Where Is Chris Fox From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5 Now? Don’t Worry, He’s Still Single

Season 5 contestant Chris Fox left the ‘Love Is Blind’ pods single. Read on for a summary of his time on the show and what he has been up to since.

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chris fox
Source: Netflix; Instagram / @chrisfoxxy

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of Love Is Blind.

During Season 5 of Love Is Blind, Houston singles were given a chance to meet and potentially get engaged to their soulmates all before ever getting to see one other in person. The experiment yielded some interesting pairings, but one standup guy who didn’t emerge from the pods as a fianc√© was Chris Fox.

What happened to Chris during the show? And what’s he been up to since he left the pods? We’ve got the 4-1-1 on everything Chris below.

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chris fox love is blind
Source: netflix

Chris connected with Johnie during ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5, but things didn’t work out.

As a refresher, Chris, who can be found on Instagram as @chrisfoxxyis a project manager from the Houston area. He joined Love Is Blind after getting frustrated with dating apps and meeting women who “seem to not be looking for the commitment,” per Netflix. His longest relationship was three years long prior to the show.

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In the pods, he connected early on with Johnny Maraistwho was four years his senior. On several occasions, he claimed that he saw a future with her. But before he could pop the question, Johnie revealed to him that she had a stronger connection with one of the other men (Izzy Zapata). Chris was devastated by the news and didn’t hold back the tears.

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Surprisingly enough, Johnie ended up meeting with Chris again, but only after things backfired with Izzy. Chris, understandably still hurt that Johnie didn’t see him as her first choice, decided not to take her back or propose to her. That said, they both walked away from the experiment single.

Ultimately, it was hard not to feel bad for Chris. He was kind, loyal, and he seemingly would have made a great husband. However, we’re proud of him for standing his ground and dismissing Johnie upon her return. Nobody wants to go into a marriage feeling like somebody’s second choice.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5 contestant Chris Fox still appears to be single.

Since leaving the pods, Chris appears to still be based in the Houston area. As for his relationship status, we don’t see any signs of a potential girlfriend on his Instagram profile. As of writing, neither he nor Johnie follow each other on the platform which means that they likely didn’t meet up in real life after leaving the pods as previous contestants have before. And if they did, they definitely didn’t hit it off.

Other cool findings about Chris include: he’s an Astros fanhe met Jamie Foxxand he snowboards.

Watch Love Is Blind episodes 1 through 4 on Netflix.

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