A previous fellow prisoner of Zachariah Anderson, who is being investigated for killing Rosalio Gutierrez in 2020, said that the litigant admitted to the wrongdoing a year after the episode.

Marquan Washington, 31, who imparted a cell to Zachariah Anderson for quite a long time in late 2021, affirmed in his preliminary on Thursday, Walk 16, 2023. He said that the denounced owned up to killing Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. subsequent to having a supposed bad dream about the occurrence in their cell.

As recently revealed, Zachariah Anderson, a Kenosha man, is blamed for killing 40-year-old Rosalio Gutierrez Jr. on May 17, 2020, subsequent to following him for a long time lastly killing him inside his Wood Spring loft.

Examiners claimed that Anderson killed Gutierrez in an attack of desire as the casualty was involved with the suspect’s ex and the mother of his kids, who likewise affirmed against their dad during the preliminary. In any case, specialists are yet to recuperate Gutierrez’s body.

According to Kenosha News, during the preliminary, Marquan Washington let the jury know that daily prior to conceding the wrongdoing, he heard Zachariah Anderson shout, “die, die, die” in his rest. Washington said that he faced Anderson the following day with questions originating from the supposed bad dream that as far as anyone knows persuaded him to think the suspect was liable for Rosalio Gutierrez’s passing.

Washington added that when gone up against, Anderson owned up to the wrongdoing, taking note of that the explanation for the bad dreams was the supposed homicide.

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“I advised him to look me in my eyes and let me know that you didn’t make it happen. He bounced down from the bed and he looked me in my eyes and he said, ‘I did it. That is the explanation I have bad dreams, I can’t rest around evening time since I consider it constantly.” The observer noticed that Anderson supposedly admitted to the thought process behind the homicide, saying that he killed the casualty to get back at his ex, Sadie Beacham.

Rosalio Gutierrez, a dad of two, was accounted for missing on May 19, 2020, after the suspect’s ex Sadie Beacham, who had been not able to contact him, went to his condo and found the royal residence canvassed in blood stains. While specialists still can’t seem to recuperate the body, they considered the case a murder in light of the significant measure of blood tracked down inside the home.

During the preliminary, Washington said Anderson, who evidently thought he was more brilliant than every other person, was nicknamed “Houdini” in the prison, as the supposed casualty’s body was never tracked down by the specialists. Washington further expressed that Anderson was glad for the moniker, adding:

“He (Anderson) said they called him ‘Houdini’ due to his case and fundamentally on the grounds that he made a body vanish, they say, and everyone called him ‘Houdini’ as a result of it. I think he was somewhat pleased yet not actually showing it.”

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According to Kenosha News, during questioning, the Guard group contended that Washington, right now having to deal with government penalties, including trick to convey countless unlawful medications, could have been pressured into giving declaration against Anderson in return for a diminished sentence for his wrongdoings.

In the mean time, Zachariah Anderson, who has denied any contribution in Gutierrez’s vanishing, is accused of first-degree purposeful manslaughter, which conveys a sentence of life in jail whenever sentenced.

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