This phone case comes with an airbag for protection. Watch

When purchasing a phone, we make sure to put up tempered glass and a phone case to protect it. However, despite that, there are chances that your phone might break. So, to tackle this problem, a phone case that comes with an ‘airbag’ has gone viral.

This phone case comes with an airbag. (Instagram/@Vector)
This phone case comes with an airbag. (Instagram/@Vector)

A clip of this airbag phone case was shared on Instagram by the handle @Vector. It shows him watching a video of this protective phone case. Then, he orders it and puts the case to a test. The clip shows him putting the phone cover and dropping it from a height. As soon as the phone is about to touch the ground, the airbag explodes from the cover and protects the phone.

This video was shared on August 21. Since being posted, it has been viewed 55 million times, and the numbers are still increasing. Several people were amazed by this phone cover.

An individual wrote, “I need this ASAP!” A second added, “Where do I get this?” “I need this in my life,” expressed a third. A fourth shared, “Thanks, I just ordered it after seeing the video.”

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