X CEO Linda Yaccarino urged to resign after Elon Musk supports anti-Semitic post

Ax has sued Media Matters over reporting on ads containing anti-Semitic posts.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of According to cnnOver the weekend, a “grassroots group” of advertising executives urged Ms. Yaccarino to step down as CEO of X to save her reputation before it was “damaged.”

“I sent her a message yesterday after thinking about it for a long time,” said Lou Pascalis, chief executive of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory and a former top media executive at Bank of America. Mr Pascalis said other members of the industry had done the same. He added, “My advice was to leave before his reputation was damaged.” cnn,

However, Ms Yaccarino has refused to leave her post financial Times informed of. She believes in X’s goals and the people who work there, two people familiar with the matter told the outlet. Separately, Ms. Yaccarino, who joined the social media platform earlier this year, also indicated to

“I have deep confidence in our vision, our team, and our community,” the X CEO posted Monday. He said, “I am deeply committed to the truth and there is no other team on Earth working as hard as the teams at X.”

Specifically, it comes after X boss Elon Musk comes under fire For publicly supporting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on a micro-blogging site. It comes after two reports from the non-profit group Media Matters for America that found ads from top brands next to pro-Nazi material. It inspired brands, including IBM, Apple, Walt Disney, Comcast and Warner Bros. To suspend their advertising on the platform. According to financial TimesThey and other companies are also trying to distance themselves from Mr Musk after his comments.

However, in a letter sent to employees on Sunday, which was seen cnn, Ms. Yaccarino reaffirmed her commitment to the company’s work. “Our work is important, but it is not always easy. Because of what we are doing, it means it naturally invites criticism from those who do not share our beliefs,” he said, X has taken steps to “combat antisemitism and discrimination”. ,

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Over the weekend, the platform accused Media Matters of aggressively seeking out content that “misrepresents the actual user experience” and “may mislead advertisers.” However, “No critic will ever deter us from our mission to defend freedom of expression,” Ms. Yaccarino said in the letter.

Ex also filed a lawsuit on Monday media mattersAlleged that the organization had defamed the platform after publishing a report stating that advertisements from major brands had appeared next to posts promoting Nazism.

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