Who did Mario Fernandez Saldana kill? Husband of Microsoft executive’s ex-wife charged with murder

Last Updated on: 18th March 2023, 01:59 pm

Mario Fernandez Saldana was accused of first-degree murder regarding the killing of Microsoft leader Jared Bridegan. Saldana is at present hitched to Shanna Gardner-Fernandez (35), who is Bridegan’s ex. Jared Bridegan was lethally shot before his little girl in February 2022.

Specialists captured Saldana in Orlando, Florida. Nonetheless, investigators still can’t seem to affirm the thought process behind Bridegan’s homicide. Police captured him after a hired gunman, Henry Join, engaged with the homicide turned on Mario Fernandez Saldana and decided to affirm against him. Henry was captured in January 2023, when he was living on a property that Saldana claimed.

Saldana has to deal with a few penalties regarding Bridegan’s demise.

On February 16, Microsoft leader Jared Bridegan, 33, was lethally gunned down before his 2-year-old little girl from his subsequent marriage. He purportedly halted to get a tire that was in the street when he was supposedly gunned down. Police depicted the shooting as a trap assault.

According to reports, Bridegan and Shanna Gardner isolated and separated in 2016. Shanna allegedly had an unsanctioned romance. Since their separation, the two have been engaged with a guardianship fight that went on until his sad demise. Jared Bridegan’s more established brother said,

“This was a particularly horrifying wrongdoing… I mean, the times he was shot, just to guarantee that he was dead.”

Specialists thought about Mario Fernandez Saldana a suspect and arrested him only a couple of hours after Henry Join confessed. State lawyer Melissa Nelson said,

Aside from first-degree murder, Saldana additionally has to deal with a few penalties, similar to trick to carry out murder, requesting to carry out a capital crime, and youngster misuse.

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Lawyer Melissa Nelson expressed that whenever sentenced, Saldana could confront capital punishment
The state lawyer added that Henry referenced that he and Saldana wanted to kill Bridegan. He, nonetheless, didn’t examine further insights regarding how the pair committed the rough demonstration. Nelson said,

“Our examination stays dynamic and progressing. What’s more, it has not halted today with the capture of Mario Fernandez Saldana. We as a whole stay focused on looking for reality and that is the whole truth and considering responsible each and every person.”

The New York Post detailed that Saldana and Shanna have isolated since Bridegan was killed. Several has likewise denied being engaged with the supposed wrongdoing in any capacity. Kirsten, Bridegan’s significant other, tended to his demise and said,

“I’m not astounded, frankly. This was arranged, this was arranged and this was intended for Jared.”
Lawyer Nelson expressed that whenever sentenced, Mario Fernandez Saldana could confront capital punishment. Specialists are as of now examining the unfortunate course of occasions that occurred on February 16.

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