Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is accused of sexual assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress on a minor in a new lawsuit filed by Julia Holcomb — who says she was 16 when Tyler first approached her in 1973. was targeted.

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The lawsuit, which was filed under a 2019 California law that temporarily waives the statute of limitations for childhood sexual assault, claims Tyler abused his status as a wealthy, famous rock star. used when she was underage, manipulating her into having sex with him. ,

While the lawsuit doesn’t directly identify Tyler by name, instead referring to Doe 1 and Doe 2 to 50, Holcomb has spoken publicly about his allegations against Tyler — and rocked some details in the suit. were taken from Starr’s own memoir.

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Holcomb alleges that she met Tyler during an Aerosmith concert in Portland, Ore., just after her 16th birthday. Tyler, who is now 74, would have been 25 at the time.

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according to suit, which was Obtained by Rolling StoneTyler brings Holcomb back to his hotel room and they discuss his troubled home life as well as his age. Tyler allegedly “performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct” before sending her home the next morning.

Holcomb states that she was “powerless to resist” because of Tyler’s “power, fame and substantial financial capability”. The lawsuit reads that Tyler “forced and persuaded Plaintiff to believe that this was a ‘romantic love affair’.”

In 1974, Tyler reportedly convinced Holcomb’s mother to list him as her guardian, which would allow her to travel across state lines with Holcomb and bring the minor to visit without fear of prosecution. will allow.

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Tyler wrote of the incident in his own memoir, saying that he “almost took a teenage bride,” and that “her parents fell in love with me, they made a plan to take custody of me.” Signed the papers so he was taken out of state if I didn’t get arrested.

The lawsuit alleges that Holcombe became pregnant with Tyler’s son in 1975, when she was 17, but was persuaded to have an abortion by the Aerosmith frontman – a claim she has spoken out about before. At anti-abortion rallies and public interviews,

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Tyler reportedly insisted on an abortion after an apartment fire, arguing that their unborn child would be harmed due to smoke inhalation and the fact that Holcomb was taking drugs during their relationship. , which Holcomb claims, was being provided by Tyler.

According to the lawsuit, Holcomb went through an abortion after Tyler threatened to stop supporting her. After terminating the pregnancy, Holcomb says she left Tyler and moved back to Portland, where she became a devout Catholic and eventually met her husband.

Holcomb claims she buried these memories of Tyler until the rock star wrote about them in her memoir and described her childhood sexual assault as “a romantic, loving relationship” as “involuntary infamy”. subjected to.

The 1997 Aerosmith autobiography references Tyler’s affair with an underage girl, the apartment fire, and the abortion—although the victim is referred to as Diana. Tyler further wrote about these events in her memoir and mentions the apartment fire, but not the abortion.

Acknowledgments of Tyler’s memoirs include Julia Halcomb, which may be a misspelling of Holcomb.

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