My teacher told me not to come out as trans

Identifying as transgender was the leading reason to move schools for my A-levels (Picture: Caleb Howard) Let down by a school teacher, pastoral support and then a class tutor. These are the series of failures I experienced after I came out as transgender at school – aged 16 in year 11. The UK schooling system … Read more

Is Lucy Spraggan Trans Or Lesbian | Sexuality And Gender

She is as yet a significant music star notwithstanding the cases. Spraggan is known for her genuine tunes and vocals. She moves numerous with her LGBTQ+ privileges activism past music. Since it addresses strength, tirelessness, and confidence, her story resounds around the world. Lucy Spraggan: Trans or Lesbian? Since she was 14, Lucy Spraggan has … Read more

Owners of Miss Universe file for bankruptcy following diversity drive that allowed trans women to compete

Owners of Miss Universe file for bankruptcy following diversity drive that allowed trans women to compete

The Thai owner of the Miss Universe pageant has filed for bankruptcy a year after buying the pageant and pushing to make it more inclusive. JKN Global Group purchased Miss Universe, which was co-owned by Donald Trump from 1996 to 2015, for $20 million (£16.4 million) in 2022. Under the group’s ownership, the pageant has … Read more

Finnster Sexuality | Is He Trans Or Gay | Gender And Partner

Finnster, a.k.a. F1NN5TER, is a notable character in the realm of online video creation, attracting enormous audiences to destinations like Twitch and YouTube. Finnster has become notable for his hilarious content, however his sexual direction has additionally created conversation and guess among his supporters. He openly recognized that he was not gay in 2021 because … Read more

‘It was hell’: trans women testify on Argentina’s secret prisons of the past

Julieta González could tell the military officers were coming by the crunch of their footsteps. The building where she was held spoke to her through guttural screams, flickering lights and the thud of boots. “Where are we?” a voice called out to her one day, as she was moved from one part of the building … Read more

‘If you hate trans people in Doctor Who, good luck to your lonely life’

Russell T Davies has a message ahead of the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary episodes (Picture: BBC) The Doctor Who showrunner has strong words to anyone who hates the idea of showing the reality of trans people and their families on TV. Russell T Davies returned to the helm of the beloved sci-fi show last year, … Read more

Trans people can be baptised in church and be godparents, says Vatican

The Vatican’s doctrinal office has said that transgender people can under certain circumstances be baptised in the Catholic church and serve as godparents in a statement that has been hailed as a “major step for trans inclusion”. In a document approved last month by Pope Francis and published on Wednesday, the office noted that a … Read more

Census records trans population in England and Wales – but accuracy is doubted

Official statisticians do not know if the first census of transgender people in England and Wales underestimates or overestimates the true picture. They admitted respondents without good English might not have understood the survey question concerning gender. The 2021 census reported there were 262,000 trans people, equivalent to 0.5% of the population. It was the … Read more

Is Ella Love Island Trans | Ella Barnes Sexuality And Gender

There is a great deal of interest in her sexual direction. Assuming that you’re anxious to figure out more, you’ve come to the ideal place. We should go off on an astounding excursion to uncover reality with regards to the baffling Ella Love Island! Set yourself up for an astonishing excursion overflowing with conundrum and … Read more

Being Trans In The UK Just Gets Worse And Worse – Here’s The Proof

Transgender Europe (TGEU) has published its 2023 Trans Rights Map which highlights the legal situation for trans rights in 49 countries across Europe and five in Central Asia. According to the map, which was created with a network of over 200 trans rights organisations, the UK is no longer ranked as one of the most … Read more

Jonathan Van Ness Claims Heated Exchange With Dax Shepard Over Trans Rights Was Edited

Jonathan Van Ness says listeners aren’t getting the full story when it comes to their prickly exchange with Dax Shepard on the subject of transgender rights. The Queer Eye star ― who is nonbinary ― broke down in tears during a September appearance on Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. The pair’s chat took an emotional turn … Read more

‘Girls only, boys only’, students reject trans bathroom in Virginia school, walk out from classes in protest

Students of Loudon County high school in Virginia, are protesting against trans bathroom policies. They are demanding the authorities to go back to traditional male and female-only spaces over ‘privacy concerns’ Woodgrove High School in Purcellville, Virginia, walked out of class to protest trans bathroom policies adopted by their school.(@ywapatrickhenry (Instagram)) School’s decision to impose … Read more