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There’s no doubt that our favorite TV shows played a big role in our childhoods. From Fred Rogers to LeVar Burton to Bill Nye, we have always held the adults behind kids’ shows in extremely high regard. Furthermore, no kids’ show has quite achieved the multi-generational appeal that Sesame Street continues to maintain. That’s why, for so many of us, the news of two of the show’s biggest non-puppet stars’ deaths hit especially hard this year. That’s why we’ve done some digging to find out where many of the early human characters Sesame Street are today.

We Lost Emilio Delgado And Bob McGrath This Year

In 2022, we mourned two of the early human cast members of Sesame Street: Emilio Delgado and Bob McGrath. Delgado joined Sesame Street in 1971 during the show’s third season. During his 45 years on the show, he portrayed Luis, a handyman who ran “The Fix-It Shop,” a repair service on Sesame Street. Delgado worked both on the TV show and off to encourage English-speaking children to learn Spanish. He sadly passed away from multiple myeloma on March 10, 2022, at the age of 81.

Emilio Delgado and Muppet Rosita chat during the introduction of the “You Can Ask!” program in 2003. (Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Bob McGrath was actually part of the original Sesame Street cast from 1969. During his time on the show, he portrayed Bob Johnson, Sesame Street’s resident music teacher. He helped create many of the show’s best-known songs. McGrath was a member…

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