What did Jennifer Gries do? Stanford employee charged over fabricating assault allegations

Last Updated on: 17th March 2023, 04:56 pm

Jennifer Gries, a 25-year-old Stanford representative, was captured on Wednesday, Walk 15, 2023, in the wake of creating attack charges two times nearby the year before.

Trigger admonition: This article contains notices of s*xual attack. Watchfulness is encouraged.

The St Nick Clara Province Head prosecutor, who reported the charges against Jennifer Gries, said that she lied about being s*xually attacked on two distinct events to erroneously embroil a collaborator at the college in a vengeance conspire.

Gries, who functions as a Lodging Administration Center Boss at Stanford College, is blamed for revealing a bogus s*xual assault in August 2022 and again in October, where she told a medical caretaker in two unique clinics that she was gone after by a person of color in his 20s. According to numerous reports, the supposed attacker’s portrayal apparently paired the designated collaborator.

Examiners said that Gries, who wouldn’t record a police report, presented a r**e unit and marked an assent structure recognizing that the medical caretaker was legally necessary to inform policing.

Subtleties of Jennifer Gries’ bogus charges investigated

Jennifer Gries was captured after the consequences of the assessment units were conflicting with the supposed cases of attack. Gries originally created the assault in August 2022, when she told a medical caretaker at Valley Clinical Center in San Jose that she was gone after in a grounds parking garage where she was a her gotten by a man to a bathroom and consequently went after her.

Months after the supposed first episode, Gries visited Stanford Clinic in October 2022, to get another r**e assessment and let the medical caretaker know that she was gone after while getting back to her office from lunch when she was a her again gotten by an attacker into a storm cellar capacity storage room and attacked her.

In the two cases, Gries declined to talk with the police yet agreed to the medical attendant telling policing the assaults, where the depiction of the culprit was viewed as like her colleague.

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After the attack unit assessment didn’t relate with the charges made by Gries, she was addressed by specialists, who said that she owned up to lying about the assaults since she resented a collaborator.

According to ABC News, Gries was arrested on Wednesday morning, and her bail was set at $25,000. Following the capture, St Nick Clara Region Lead prosecutor Jeff Rosen censured the activities of Gries, whose vengeance crusade against a collaborator made unnecessary pressure understudies nearby who dreaded for their wellbeing after bogus reports incited dread and fights at the college.

“This is an uncommon and profoundly horrendous wrongdoing. Our hearts go out to the erroneously blamed. Our hearts go out to understudies who needed to investigate their shoulders en route to class. Our hearts go out to real s*xual attack casualties who keep thinking about whether they will be accepted.”

In a proclamation, Stanford College said Gries was put on a time away while the college explored her future at the organization.

“These misleading reports are harming, both for genuine overcomers of s*xual attack and for the individuals from our local area who experienced dread and caution from the reports.”
Investigators said that Jennifer Gries was accused of two lawful offense counts of prevarication and two misdeed counts of making a misleading lawbreaker report about the supposed assaults.

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