Woman’s kindness toward a stray dog melts hearts. Watch

An act of compassion by a woman towards a stray dog has captured the admiration of numerous individuals on social media. Since this video was shared, many have expressed their gratitude to the woman for her kind gesture. (Also Read: Human offers water to thirsty bird, video wins hearts)

Stray dog trying to drink water from the tap.(Instagram)
Stray dog trying to drink water from the tap.(Instagram)

The clip opens to show a stray dog trying to get water from a tap. However, there isn’t much success as the tap is closed. That’s when a woman enters the scene and opens the tap for the dog. The pooch is taken aback at first but soon starts drinking water. This video was shared on Instagram by the page Give India. In the caption of the post, they wrote, “Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.”

Watch the video of the woman helping the dog here:

This post was shared on August 2. Since being posted, it has been liked more than 15,000 times. The share has also garnered several comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this post:

An individual wrote, “Bohot aacha kaam kia aapne (You did a very nice thing.)” A second shared, “Lots of love and thanks for this girl.” A third posted, “God bless you.” “I love this. Compassion costs nothing but means everything,” expressed a fourth. A fifth said, “Thank you for helping the dog.”

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