Why The Burial Garden At Graceland Is Controversial For Some Elvis Presley Fans

On Sunday, hundreds of friends and fans flooded the Graceland burial garden to honor the memory of Lisa Marie Presley. However, fans of the singer may not know that the burial grounds at Graceland have been the subject of various controversies and conspiracies ever since Presley was laid to rest there in 1977.

Why Elvis Presley Is Buried At Graceland

Few people know that Presley wasn’t originally buried at Graceland. Immediately after his death, the rock and roll legend was laid to rest near his mother in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis.

However, just a few months later, graverobbers threatened to steal his coffin, prompting Presley’s father, Vernon, to exhume his body and rebury him in the meditation garden at Graceland.

Vernon also had Elvis’ mother, Gladys, moved to Graceland, creating a private family graveyard on the property. Today, the graves of the Presley family attract legions of tourists every year, serving as a place where fans can pay their respects to the famous family.

Why People Believe The King’s Grace Is Empty

Given the circumstances surrounding Presley’s burial, fans and conspiracy theorists have speculated that the King of Rock and Roll doesn’t actually rest at Graceland.

Of course, there are those who believe Presley faked his death in 1977, which would mean he couldn’t have been buried at the original gravesite at all. These theorists cling to alleged sightings of the legend, insisting that he never really died.

However, other…

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