Viral Photo Of Society Notice Asking Delivery Agents Not To Use Lift Sparks Outrage Online

The post has accumulated more than 18,000 likes.

A notice prohibiting delivery executives from entering a housing society has gone viral on social media and sparked anger among netizens. Taking to Twitter, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Awanish Sharan shared the image of the notice and condemned the policy of no entry. 

The notice stated that no one other than the residents of the building is allowed to use its lift. It specifically also barred "Swiggy, Zomato and other delivery drivers" from taking the lift. "No Caption," Mr Sharan wrote while sharing the picture. 

Take a look below: 

Since being shared, the post has accumulated more than 18,000 likes. It has sparked outrage among internet users, with many arguing that residents should have the basic courtesy of coming down to pick their orders up themselves. some users even wrote, "This is discrimination". 

"Can you deliver the food or delivery bag to the 20th floor by using the staircase? I wonder, No... Just coz they need this job. It doesn't mean, you will take the benefit out of it. They are Humans too. And lifts cost if usage can be easily manageable if any society wants to," wrote one user. 

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"Swiggy,Zomato and other delivery people should start charging extra according to the floor of the customers if they do not allow them to use the...

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