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Viral: Chef Shares Recipe For “Improved Water 2.0”, Internet Terms It “Unaffordable”

By | 05/15/2023

We have often come across improved versions of many popular dishes, right? From pizza and pasta to butter chicken and cottage cheese (paneer), the 2.0 always tastes and feels better than its predecessor. But  have you ever heard about “new and improved water?” Water is one of the key elements required for human survival and… Read More »

Viral: Instagram Creator Fries Stack Of More Than 20 Cheese Slices, “No Thanks” Says Internet

By | 05/07/2023

Viral food videos always capture our attention. Whether they are about bizarre food combos or lesser-known street foods, we always have fun discovering them on social media. Sometimes they stun us by the excessive use of a certain ingredient. For instance, a few days back a video of a man cooking a paratha “swimming” in… Read More »

Watch: Chef Prepares Pizza Worth Rs. 1.63 Lakh For Client, Video Goes Viral

By | 05/07/2023

Pizza is all things easy, breezy and cheesy. This Italian delight has the power to bring life back to our taste buds. After a long day at work, a plate of pizza with oodles of cheese and our favourite toppings can never go wrong. Agree? Now, what if we tell you that a chef has… Read More »

Watch: Royal Family Releases Special Quiche Recipe To Mark King Charles’ Coronation

By | 05/06/2023

England is officially crowning King Charles III as their monarch on 6 May 2023. And food has become a part of the occasion in more ways than one. Only yesterday, a video showing an artist’s special tribute to the King went viral. Wondering why? Well, the artist’s unique creation was actually made of toast and… Read More »

Roger Federer Binges On Takeout Pizza In New York – See Pic

By | 05/04/2023

Some cravings can only be satisfied by junk food. When we are out having fun, we don’t want to deny ourselves anything. We just want to indulge! And that seems to be exactly what Roger Federer did recently. The Swiss tennis star was in New York recently for the Met Gala, along with his wife,… Read More »

“Moment Of Uninterrupted Bliss,” Says Vaani Kapoor As She Enjoys Juicy Burger

By | 05/03/2023

Food can provide shelter from the stress and strain of daily life. Even a few bites of your favourite food can make your day a whole lot better. Sometimes, when we are enjoying a particular yummy dish, the world seems to melt away and we savour those precious few moments. It seems that Vaani Kapoor… Read More »

Watch: Man Used AI To Create Pizza Ad, “Brilliantly Creepy,” Says Internet

By | 04/27/2023

We now have a range of AI-powered tools at our disposal and many people are experimenting with them. AI-generated art, fiction, solutions and more have impressed the Internet and have left some worried about the consequences. Two weeks back, a tweet about using AI to create an in-depth meal plan went viral (read the full… Read More »

Viral: This “Impossible To Hang Onto” Mug Has Got The Internet Confused

By | 04/25/2023

The Internet can simultaneously be a weird and wonderful place. We often come across videos showing useful tips and tricks for various daily activities. Many of us love discovering new kitchen and cooking hacks that make our lives easier. Sometimes, people also share their own inventions and homemade gadgets. Some of these creations blow our… Read More »

“36 Begins”: Varun Dhawan Celebrates Birthday With “Best Crew” And Bento Cake 

By | 04/25/2023

Varun Dhawan had a gala time on his 36th birthday. How do we know? Haven’t you checked his birthday photo dump from Phuket? The actor, along with his wife Natasha Dalal and friends, enjoyed a beach-themed birthday celebration. While the adorable and fun-filled pictures had our hearts, it was the yummy-looking bento cake which drew… Read More »

We Can’t Get Enough Of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla’s Food Indulgences In Vietnam. See Pics

By | 04/24/2023

Actress Rubina Dilaik and her husband Abhinav Shukla love travelling. They both appear to spend quality time with their families in Rubina Dilaik’s hometown in Himachal Pradesh. Since both of them like quiet and serene places so much, they have stepped out for a relaxing vacation in Vietnam. They both seem to be having a… Read More »

Misal Pav Named One Of The Best ‘Traditional Vegan Dishes’ In The World – Aloo Gobi And Rajma Also On List

By | 04/24/2023

Two weeks back, we reported that Shahi Paneer and Paneer Tikka were ranked among the Top 10 Cheese Dishes in the world. Other desi paneer dishes were also featured in the Top 50 list (Read more here). Now, Indian cuisine has again come under the global spotlight, as part of a list of the Best… Read More »