Utilising nuclear facilities for power and storage in Australia could generate ‘billions’

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says Australia utilising nuclear power and building a high-level nuclear waste facility would be a way to generate “billions” for our economy and offer the world a solution to safe nuclear storage.

“It should be the start of a nuclear industry for Australia – nuclear power can not only generate emissions-free baseload power for generations to come – it also has the capacity for a range of other benefits,” Mr Bernardi said.

“A few years ago I had a study done by – MIT, they’ve found having a desalination plant attached to a nuclear power plant could provide massive economic benefits to our agricultural sector.

“It would allow the greening of vast sways of arid land providing high value crops, helping our economy and our food security to boot, now that move alone would be worth billions of dollars to the country.

“We should offer the world a solution to safe nuclear waste storage, it would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars to our country and it could be done in a perfectly safe manner.”

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