This Dog’s Dance And Sand Art Will Tempt You In

This Dog's Dance And Sand Art Will Tempt You In

The dog is seen drawing lines in the sand.

New Delhi:

A video of a happy dog is always a source of delight for many users on social media. It’s adorable to watch dogs display their happiness in such a wonderful way. A Reddit post featuring a clip of a dog dancing alone and forming patterns in the sand is an excellent example of this. The caption of the Reddit post reads, “Doggo dancing and drawing a line on the beach.” The video begins with a beautiful beach backdrop and a vivid blue sea in the distance. The dog leaps and twirls, creating a sense of delight through its movements. Additionally, the dog is seen drawing lines in the sand. The cheerful background music accompanying the clip adds to the video’s attractiveness even more.

The video was posted two days ago, and so far, it has received more than 3,200 upvotes. It has also garnered several comments.

“Doggo owns that beach,” commented one Reddit user.

“More passion, more energy, more footwork,” posted another.

“My side. Your side. If I get wet, soggy, or seaweed-smelly, do not follow. I’ll meet you back in your clean car,” wrote a third.

“I need an aerial view of the finished product,” a fourth person requested.

“Oh my god, that’s so cute,” remarked a fifth

“He’s just having so much fun!” wrote a sixth person.

Another wonderful video that had gone viral on social media earlier, showed a dog leaping with joy after being freed from its leash by its owner at a beach. The dog had gone to the beach with its owner where she unlocked its belt.

The video further showed the dog running around, not ready to stop after experiencing freedom. The text superimposed on the video said: “What does freedom feel like?”

In the clip, the dog was seen taking many rounds as it didn’t want to stop playing on the sand.

Pet dog videos are a common sight on social media platforms. One such viral video showed the dog owner first venturing into the snow to educate social media fans about the weather conditions. Her black pug makes an appearance in the video, dressed in a bright red blazer.

When the black pug’s paws come into contact with the snow, it immediately turns around and rushes back inside.

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