With energy infrastructure down, Ukraine struggles to power through winter

Ukrainian authorities have also set up “invincibility centres” across the country, offering people a warm space, a hot drink and a chance to charge their electronic devices.

Some of these facilities are makeshift tents in car parks, while others are repurposed shopping centres, but not everyone can be accommodated.

Closer to the frontline, the challenges are even greater as help is more scarce. In the Zaporizhzhia region, for example, residents have to depend on one another to survive.

Zaporizhzhia resident Yevhen said: “We put the kettle on, we take the phone out and write to the neighbours, ‘Everyone come to the basement!’. When there is no electricity, we keep warm together, we make tea. There we have a table and cups. This is our routine now.”

The Ukrainian authorities are working round the clock to repair infrastructure damaged in the war, with energy facilities a top priority.


Some respite may be on the horizon for Ukrainians, however, as experts say a German plan to deliver high-tech battle tanks to Ukraine may change the course of the war.

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