Who is Rob Mercer? Poker player lied about having cancer to play in WSOP Main Event

A novice poker player named Ransack Mercer has confessed to making up a determination of terminal disease
This misrepresentation was an endeavor to get cash to play in a title poker competition
He created the phony story in June to raise the $10,000 expected for his entrance into the poker competition

A beginner poker player named Burglarize Mercer who fiddles with the game has owned up to making up a determination of terminal malignant growth. This extortion was an endeavor to get cash to play in a title poker competition.

Who is Burglarize Mercer?

Loot Mercer, a 37-year-old from Vallejo, California, developed the phony story in June to raise the $10,000 expected for his entrance into the esteemed poker competition held in Las Vegas in July, he devised this mind boggling story, as detailed by the Las Vegas Survey Diary.

Mercer began a GoFundMe crusade to collect the required cash. Strangely, his story impacted many, and he wound up getting a stunning figure remembered to be somewhere in the range of $30,000 and $50,000. He was at last allowed passage to the opposition after help.

Nonetheless, inquiries concerning Mercer’s way of behaving at the occasion began to surface in the poker local area. He supposedly offered shifty responses when gotten some information about his condition and neglected to give persuading evidence regarding his supposed conclusion of terminal colon malignant growth.

Witnesses supposedly saw Mercer participating in gaming exercises at a club. He supposedly responded protectively when gotten some information about the potential picture issue this introduced.

Be that as it may, Mercer later admitted his extortion and said, “I shouldn’t have told individuals I have colon disease. I did that similarly as something spontaneous when somebody requested me what kind from malignant growth I had.”

Nonetheless, Mercer demanded that his story made them support proof. He recognized that he figured he may be battling with unnoticed bosom disease. He conceded that he made up the colon malignant growth story out of shame over managing a condition that is more uncommon in folks.

Mercer, who was right off the bat in the Headliner, said, “I lay about having colon malignant growth.” I’m liberated from colon disease. That was my reason at that point. He kept up with his conviction that he could be battling bosom disease and said he has zero desire to return the cash raised through his GoFundMe.

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