‘The Masked Singer’ contestant Ray Parker Jr. on elimination, creating ‘Ghostbusters’ theme song

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Following his double elimination on Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” Ray Parker Jr. detailed his “fun” experience on the singing competition show.

Parker told Fox News Digital, “It’s been amazing. It was something new and different to try.”


As Parker’s Sir Bugaboo costume was unveiled, he explained the challenges he faced while wearing the large costume head shaped like a green Cheshire cat.

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Parker commented, “It’s hot inside. You can’t breathe… You’re trying to read the lyrics, trying to sing, trying to perform. … It’s even Gets hot because they turn on all the hot lights.”

He added that, regardless of the singing situation, “the show must go on,” and that he still had an enjoyable experience on “The Masked Singer”.

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“You just have to go with the show. … I thought it was very funny. I took it as a … good piece of comedy, and it was amusing. It was fun to do.”

The musician is best known for writing the “Ghostbusters” theme song more than three decades ago, and he told Fox News Digital he never would have guessed the song would become so popular.

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Ray Parker Jr., best known for writing the

Parker explained, “I didn’t think it was going to become a record or anything. … The song took on a life of its own.”

Parker was only hired to compose a song for a 20-second clip in the film and said he never thought it would gain so much traction.

Parker admitted, “I’m glad it became what it turned into, but absolutely no idea, no indication that it ever could.”

The Grammy-nominated musician additionally revealed that he is working on a new album, “Make America High Again”.

He discussed his decision behind the name of his project.

“For some reason, it just feels like the right thing to do. … I want to make America high again like we were in the ’60s … just get back to the era where the country was moving forward and was going up,” Parker told Fox News Digital.

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