VP Kamala Harris Asked About Indictments — And Should Trump Be Included In ‘Accountability’ For Jan. 6

Vice President Kamala Harris said ex-President Donald Trump should “absolutely” be held accountable if the evidence proves he’s guilty of the crimes for which he’s been charged.

Trump faces criminal trials in Washington DC, Georgia, New York, and Florida on a total of 91 felony counts — all of which are currently on the schedule prior to the general election.

The VP was asked about those indictments in an extensive interview with Chris Megerian of The Associated Press during her current trip [ to Jakarta, Indonesia for the ASEAN Summit.

While the Biden administration — particularly President Joe Biden — has been tight-lipped about the many cases against Trump in order to guard the independence of the Justice Department, Megerian was able to draw a heavily-qualified affirmative out of the VP on the issue of whether her calls for accountability should extend all the way to Trump:

CHRIS MEGERIAN: You mentioned holding people accountable. Obviously, a big issue right now is the indictments against President Trump. Is that part of what you mean about holding people accountable for January 6?

VP KAMALA HARRIS: Well, as you know, I spent the majority of my career as a prosecutor. I believe that people should be held accountable under the law. And when they break the law, there should be accountability. And I support it when it happens.

CHRIS MEGERIAN: And does that extend to the former president?

VP KAMALA HARRIS: Well, everyone has their right to their day in court. But a- but absolutely, people should be held accountable. But under our system of law. Right? Let the evidence, the facts take it where it may.

On the campaign trail in 2019, then-Senator Harris presciently predicted Trump’s legal woes in the form of a wisecrack, telling an Iowa crowd “Donald Trump is a walking indictment in a red tie.”

Watch above via The Associated Press.

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