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Watch: Ron DeSantis ‘can’t decide’ how to say his own name

By | 06/02/2023

His wife, Casey, appears to have always used “Deh-Santis”. However, in campaign advertisements made for his first run for Florida governor in 2018 the couple pronounced their surname differently. Mr DeSantis used “Dee-Santis” and his wife pronounced it “Deh-Santis”. At that time, when his campaign was asked about it, the response was that Mr DeSantis… Read More »

Putin’s political centre of gravity is crumbling

By | 06/02/2023

A number of things might come to pass in the near future that could upset Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. First, should the ailing leaders of Belarus and Iran die, domestic political turmoil in those countries will impact Moscow’s war machine. Next, if Ukraine continues to strike Russia’s military and political centres of gravity, Putin’s… Read More »

Watch: Joe Biden falls to the ground during graduation ceremony

By | 06/02/2023

Donald Trump was told about Mr Biden’s fall while on stage at a campaign event. The former president said: “He was at the Air Force academy? He actually fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt. “The whole thing is crazy. You’ve got to be careful about that, you’ve got to be careful about that.… Read More »

US Senate passes bill to raise debt ceiling

By | 06/02/2023

With this legislation, the statutory limit on federal borrowing will be suspended until January 1, 2025. Mr Schumer and his Republican counterpart Minority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered on their promise to do all they could to speed along the bill negotiated by Mr Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. “America can breathe a sigh… Read More »

Ukraine war latest: Russian city woken by overnight drone attack

By | 06/02/2023

Russia shot down several “Ukrainian drones” during an overnight attack on the western city of Kursk, its governor has claimed. Footage shared on social media showed Russian air defences firing missiles into the night sky, with other videos showing loud explosions in the city, which is more than 50 miles from the Ukrainian border. “We… Read More »

Ahead of House debt ceiling vote, Biden shores up Democrats and McCarthy scrambles for GOP support

By | 05/31/2023

Hard-fought to the end, the debt ceiling and budget cuts package is heading toward a crucial US House vote as President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy assemble a coalition of centrist Democrats and Republicans to push it to passage over fierce blowback from conservatives and some progressive dissent. Biden is sending top White House… Read More »

How Hvaldimir, the beluga whale suspected to be a Russian spy, fits in the history of animal spies

By | 05/30/2023

Recently, Hvaldimir, the beluga whale, was spotted off the Swedish coast. Hvaldimir was the name given by the Norwegians who first saw him. It is a play on the Norwegian word for whale “Hval” and the “dimir” was added because of the beluga’s alleged connection to Russia. First seen in April 2019 in Norway, the… Read More »

China expresses support for Serbia in renewed Kosovo clashes involving NATO troops

By | 05/30/2023

China on Tuesday expressed its support for Serbia’s efforts to “safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity” following renewed violence between ethnic Serbs and NATO peacekeeping troops in Kosovo. China’s ruling Communist Party has long been a critic of the NATO alliance, stemming partly from the bombing of Beijing’s embassy in Belgrade during the 1999 air… Read More »

NATO soldiers injured in Kosovo clashes with Serb protesters

By | 05/30/2023

Around 25 NATO peacekeeping soldiers defending three town halls in northern Kosovo were injured in clashes with Serb protesters on Monday, while Serbia’s president put the army on the highest level of combat alert. KFOR, the NATO-led peacekeeping mission to Kosovo, condemned the violence. “While countering the most active fringes of the crowd, several soldiers… Read More »

Japan PM’s son to resign after public outrage over private party at official residence

By | 05/30/2023

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Monday his son is resigning as his executive policy secretary to take responsibility for using the prime minister’s residence for a private party at which the merrymaking was exposed in magazine photos that triggered public outrage. Shotaro Kishida, his father’s executive secretary for political affairs and eldest son, invited… Read More »

Inside South Korea’s race to become one of the world’s biggest arms dealers

By | 05/29/2023

South Korea is using a $13.7 billion arms deal with Poland — Seoul’s biggest ever — to lay the groundwork for a military-industrial juggernaut that the two nations’ defence companies hope will feed Europe’s hunger for weapons far into the future. South Korea’s arms sales jumped to more than $17 billion in 2022 from $7.25… Read More »

‘The mountain is turning black’: Climbers air climate concern on 70th anniversary of maiden Mt Everest climb

By | 05/29/2023

As the mountaineering community prepares to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest, there is growing concern about temperatures rising, glaciers and snow melting, and the weather getting harsh and unpredictable on the world’s tallest mountain. Since the 8,849-meter (29,032-foot) mountain peak was first scaled by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and his… Read More »

Japan puts missile defence on alert as North Korea warns of satellite launch

By | 05/29/2023

Japan Monday put its ballistic missile defences on alert and warned that it would shoot down any projectile that threatened its territory after North Korea notified it of a satellite launch between May 31 and June 11. Nuclear-armed North Korea says it has completed its first military spy satellite and leader Kim Jong Un has… Read More »

Top 5 US stories today: Deal reached to raise debt ceiling; Biden congratulates Erdogan on Turkish elections, and more

By | 05/29/2023

After weeks of debates and discussion, US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have reached a final deal to raise the US debt ceiling. The deal comes hours before the deadline to avert a potentially devastating government default. But more work awaits the two leaders as each will now have to persuade lawmakers… Read More »

Italy: Water in Venice’s Grand Canal goes bright green

By | 05/29/2023

Waters in Venice’s main canal turned fluorescent green on Sunday, Italy’s fire department said. The regional environmental protection agency ARPAV collected samples of the coloured water with the help of the fire department, they added. The agency’s experts are now probing for the cause of the change in colour. A gondola crosses Venice’s historical Grand… Read More »

US teen murders parents, siblings, alleges they were plotting to eat him

By | 05/28/2023

An 18-year-old teenager was apprehended in United States’ Texas, for the tragic killings of his own family members. Cesar Olalde claimed that he carried out the killings, as he believed that his family members were “cannibals” and “posed a threat of consuming him”. The victims include his parents and two siblings, one of whom was… Read More »