The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently declared that the 2000 note will be withdrawn from circulation but will remain legal tender. Since this decision, social media has been buzzing with different stories related to the 2000 note. Many have claimed that there were instances where shopkeepers or petrol pumps refused to take 2000 note from them. Amid those, a WhatsApp conversation between two friends related to the currency has left people chuckling. The conversation shows how one of the friends started arguing with a shopkeeper after they refused to take the note but eventually the incident took a hilarious turn when the seller disclosed their reason.

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A WhatsApp conversation between two friends about 2000 note has left people chuckling. (Twitter/@deefordaddy)

A Twitter user who goes by Dee shared a screenshot of the conversation. “Ladies and gentlemen, meet my bestie,’’ they wrote while sharing the image. The pic shows that the Twitter user’s friend texted them how a shopkeeper refused to accept a 2000 note from her. Angered, she went on to deliver a monologue with an intention of educating the shopkeeper about RBI’s decision regarding 2000 note. The twist, however, comes after this. Turns out, the shopkeeper refused to take the note because it was torn.

The post was shared on May 25. Since being shared, it has accumulated close to 24,000 views. Additionally, the tweet has received more than 260 likes. People mostly reacted to the tweet through laughing out loud emoticons.

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By Justin