Car Fire: Beware! Such cars have the highest risk of fire, the report revealed

Hybrid Vehicles Face Greatest Fire Risk: A study by AutoInsurance EZ claims that hybrid vehicles have the highest risk of fire, while electric vehicles have the least risk of fire. These studies come at a time when the number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly around the world and incidents of EV-related fires are making major headlines.

Only 52 electric vehicles caught fire in the US in 2021
The study claimed that only 52 electric vehicles caught fire in the US in 2021. In contrast, 16,051 fire incidents were reported in hybrid vehicles and 199,533 in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The number of ICE vehicles in case of fire is more as there are more ICE vehicles on the road as compared to hybrids and EVs.

Comparison of fire incidents per one lakh units of vehicle
The study compared the number of fire incidents in every 100,000 units of vehicles sold. Interestingly, the rate of fire per 100,000 vehicles sold for ICE vehicles is 1,529.9, which is lower than 3,474.5 for hybrid vehicles. In the case of electric vehicles, this rate is only 25.1 per 100,000 vehicles.

major causes of fire
Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines catch fire for many reasons. The biggest reason among them is the breakdown of fuel line or fuel tank while on the other hand hybrid and electric vehicles catch fire due to batteries.

Battery fire is dangerous
Battery fires are more dangerous and more difficult to extinguish than ICE-vehicle fires, but the root of these fires is often different.