What did Ridon Kola do? Yonkers man arrested over threatening officers amid St. Patrick’s Day parade

Last Updated on: 18th March 2023, 09:06 pm

The US State Lawyer declared on Friday, Walk 17, 2023, that Ridon Kola, a Yonkers man, has been captured. Kola was captured for taking steps to kill nearby cops during the city’s St. Patrick’s Day March.

The 32-year-old sent direct messages to the Yonkers Police Division, supposedly communicating his aims to hurt officials on McLean Road, where the procession is planned to happen. Ridon Kola additionally showed that he might feel for revolutionary Islamist goals.

After the messages were sent, government specialists captured Ridon Kola on Friday. The US Lawyer expressed that Kola has formally been accused of making compromising highway interchanges.

As per the authority capture report, Ridon Kola’s web-based entertainment profiles show that he upholds ISIS and other Islamic radical gatherings. A photograph for him showed him using a hatchet.

As indicated by Fox, Kola has a past filled with compromising Yonkers authorities. He had recently posted a danger in Albanian to the Yonkers Police Division via web-based entertainment on November 19, 2021.

In any case, that wasn’t all as he posted one more danger only half a month after the fact, on December 5, 2021. The danger read: “Beginning tomorrow I will begin killing your officials just so u realize who is getting it done, Ridon Kola Albanian blood.” Not long after, specialists addressed Kola at his home in December. In any case, when faced, he asserted that he had no designs to hurt the officials. Notwithstanding this, the dangers continued.

In January 2023, he showed support for ISIS, and on Walk 6, 2023, he conveyed an immediate intimidation to the cop he had addressed in his home.

“I’m searching for that official that came to my home and undermined all of us to kill us. I will consume the world until I find him Vallahi [by God], regardless of what befalls me there won’t ever be harmony in this nation any longer! Allahu Ekberr.”

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The internet based dangers just continued. On Walk 9, he guaranteed that he would go after associations like the FBI and NSA. He additionally continued to undermine any officials who might be on McLean Road for the St. Patrick’s Day march. Kola’s home, authorities noted, is in nearness to the procession course.

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