Laura Woods lays on floor in short skirt with drink in hand at niece’s bday bash

LAURA WOODS appeared to be having the time of her life as she “very much enjoyed” her niece’s fifth birthday party.

The much-loved TNT Sports presenter has taken to social media to provide some insight into her exploits at the family bash.


TNT Sports host Laura Woods ‘very much enjoyed’ her niece’s birthday dayCredit: Getty


She shared this image from the five-year-old’s bashCredit: Instagram @laurawoodsy


And it this follow-up photo was also shared by the starCredit: Instagram @laurawoodsy


The much-loved 36-year-old has become a huge hit with fansCredit: Getty

The 36-year-old shared a snap of herself smiling with a drink in hand while sprawled out on the floor in a short grey skirt and black top.

Alongside a thumbs up emoji, Woods captioned the photo with: “Very much enjoyed my nieces 5th birthday.”

That was followed by a similar shot, although this time her head was to the side and looking away from the camera, while it was accompanied with the emoji face and rolling eyes.

In-demand Woods has previously discussed how she feared her ever-increasing workload had led to fears that she would miss out on her nieces and nephews’ upbringings.

And she also stated how she would love to take her Arsenal-loving niece Margo to more games.

She told The Telegraph: “I think they [family and friends] should be my priority, and they always do feel like my priority, even if I’ve been working so hard that they’ve had to take a back seat.

“You can only miss so many birthdays, parties and weddings. I would love to give it more focus.”

The birthday party comes just days after fans declared her the “winner by technical knockout” as the punchy presenter wowed Wembley in a tight black outfit.

She stole the spotlight in TNT Sports’ coverage of Joe Joyce’s repeat defeat against Zhilei Zhang on Saturday.

The former TalkSPORT, ITV and Sky Sports broadcaster joined Northern Ireland’s ex-world champion Carl Frampton and pundit Steve Bunce behind the microphone at Wembley’s OVO Arena.

And she went on to make a far greater impact on viewers than Joyce did on Zhang as they called the “bloody marvellous” Arsenal fan the “best sports presenter” for her banter and teamwork.

It is not the first time that Woods has won plaudits for both her presenting and her dress sense.

Just last week she was dubbed the “sexiest woman on the planet” as she stunned in a bold outfit while leading the coverage of Manchester United’s Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich.

Woods, who was in an eight-year relationship with ex-England rugby player Alex Corbisiero, revealed earlier this year that she is single but dating, but wants to keep her love-life private.

But she told The Sun: “I don’t want to put my whole life out there for everybody to see. I want to keep some things like ‘that person’ more sacred.”


Woods has amassed a 753k following on InstagramCredit: Instagram @laurawoodsy


She opened up on her love-life earlier this year and revealed that she is datingCredit: Splash

Laura Woods hailed by fans as ‘absolutely divine’ as TNT Sports presenter stuns

STYLISH Laura Woods has been once again hailed by fans after stunning on TNT Sports.

The former talkSPORT host, 36, was at the helm for Joe Joyce’s rematch with Zhilei Zhang.


Laura Woods put on another stellar broadcasting display on TNT Sports for Joyce v ZhangCredit: TNT via Twitter


Laura was hailed by fans as ‘absolutely divine’ as she stunned in a tight black outfitCredit: TNT via Twitter

And the blonde beauty cut a stylish figure in a tight black outfit that hugged her curves.

Her fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, were full of praise for her fashionable ensemble.

One wrote: “Absolutely divine as always the beautiful and gorgeous Laura Woods number 1 lol.”

Another simply posted: “Wow.”

A third added: “Laura is absolutely stunning and a fantastic broadcaster.”

While a fourth shared: “Laura Woods = Good vibes!”

Woods appeared alongside former boxing champ Carl Frampton and pundit Steve Bunce for TNT Sports’ coverage

And they were to see a Zhang masterclass.

From the first round the Chinese fighter dominated proceedings with his supreme power.

Joyce simply had no answer to Zhang’s fierce jab and punching prowess.

By the end of the third round, The Juggernaught looked out on his feet as Zhang turned to the screw.

A devastating right hook floored the Brit, who was unable to beat the 10 count.

After the fight, Zhang called out Tyson Fury.

He said in his ringside interview: “To the audience, I want to ask you a question: Do you want to see me shut Tyson Fury up?”

While analysing his performance, he added: “I am happy. Like I said before the fight, it is going to end sooner than the first fight and I did it. Joe, hell of a fighter, respect to him. I like him and respect him, everybody please care for him.”

Missing 2-year-old found asleep in the woods while using pet dog as pillow

A two-year-old girl missing for hours was found asleep in the woods using her pet dog as a pillow. Earlier she walked away from her home with her two pet pooches. The incident took place in the Iron Mountain region of the US state of Michigan.

The 2-year-old toddler was found by a citizen who joined a search party for her (representational image). (Unsplash/@willamiina)

“She laid down and used one of the dogs as a pillow, and the other dog laid right next to her and kept her safe,” Lt. Mark Giannunzio, a representative of the local police, shared in a statement. “It’s a really remarkable story,” Giannunzio added.

After the girl disappeared, her family got in touch with the local police. They launched a search operation that also included drones and police dogs. Citizens from Michigan and adjacent Wisconsin also took part in the search to comb a remote wooded area in an attempt to find the girl.

Thankfully, a citizen from the search party found the girl about 4.8 km away from her home. She was seen sleeping soundly with her pet dogs around her. Medical personnel were soon called to check on the little one and she appeared to be in good health.

(With agency inputs)

‘North Woods’ is the story of a place and its inhabitants over centuries

Location, location, location. Daniel Mason’s gorgeous fifth novel, North Woods, is the story of a place — a yellow house deep in the woods of western Massachusetts — and its motley succession of occupants, human and otherwise, who leave their mark on the property over the course of four centuries.

It all starts with a pair of young lovers who, “casting off their Puritan yokes…absconded to…their private Arcadia,” Mason writes. “They had come to the spot in the freshness of June, chased from the village by its people, threading deer path through the forest, the valleys, the fern groves, and the quaking bogs…Gone was England, gone the Colony.”

We read about what became of the woman decades later in the anonymous letter of a “nightmaid,” who reported that the “heathens” came “in great number,” setting fire to the stockades and slaying her family and neighbors. Captured with her baby, the nightmaid writes about how she was taken to a log and stone house beneath a mountain and nursed back to health by an old woman with an iron crucifix around her neck and a cherished Bible — part of the pair of young lovers — who was a friend of the Indian who spared the nighmaid. When avenging British soldiers turn up, the old woman does what she can to protect her friends.

North Woods manages, impressively, to balance both the narrow and the long view, intimately focusing on the lives of each of the house’s inhabitants, yet expansively encompassing American history, natural history, and the relentless march of time and the cycle of the seasons.

The novel is above all a tale of ephemerality and succession, of the way time accrues in layers, like sedimentary soil. Many of Mason’s characters and creatures come to violent ends. They die by axe, by gunshot, by exposure, by heart attack and heartache, by car accident, by mountain lions known as catamounts. The forest, too, suffers, savagely cleared for grazing, lashed by winds, incinerated by wildfires. Beloved ash trees, beeches, chestnuts, elms, and hemlocks are blighted by various invasive fungi, insects, and other pathogens. The present is haunted by the past, both literally and figuratively.

A post-doctoral fellow studying “spring ephemerals — deep woodland flowers that bloomed briefly in the fleeting sunlight before the trees leafed out and the canopy closed” — is a late addition to Mason’s extensive cast. She neatly sums up the novel’s overarching theme: “The only way to understand the world as something other than a tale of loss is to see it as a tale of change.”

One of the delights of North Woods is the sheer variety of Mason’s characters. These include an apple-obsessed orchardist who fights on the wrong side of the Revolutionary War, and his twin daughters, one fierce, the other lovelorn; a lonely, closeted, naturalist painter who all too briefly connects with his ideal soulmate; a young black mother fleeing slavery and bounty hunters; a conjuror; a schizophrenic whose mother corresponds with prison inmates while her son hallucinates about the house’s former inhabitants; a reporter for True Crime magazine; a recently widowed history buff barred from his historical society for sexual misbehavior.

But it is the elegance with which Mason spins and links these stories in 12 chapters (each roughly connected to a different month) that truly dazzles. In later sections, he circles back decades to tie up loose ends, or to posthumously pair characters whose time on Earth is separated by centuries. One example: at a retrospective exhibit of the lonely 19th century artist’s work, the post-doctoral student — who knows nothing of the artist’s long residence in the yellow house — is entranced by the intricate detail with which he painted healthy trees she has known only in their blighted state.

Mason enhances the sense of ongoing change through lush descriptions of the natural environment and ghostly presences that at various points channel Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Powers’ The Overstory, and George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo. There are “logs, fungus-feathered like turkey,” he writes, and March dankness, with “the bare trees, the mists, the mud like folded slabs of potter’s clay.”

Mason’s medical and psychiatric training inform a case history of a mid-20th century mentally ill patient facing a possible lobotomy, as well as descriptions of decaying corpses — which recall Jim Crace’s sensual account of the physical aftermath of the murder of a pair of zoologists in Being Dead (2001).

But even death can be regenerative, as demonstrated in this astonishing passage about the germination of a special apple variety that emerges from the shallow grave of a British soldier:

“Now, in the place that was once the belly of the man who offered the apple to the woman, one of the apple seeds, sheltered in the shattered rib cage, breaks its coat and drops a root into the soil, lifts a pair of pale green cotyledons. A shoot rises, thickens, seeks the bars of light above it, gently parts the fifth and sixth ribs that once guarded the dead man’s meager heart.”

Note the word meager. It’s a descriptive that — gently, quietly — separates a great writer from a merely good one. There is nothing meager about this book, or Daniel Mason’s talent.

Jordyn Woods transforms into busty blonde bombshell as she poses in sparkly bra and suit for New York Fashion Week

Jordyn Woods transforms into busty blonde bombshell as she poses in sparkly bra and suit for New York Fashion Week

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Hunt for escaped Pennsylvania killer hiding in woods leads schools to close doors

Two school districts near Philadelphia closed campuses on Tuesday after an escaped murderer was spotted by surveillance cameras traversing nearby woods and public spaces, authorities said.

The latest images of Danelo Cavalcante, a 34-year-old killer who slipped out of custody on Thursdaywere captured on a trail camera at Longwood Gardens, a public esplanade in Chester County, on Monday night, officials said.

“I am confident that he will slip up. He did here, he walked into a trail cam, didn’t know it,” state police Lt. Col. George Bivens told reporters Tuesday.

Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township. His method of getting outside prison barriers was part of an ongoing investigation.

More than 200 law enforcement officers searched for the murderer in shifts in recent days, Bivens said. The FBI was assisting, he said.

U.S. Marshals Service Supervisory Agent Robert Clark said a $10,000 reward composed of money from his agency as well as from Chester County government is available for anyone whose tip leads to Calvalcante’s capture.

With the convict still on the lam, the Unionville-Chadds Ford and Kennett Consolidated School Districts both said there will be no on-campus instruction on Tuesday.

The Unionville-Chadds Ford School District told students to check in with teachers via Google Meet on Tuesday morning, in advance of their “Flexible Instructional Day (FID).”

The Kennett Consolidated School District announced that all campuses and offices will be closed on Tuesday “out of an abundance of caution.”

Cavalcante is also wanted for a murder case in his native Brazil and police have recorded a message from his mother in Portuguese, pleading with her son to surrender.

Helicopters and police cars patrolling the search areas are blasting that audio in hopes Cavalcante hears it and heeds his mom’s advice, officials said.

Investigators are in contact with multiple loved ones and friends of the escapee, hoping to unearth any clue about where Cavalcante might be hiding or seeking to go.

“Rest assured that any family, friends, associates, contacts even from jail, we have run all of those things out and and we continue to run those out looking for anything that might be helpful,” Bivens said.

Searchers are struggling to navigate the thick terrain where they believe Cavalcante is hiding.

“What you have are significant parcels of wooded area with a lot of undergrowth, so thick that our searchers can’t be more than a couple of yards apart, where at times they lose sight of one another,” Bivens said.

“There are a lot places that someone can hide.”

In the latest images of Cavalcante, he has not done anything to significantly change his appearance, police said.

But he has picked up a backpack, “sling-type duffle bag” and a hooded sweat shirt since escaping, Bivens said.

Investigators believe Cavalcante broke into a car or home to get those supplies.

“He’s clearly in escape mode and he’s desperate,” Bivens said.”

Amid the manhunt, authorities were investigating any possible lapses or facility weak points that may have contributed to the escape. It was too early in the process to say exactly how Calvalcante got out, the lieutenant colonel indicated.

On May 19, another inmate, identified as Igor Bolte, 30, allegedly climbed an exercise area wall and made it outside the Chester County facility as a guard was distracted by an argument on a nearby basketball court on the grounds, according to court records.

Bolte, who was captured in town roughly an hour later — soaking wet after a dip in an area pool — told investigators he used his rock climbing skills to ascend the wall, the documents state. The inmate faces trial Oct. 9 for the alleged escape and is presumed innocent.

A county spokesperson indicated it’s too soon to say if Calvalcante’s and Bolte’s actions were similar, repeating only that a probe into the latest breach was ongoing.

Police on Tuesday reminded residents within several miles of the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township to lock cars and all other doors, especially of outhouses, supply sheds and other buildings outside their main homes.

“It is important we keep pressure on him as we continue this hunt,” Bivens said. “We pressure him to not allow him the luxury of rest.”

Cavalcante was convicted of first-degree murder on Aug. 16 for fatally stabbing a 33-year-old former girlfriend and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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ITV footie host Laura Woods spotted on secret date with Love Island hunk at pub

FOOTBALL pundit Laura Woods has enjoyed a low-key date with Love Island’s Adam Collard.

The pair were spotted looking cosy in a village pub on Saturday night.


Laura Woods has enjoyed a low-key date with Adam CollardCredit: Rex


The pair cosied up in a village pub on Saturday nightCredit: Splash

Laura, 36, and Adam, 27, spent a few hours deep in conversation at the Black Bull pub in Trimdon, Co Durham.

An onlooker said: “Laura and Adam were definitely on a date and seemed to be very close.

“They sat in the Black Bull for a few hours and were talking over drinks.

“Adam seemed very keen on Laura and they looked like any other cosy couple enjoying a few drinks on a night out.”

Laura, who now hosts on TNT Sports, and gym owner Adam snapped selfies with fans when they arrived at the pub but tried not to be pictured together.

The onlooker added: “They said they were staying at a place nearby called Rest At The Nest, which is a romantic getaway usually.”

A fan also saw Laura outside the village Co-op on Sunday and posted a photograph of them on X, formerly Twitter, saying: “Not every day you run into Laura Woods at your local Co-op.”

In July, Laura revealed she had started dating again following the breakdown of her eight-year relationship with England rugby player Alex Corbisiero.

She said of the split: “It was my decision — it was the right one and I’ve never regretted it.

“We’d lived in each other’s pockets and breaking up with him felt like coming up for air. I am single but I’m also dating.”

Adam, from Newcastle, first appeared on ITV2 show Love Island in 2018 when he met Zara McDermott, 26. The pair split after eight months.

Zara will be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing this year.

Adam joined the show again last year and paired up with paramedic Paige Thorne but they broke up after two months when he was pictured getting close to other women.

Adam said: “I do genuinely feel like there is someone I’ll meet and be like ‘Yeah, I’m done’. I do think that.

“I won’t lie, I have had it before but I was too young. I will hopefully get it again when I’m with someone and really want to be with them all the time and can be completely best friends.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t found that just yet.

“I’ve probably made a few mistakes but I’ve had some cool experiences and I think I have my life in order more than some people my age but I think you have to make mistakes to learn.”


Football pundit Laura, 36, now hosts on TNT SportsCredit: Getty


Adam, 27, first appeared on the ITV2 show in 2018Credit: Rex


Laura and Adam were spotted at the Black Bull pub in Trimdon, Co DurhamCredit: supplied

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How Many Times Have Big Ed Brown & Liz Woods Broken Up?

When it comes to relationships, Big Ed Brown likes his dark and stormy with a dash of bitterness. However, you have to give props to the “90 Day Fiancé” star, because Brown refuses to give up on his quest for eternal love. Fans of the show watched with a mix of horror and cringe as Brown attempted to charm Liz Woods. Sadly for both of them, those charms inevitably resulted in toxicity, brawling, and breakups. In what may be a “90 Day” record, E! News reports that the couple has broken up 11 times during their two-year relationship.

“I don’t think we actually know the count anymore, to be honest,” Woods said of their split tally. “I have enough diamonds to make up for every breakup,” she quipped. Some would say there aren’t enough diamonds in existence to adequately compensate, but still, it apparently works for these two. Although, it looked like the dream was permanently over in January after Brown and Woods broke off their engagement.

TLC came to the rescue and dispatched the warring couple to therapy in their new spin-off “90 Day: The Last Resort.” And, well, it seems to have done the trick. However, it wasn’t without its challenges, of course. Things didn’t get off to the best start after Brown cheated during the couple’s first therapy challenge. Later in the day, he got wasted in the hot tub and gave the ladies a treat by waving around his “one-inch wonder.”

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Boy, 11, rushed to hospital after being shot in woods with ‘party of adults’

An 11-year-old boy is in hospital with “serious injuries” after being shot in the woods while with a party of adults.

Police confirmed the boy had been “rough shooting” with the group between Catsfield and Ninfield in Sussex when the horror unfolded.

Emergency services charged to the scene at 11.08am where they found him with a potentially life-changing wound to his hip.

The youngster was then airlifted to hospital in London.

A 54-year-old man from Nottinghamshire has been arrested at the scene on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

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Radioactive wild boars roaming the woods after eating ‘nuclear waste’ food

Many boars in Germany and Austria can trot around the woods unbothered by humans.

And it has now been revealed that hunters are not likely to go after their meat, as the bodies of the wild boars have been found to contain a high level of radioactive caesium, which makes them extremely unsafe for human consumption.

The presence of radioactive boars in central Europe has been known for years, but their status had been largely attributed to the Chernobyl disaster, which in April 1986 released into the atmosphere some 27kg of caesium-137, one of the two radioactive isotopes of caesium causing the most concerns for health.

While the level of caesium-137 should have diminished relatively quickly in the boars, researchers noted it still remains high in these animals.

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology carried out a study that concluded the high level of radioactivity seen in these boars may have been caused instead by the testing of nuclear weapons. 

The scientists’ study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, showed these boars’ body are rich in caesium-135, the element closely associated with nuclear fission in weaponry. 

While the nuclear weapon tests happened in the Cold War years following World War II, radioactivity still affects parts of the German soil and has affected in particular the deer truffles, beloved by the boars.

A release from the American Chemical Society noted: “To determine the origin of the radioactivity, the team compared the amount of caesium-135 to caesium-137 with a sophisticated mass spectrometer. 

“Previous studies showed that this ratio clearly indicates sources — a high ratio points to nuclear weapons explosions, whereas a low ratio implicates nuclear reactors.”

The research found that the tests of nuclear weapons supplied between 10 per cent and 68 per cent of the contamination in the boars.

It also said: “In some samples, the amount of caesium from weapons alone exceeded regulatory limits. The researchers propose that the mid-20th century weapons tests were an underappreciated source of radioactive caesium to German soil, which was also unevenly impacted by the Chernobyl accident.” 

The soil absorbed radiation from these nuclear weapons, the researchers said, impacting a source of food for these boars, deer truffles.

Samples of these underground mushrooms showed 88 per cent were above the levels of radioactive caesium deemed safe in food.

The study read: “The key to this phenomenon is underground mushrooms, the deer truffles. [They are] eaten only or mostly by boars, not by other animals.

“[It is] caused by the slow migration of caesium through soil and it takes time for the caesium to reach the truffles, hence the time delay.

“Contamination from both sources have been taken up by the wild boars’ food, such as underground truffles, contributing to their persistent radioactivity.”

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Maryland Terrence Woods | Parents Terrence Sr And Valerie Woods

The group of Terrence Woods is as yet searching for data in regards to their child who evaporated toward the beginning of October 2018 while recording a Network program.

A youthful television maker bafflingly evaporates while dealing with the Gold Rush franchise for Revelation in the unwanted mines of Idaho Region, ID.

This American Life might utilize the story, concurring on how it sounds. Indeed, even after over four years, there is still no hint about Terrence Woods’ area.

He had rather abandoned a distressed family, a baffled sheriff, and unanswered inquiries for a worthwhile UK creation organization that Revelation in the long run co-claimed.

It is challenging for a family to know nothing about an esteemed part, and this trouble is uplifted when you couldn’t say whether the individual is living or dead.

The family is searching for answers wherever since it has been over a long time since anyone has seen even the carcass of the missing individual, and there has been no word that he is completely safe.

Investigate this article in additional detail to get more familiar with the circumstance. Meet the maker’s relatives also.

Group of Terrence Woods: Beginnings and Identity
Terrence Woods is a local of Maryland in the US. He was 26 years of age when he evaporated in 2018, having been born to his folks somewhere in the range of 1991 and 1992.

Albeit the television maker never tended to it, many individuals think Terrence was of blended family line.

Furthermore, it is believed that the Forest family rehearses Christianity, but, as expressed previously, the family has not unveiled this data to the general population or the media.

The television maker’s more established sister, Sharnia Tisdale, upheld him through his highs as a whole and lows. In Maryland, she grew up close to her brother also.

The notable television maker bafflingly vanished in Idaho’s wild, leaving his friends and family just with unanswered worries.

Terrence’s dad made sense of in a meeting that there was nothing left but to appeal to God for his child’s security and have believe that he will get back home one day.

As per Deadline, Woods, 27, disappeared on October 5, 2018, while dealing with the Gold Rush franchise for Disclosure in Idaho Region, Idaho.

The shoot included recording a side project for Dash for unheard of wealth: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine in the old mother lode Penman Mine. Rough territory encompasses the area.

Despite the fact that it has been north of a long time since the occurrence, numerous experts in the TV creation business have taken to web-based entertainment to ask that Crude television put forth a greater amount of an attempt to track down reality.

The creation firm behind the program, which is additionally possessed by Disclosure, is called Crude.

Extra Perusing: Did Elizabeth Savvy Have A Child While Being Grabbed? Olivia, the little girl

Meet Valerie and Terrence Woods, Terrence’s folks.
Terrence Woods Jr., otherwise called Terrence Woods, is the child of Terrence Woods Sr. furthermore, Valerie Woods. The television maker was brought up in Maryland, USA, by his folks.

initial, a restricted measure of data in regards to Woods’ folks is accessible to the overall population since they were first covered by the media after their child disappeared strangely.

So yet, it is obscure what Terrence Woods Sr. furthermore, Valerie Woods accomplish professionally. The media’s advantage in Terrence Woods’ folks has been revived by web-based entertainment as they keep on searching for replies.

Back in 2020, Woods’ folks freely addressed whether the Crude had precisely related the episode of his abducting and blamed them for tormenting their child.

Disclosure, however, denied allegations that Woods had been dealt with unreasonably and illustrated the multiple ways the organization had upheld the examination and search and salvage endeavors.

On the day he vanished, Woods illuminated his dad that he would be getting back from the shoot a little while right on time. Be that as it may, he chose to end this conversation without giving an explanation.

He supposedly let Crude television know that he would be seeing his mom because of worries about her wellbeing in spite of Valerie Woods having informed him that she wouldn’t require a medical procedure for an issue they had previously taken care of.

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