Toddler’s body found dead in North Delhi building where she lived – 4 days after she went missing

Four days after she was reported missing, the body of a one-and-a-half-year-old child was found on the stairs of the building where she lived in North Delhi’s Wazirabad, officers said Friday.

Police said on September 18, they received information regarding the missing child at Wazirabad police station.

A police team rushed to the spot. During enquiry, the father’s statement was recorded and a case was lodged. He has been living at Ramghat in Wazirabad on rent for the past five months.

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DCP (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi said an extensive search operation was carried out in the vicinity and nearby areas. As per the standard operating protocol in such cases, the child’s photographs and information about the case were shared with various agencies.

“Locals were examined and CCTV cameras were checked for any possible footage but in vain… We continued searching over the next few days. On Friday, police found the child’s body on the stairs of the top floor — the fourth floor — of the built-up building,” said police.

The district crime and FSL teams were called to the spot.

(reporter: Arnabjit Sur

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