Son Zaviar Shah Passes Away

According to reports, Babrik Shah’s son Xavier took his last breath at the age of 4 and left his family and loved ones in profound grief. It is said that he sadly died in a water tank. He could not swim and drowned in the water which unfortunately snatched his life at such a young age. The deceased child was laid to rest at the graveyard of the NESPAK Society. No one seems to believe what happened to the actor’s young son so they are taking to social media platforms to express their sincere tributes and sadness.

What Happened To Zaviar Shah?

The family has not come forward and has shared the news yet. Well, it is obvious to say that they are mourning their child’s death as they had not even imagined that they would lose their young child this sooner. It is no doubt to say that losing one’s child is a painful emotion to feel by anyone. No one should…

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