What Ever Happened To Jim Carrey? See What He’s Been Up To


  • Jim Carrey might retire from acting sooner than expected, claiming he wants to get out before he slaps someone.

  • Carrey faced backlash for not promoting the film Kick-Ass 2 due to its violence and young characters after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  • The long-awaited sequel to Dumb and Dumber disappointed fans and critics when it was released in 2014.

Jim Carrey has proven himself to be one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. After appearing in countless hit films like Wild Wild and Bruce Almightythere really isn’t anything Carrey hasn’t done.

The actor is serious about his craft, so much so that he’s even been trained by the CIA for his role in The Grinch! With a net worth of $180 million, it’s no surprise the actor went on to take a step back from the spotlight, even turning down roles left and right.

During his time away from the big screen, Jim Carrey went on quite the philosophical journey that had a few folks concerned. So, what is the actor up to now? Let’s find out!

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Updated September 7th, 2023: Jim Carrey has hinted that he might retire from acting sooner than we expect. According to sources, the actor claimed that he wanted to retire as soon as possible. “I got to get out of here before I slap someone,” quoted Jim.

10 The Actor Got In Trouble For A Film

In 2013, Jim Carrey starred in the superhero film, Kick-Ass 2. However, he stirred up a ton of controversy before the film’s release.

Earlier in the year, Carrey announced that he wasn’t going to promote the movie due to the young characters and violence. Carrey felt it was too soon after the tragedy at Sandy Hook in late 2012.

Carrey faced a massive backlash on social media for his comments and choices.

9 The Mask 2 May Not Be Out Of The Question

Jim Carrey in The Mask
via: New Line Cinema

As noted, Jim Carrey starred in several classic comedy movies. In 1994, Carrey starred in the popular film, The Mask. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel since the film was first released.

Carrey has sometimes been reluctant to do sequels in the past but has been more open to the whole sequel thing lately. The actor even admitted that he’s not ruling out starring in The Mask 2.

Carrey says he will only star in the sequel if the project has the right director. He noted, “I don’t want to do it just to do it. But I would only do it if it was some crazy visionary filmmaker. Sure.”

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8 Dumber And Dumber To Was A Disappointment

In the mid-90s, Jim Carrey starred in a string of memorable movies. Everything he touched turned to gold. In 1995, he co-starred in the classic film, Dumb and Dumber. For years, fans had been begging for a sequel to find out what Lloyd and Harry had been doing.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited sequel, which debuted in 2014, disappointed fans and critics.

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7 Jim Carrey Struggles With Mental Health Issues

via: Netflix

Jim Carrey is one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. Indeed, he influenced an entire generation of comedians. However, there was always a deep sadness and pain behind all that humor, despite earning his $180 million fortune.

Carrey has struggled with severe depression throughout the years, which he has opened up about more recently.

6 Controversy Stemmed From His Statements On Vaccines

Jim Carrey has stirred up controversy on more than one occasion. Some people blame him for playing a role in encouraging anti-vaccine sentiment in America back when he was dating Jenny McCarthy.

The actor received a significant backlash for his comments, but Carrey continues to deny that he’s anti-vaccine.

5 The Comic Wrote A Children’s Book

Jim Carrey feels that he accomplished everything in film and television. He branched out into other forms of art and found a new passion. In 2013, Carrey released the children’s book, How Roland Rolls.

It tells the story of a wave that is afraid his life is going to be over when he hits the beach. Carrey also worked on an EP of original songs for the book. He worked with his daughter, Jane Carrey, on the soundtrack — she contributed music and vocals.

4 Jim Carrey Returned To The Big-Screen

via Hollywood Reporter

Although Jim Carrey took some time away from the limelight, the actor has since returned to his roots appearing in a handful of on-screen projects.

The actor joined the series Kiddingback in 2018 where he portrays the role of Jeff Pickles. Additionally, Carrey appeared in Sonic The Hedgehog and reprised his role in the second film.

3 Jim Debuted His Own Show

While Jim joined SNL and appeared in other projects (like Sonic) from 2020 onward, he also debuted a TV series that earned itself a second season.

Unfortunately, poor ratings resulted in the show missing out on a third season.

2 Jim Shared His Opinion On Will Smith

After the 2023 Oscars incident with Will Smith, Jim Carrey didn’t keep quiet, voicing his opinion that Smith’s actions were “sickening.” Critics jumped on Carrey for his comments, especially considering he once tried to kiss Smith without the latter’s consent.

Many also likened Will’s act of physical violence to the time Jim tried to kiss Alicia Silverstone on stage.

1 Jim Carrey Is Not As Passionate About Acting Anymore

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Despite his fame and fortune, Carrey admits that he doesn’t have the passion he once had because he’s accomplished a lot in his career, which is part of the reason why Carrey disappeared from the spotlight.

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Jim also announced in 2023 that he will probably retire from acting. That would make Sonic The Hedgehog 2 the final film of his long and storied career. However, Carrey did appear in a music video for The Weeknd following his “announcement.”

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