CEO who wasn’t able to purchase books, says Indian Railway’s library was a ‘great boon’ for him

We have often heard the saying, ‘books are a man’s best friend.’ And recently, a story that shows the essence of this line has gone viral on Twitter. Ruchit G. Garg, the CEO of Harvesting Farmer Network, lost his father 35 years ago. That’s when his mother started working as a clerk in the Indian railway’s library. Thanks to that, he could access books and magazines that he otherwise could not afford.

A home library.
A home library.

“When I lost my father about 35 years ago, my mom started working as a clerk for Indian railway’s library, meant for executives/staff. We had very little means and could not afford much, including books. I would sneak in to read all possible things I was interested in,” Garg tweeted.

He further explained that having access to the library proved to be a ‘great boon’ for him as he read the books and magazines that would be out of his reach. Garg also added that he enjoyed reading Harvard Business Review. So, as times changed, in 2018 he was even invited to be a part of a panel by Harvard to speak about financial inclusion for smallholder farmers.

He wrote, “I bought a copy of HBR at the Harvard University campus, my own copy!! I still feel super elated about being able to do this, from not being able to afford a few rupees for books to getting invited as a panelist at Harvard and buying a copy of my own.”

Take a look at his post here:

This post was shared just one day ago. Since being shared, it has been liked over 500 times. The tweet also has several likes and comments.

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An individual posted, “Wow. So glad to read this. Best wishes to you.” Another person added, “A moment to cherish, huge respect for your achievement.” A third person commented, “Books are one of the best silent companions who always inspire you to grow.” “Incredible, and what a proud moment,” shared a fourth.

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