Most economists would agree that the ‘inflation peak’ has passed: Andrew Leigh

Assistant Minister for Competition and The Treasury Andrew Leigh says the monthly inflation number “doesn’t cover the full basket” so it is expected to be more “volatile”. “I don’t think it’s a major cause for concern; most economists would agree with the inflation peak having passed,” Mr Leigh told Sky News Australia. Follow Us on Google … Read more

Australian government ‘COVID overreach’ causes stage four cancer diagnosis

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Kellie Finlayson’s cancer diagnosis went undetected for three years due to the Australian government’s “COVID overreach” and how we ignored important health priorities in “obsession” with the pandemic. “I brought you the tragic story earlier this month of Kellie Finlayson … who faced a stage four cancer diagnosis, what … Read more

Australia is going ‘cop another rate rise’ next week: Andrew Clennell

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says Australians are going to “cop another rate rise” next week to combat inflation pressures. “Dr Lowe was complaining again during this committee hearing about a lack of productivity in the economy which he indicated needed to occur to allow wages to rise without inflation also rising,” Mr Clennell … Read more

Voice will make a ‘practical difference’ in moving Australia forward: Linda Burney

Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney claims a Yes vote for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament will “move Australia forward” as she reaffirms the importance of the referendum. “It will be a new chapter in our country’s story, and a Yes vote will make a practical difference,” she said during a media conference. Follow Us on Google … Read more

‘People don’t start off as monsters’: TV industry described as ‘toxic’

TV Consultant Steven D Wright says TV is a “toxic” industry. “These people don’t start off as monsters, they become monsters the way TV enables them,” he told TalkTV Contributor Rosanna Lockwood. “This is the problem with TV – you start to put people, presenters mainly, on a pedestal and then you have hundreds of … Read more

Australians are ‘doing it tough’ amid cost of living pressures

Shadow Finance Minister Jane Hume says Australians are “doing it tough” amid the rising cost of living. “They are feeling those rising pressures – rising cost of living at grocery check-outs, when they’re buying fuel, when they’re paying their energy bills,” Ms Hume told Sky News Australia. “There is no doubt that … the cost … Read more

RBA Governor ‘not concerned’ about wages growth getting out of control

RBA Governor Philip Lowe says he is “not concerned” about wage growth getting out of control after being asked about the impact it had on other countries. “In the US, wages growth is five per cent … I’m not concerned we’re going to see that here, it’s a possibility, but it seems to me a … Read more

‘Not inclusive’: The media ‘only makes jokes’ about Christians

Christians are “used to” the media mocking Jesus Christ however what particularly upsets them is the fact the media “only makes jokes” about Christianity, according to Sky News Australia host James Macpherson. Mr Macpherson’s comments come after Channel 10’s The Project aired an offensive joke about Jesus Christ in February. “For people who love to … Read more