What is YouTube and what are its features complete guide

What is YouTube

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YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to post, upload, share and share videos. Users can upload videos under three categories; one is the normal video format, other one is under videos or trailers that are usually behind the video but if it has audio, users can have it in the upload window.
To share videos on YouTube users need to log on to YouTube website and then go to Settings on the left sidebar.
After setting up settings on the right sidebar, users can now access the share button that is located on the right side of the video frame. To find out how to upload videos on YouTube, go to Videos.
YouTube has other sharing tools to share videos such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and Reddit.
To download videos from YouTube using the share button, users can either tap the download icon that is located on the top right corner or they can go to YouTube Videos from the app store and click the YouTube Downloader link.
The upload videos can be done with two steps. First step is to tap the share button on the right side of the video and then tapping the three horizontal lines that is located on the video frame.
The second step is to tap the save button on the left of the video and then dragging and dropping the video to the YouTube uploader page.

How to earn money for YouTube ?

We spend huge amounts of time uploading videos on YouTube, but what are the profits?
YouTube is a great way to build your brand. Using a YouTube channel to collect ad revenue is an excellent way to earn money.
Everyone from beauty bloggers to YouTubers can earn money via YouTube for a variety of activities. In fact, more and more YouTube creators are relying on their YouTube channels to make a living.
We don’t usually see YouTube as a great way to make money for YouTube creators. We do believe that it is still an excellent place to make money, but we believe that to make money for YouTube you will need to do something different.
Trying to set up your own YouTube channel will most likely turn into a nightmare.
Why? Because YouTube is a large website. Because Google wants to make YouTube the number one destination for video on the internet. Because there are lots of people wanting to make money from YouTube.
Instead of trying to set up your own YouTube channel you should consider selling ads on your videos. You can easily do this in a few ways:
Buy the advertising space directly on YouTube. You can buy ad space on the most popular YouTube channels. The top YouTube channels often sell ad space to individual YouTube creators. Google creates ad spots on YouTube that YouTube creators can buy. For more information, read our guide to YouTube Advertising. Buy advertising space through a publisher. Publishers buy advertising space on YouTube directly from YouTube. Ads are shown on specific videos. If you want to sell your ad space directly to YouTube you can buy it through publishers or you can buy it through the Google AdSense platform. For more information, read our guide to advertising on YouTube. Make YouTube videos for other people. Whether you sell ads on your YouTube channel or not, you can still make videos that are of interest to YouTube.
We would recommend giving YouTube a try. It is a great way to promote your brand and share videos with people on a global scale.
Video Marketing is the Future
Video Marketing has grown in popularity over the years. In fact, many experts have put video marketing at the top of their list when it comes to marketing solutions.
To many brands, YouTube is the only way to gain attention. Some brand marketers believe that YouTube is the place to launch their brand, with most of the YouTube videos viewed by millions of people.
So, if video marketing is so important why don’t we see more brands promoting videos on YouTube?
There are lots of reasons for this. The main one is that people aren’t necessarily looking for video marketing information on YouTube.
A lot of YouTube videos are of a highly entertaining nature.
For many people, YouTube isn’t a place to learn marketing techniques and help them improve their business.
Instead, YouTube is a place to learn and share entertainment videos.
Yes, videos can help promote your business, but not always.

What are the benefits of YouTube?

Open Source
Integration with many other services
File sharing
Much more
Rise of the Media Makers
You might be surprised to hear the incredible potential that YouTube holds for content producers. There’s no doubt that YouTube could be used by any small business or agency that creates things for a living.

Features of YouTube

Channels: You can create and share videos under your YouTube channel.
Categories: You can sort your video library by criteria like vertical orientation or new uploads.
Time Schedule: You can also set the amount of time a video will be available for viewing.
Download: You can download videos for free from YouTube.
Video Editing
Pressing the full screen button takes a video clip, immediately saves it to your YouTube channel. You can choose video size and quality. Videos can be archived, deleted and re-ordered.
YouTube introduces the video sharing feature as a completely free service. The service is readily available in a variety of languages.
More options and features
By default YouTube makes recommendations about videos for you to watch. You can set the videos to queue under a playlist as well. You can also create a custom playlist that automatically generates a video.
Adding a Sound To A Video
YouTube gives you the ability to add background sound.

Earning potential of YouTube

Average earnings per 5-minute upload by uploading videos to YouTube, with the videos reviewed by YouTube in March 2016:
$36,816 / 7 months
$90,548 / 8 months
$111,798 / 9 months
$125,372 / 10 months
$136,266 / 12 months
Lol, YouTube is not the place you earn millions of dollars. But they’re also not the cheapest place to upload. The average YouTube income in the US was about $10,200. For comparison, I earn more than that for producing a video for Facebook every 6 months.
So uploading YouTube videos is more than earning money. It’s earning revenue for an organization that needs it and pays fairly for it. For the Facebook videos, it pays about $100 to make and upload each video, which translates to about $2.78 each. So sharing Facebook videos is more profitable than uploading YouTube videos.
Your videos may be of little or no value to YouTube, but the potential earning potential of YouTube videos on Facebook is way more valuable. You’re also not sharing your videos to Facebook.

Basic things needed to create video on YouTube

1) Upload a YouTube video on YouTube
2) Add video information for video tagging (video tagger)
3) Upload the video on YouTube and start video streaming
4) Adjust the privacy setting for sharing video
Adding information to video about YouTube and sharing
YouTube video streaming requires that you upload a YouTube video to YouTube for streaming, thus the process can be tricky. It helps if you create a video using a video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Video, Adobe Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Aisoft Video editor, Autodesk’s Sonic video editing tool, or MediaMonkey (MPlayer, Xsplit, XQD).
There are several video streaming options provided by YouTube, however it is wise to use the Basic mode in terms of video stream quality. It will start at 480p (roughly equivalent to the frame rate of 480p video), and the maximum length of a video to be streamed on YouTube in Basic mode is 10 minutes. The advanced settings can be adjusted according to preference. Advanced video streaming

YouTube new quality options

YouTube has a series of new quality options aimed at cutting down on the video’s file size on the service’s servers, according to YouTube’s support page. Videos encoded using H.264, H.265 and VP9 are capped at up to 10Mbps, down from the 35Mbps supported by the past default settings. Those who are new to YouTube can sign up for a 30-day trial to view HD quality videos from YouTube, which is capped at 720p. For more details on YouTube quality options, check out YouTube’s video below.