Pelosi: ‘Probably would be a good idea’ if Menendez resigned

House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi on Monday said Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) should resign, adding the weight of one of Washington’s most prominent Democrats to the lengthening list of party members urging the embattled New Jersey senator to leave office.

“It probably would be a good idea if he did resign,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, reasoning that Rep. George Santos’ (R-N.Y.) ongoing federal indictment also demands resignation.

Pelosi said that that public skepticism around the government and what she described as governance issues within the Republican Party further merit Menendez’s resignation. At least a dozen House Democrats and three Senate Democrats have also issued similar sentiments about Menendez’s political future — including the bulk of party members from his home state.

Self-Proclaimed Sex-Trafficking Champion Resigned From Own Org Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Report

Fox 13 Salt Lake City on Instagram

While Tim Ballard was championing his non-profit Operation Underground Railroad for its achievements and progress in battling child sex-trafficking, he was allegedly sexually abusing women and making them prove how far they were “willing to go” in the name of the cause.

A new report by Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman of VICE News outlines the investigation, which took place not long before Ballard resigned from O.U.R. in June. According to the article, seven women made claims of sexual misconduct by Ballard, including him convincing women working with him on behalf of O.U.R. to pose as his wife. But that act would extend into private situations and include “sharing a bed or showering together, claiming that it was necessary to fool traffickers,” according to Merlan and Marchman. He also sent at least one woman “a photo of himself in his underwear, festooned with fake tattoos, and to have asked another ‘how far she was willing to go,’ in the words of a source, to save children.”

O.U.R. provided a statement about the investigation to VICE:

Tim Ballard resigned from O.U.R. on June 22, 2023. He has permanently separated from O.U.R.

O.U.R. is dedicated to combatting sexual abuse, and does not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination by anyone in its organization.

O.U.R. retained an independent law firm to conduct a comprehensive investigation of all relevant allegations, and O.U.R. continues to assess and improve the governance of the organization and protocols for its operations.

To preserve the integrity of its investigation and to protect the privacy of all persons involved, O.U.R. will not make any further public comment at this time.

O.U.R. is confident in its future as the leading organization committed to combatting sex trafficking and saving children who have been captured and sold into slavery.

Ballard became more of a known quantity after the release of the movie Sound of Freedoma dramatization of his mission in which he was played by actor Jim Caviezel. Critics of the film have argued that Ballard’s claims about his accomplishments have been “dramatically overstated or without clear documentary evidence.”

Local press in Salt Lake City, Utah has been covering Ballard and his dubious record as well as what led to his exit from his own organization, and Fox 13 in Salt Lake City posted a video on their Instagram account of Ballard walking out of an interview when he was questioned about “an investigation into his organization”:

Ballard is facing other accusations of dishonesty; he also seemingly fabricated a relationship with an elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President M. Russell Ballardwhich earned him a rebuke from the Church that called his behavior “morally unacceptable.” Ballard spoke to a small crowd that was caught on camera denying that the rebuke from the church never happened.

He’s also apparently mulling a run for U.S. Senate to replace outgoing Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), but there’s plenty of room in Congress for people with a truth problem.

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Simon Byrne: Chief constable of Police Service of Northern Ireland has resigned after series of controversies

The chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has resigned following a series of controversies, including a major data breach and the unlawful disciplining of two junior officers.

Simon Byrne had faced a motion of no-confidence in his leadership from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Mr Byrne has now quit following an emergency meeting of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, which is the oversight body for the PSNI.

He had been under pressure after a data breach last month which resulted in information on about 10,000 officers and staff being accidentally disclosed online.

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PSNI chief resigns after vote of no confidence

The breach involved the surnames, initials, rank or grade, work location and departments of all PSNI staff, but did not involve the officers’ and civilians’ private addresses.

The PSNI has confirmed the list is in the hands of dissident republicans, who continue to target officers.

Mr Byrne said he was “deeply sorry” for the “industrial scale breach of data that has gone into the public domain”, describing it as an “unprecedented crisis”.

More on Police Service Of Northern Ireland

He had on Tuesday been expected to give evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee which is investigating the breach.

A number of other data breaches have since come to light, including the loss of a police officer’s laptop and notebook which contained details of 42 officers and members of staff after the items fell from a moving vehicle.

Simon Byrne was gaffe-prone – but finding a successor won’t be easy

David Blevins

Senior Ireland correspondent


Policing and politics are never far apart in Northern Ireland.

Simon Byrne was riding the storm over an unprecedented data breach but found himself in the centre of a political hurricane last week.

A High Court judge ruled he had unlawfully disciplined two probationary officers over an arrest because he feared Sinn Fein would withdraw its support for policing.

All three Unionist parties cried foul – accusing the chief Constable of bowing to political pressure from Irish Republicans – and demanded his resignation.

He left a seven-hour meeting of the Policing Board last Thursday insisting he was “not resigning”. Four days is a long time in politics and policing in Northern Ireland.

Simon Byrne was a bit gaffe-prone during his tenure, appearing naive at times about the political sensitives here.

But finding a successor won’t be easy when there is no power-sharing government in place at Stormont to ratify any appointment.

The chief constable’s resignation also comes after a row erupted last week when a High Court judge ruled two junior officers were unlawfully disciplined for an arrest at a Troubles commemoration event in 2021.

The judge, Mr Justice Scoffield, said they had been disciplined to allay a threat that Sinn Fein could withdraw its support for policing.

Sinn Fein has insisted there was no such threat.

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PSNI: Dissidents have police data

Read more:
Two arrested by police investigating data breach
Terror threat still lingers on 25th anniversary of Omagh bombing
Police investigate second data breach

Mr Byrne had originally said he would not quit following an emergency meeting of the Policing Board last Thursday and indicated he was considering an appeal against the court ruling.

That statement was met by anger from the Police Federation, that represents rank-and-file officers, with its chair Liam Kelly expressing “disbelief and anger” at the chief constable’s remarks.

Mr Byrne had since faced growing pressure, with both rank-and-file officers and civilian staff mulling confidence votes in his leadership.

Last Friday, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson confirmed his party had submitted a motion of no-confidence in Mr Byrne to the Policing Board.

‘Policing in Northern Ireland in very difficult place’

On Monday, Sir Jeffrey said his party welcomed the chief constable’s resignation.

He said: “We believe that is the right thing to do in all the circumstances and now we want to see confidence rebuilt in our police service.

“And we will work with the PSNI, they have our full support, to achieve and deliver effective and efficient policing for everyone in Northern Ireland in a way that commands cross-community support.”

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said confidence in Mr Byrne had been “irreparably shattered”.

He said: “Policing in Northern Ireland is in a very difficult place right now. Successive crises have left confidence in the chief constable shattered from all directions.

“His resignation today was the right thing to do and was necessary to begin to address the serious issues facing the PSNI.”

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Matt Schlapp Held an Exorcism at CPAC Offices After Junior Employees Resigned

When a group of employees resigned in protest from conservative activist group CPAC last year, the organization’s power couple—Matt Schlapp and his wife, Mercedes—felt it was time for a new beginning.

As part of the reset, the Schlapps turned to a priest to evict satanic spirits from the D.C. offices, according to multiple people with knowledge of the exorcisms.

And so, on an afternoon in spring 2022, CPAC employees at their offices in Alexandria, Virginia—about eight miles from the fabled staircase featured in the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist—found themselves suddenly in the presence of a Catholic priest. The priest, sources said, sprinkled holy water around the CPAC premises and blessed all the staff, regardless of their faith. As part of the rite, according to these people, the priest placed a medallion above doors in the offices and explained that it would help ward off evil spirits.

The reason for the exorcism? A raft of junior employees had just walked away from their jobs en masse, after the organization denied their repeated requests for higher pay, according to multiple people with knowledge of the events.

But while the employees have been gone for over a year now, the talismans are still there. The Daily Beast obtained photos of one of them, which shows it is “St. Benedict’s Medal,” with St. Benedict being the patron saint of exorcisms.

Photo of a religious medal above a door frame in CPAC offices.

Obtained by The Daily Beast

Photo of religious medals that are in CPAC offices.

Obtained by The Daily Beast

According to the St. Benedict Center, “The medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world,” and “a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil.”

It’s not just anonymous sources who make this claim. CPAC general counsel David Safavian—also a devout Catholic—publicly acknowledged an in-office exorcism earlier this year, under circumstances similar to the 2022 event described to The Daily Beast.

“Now that we’ve performed an exorcism on a recently vacated office, I’m enjoying my new private cigar lounge,” Safavian posted on May 23, referring to a specific office of an employee who had just departed at the time. “Beats the heck out of the corner of the garage where I could get cell service!” (Tweet archived here.)

“It’s a miracle he wasn’t sued for defamation over that one,” one source told The Daily Beast.

Another source described the 2022 event as “the weirdest thing I’d seen,” and yet another said, “I had no idea what was going on.”

Multiple sources with knowledge of the event said the rite included a prayer circle in Schlapp’s office, which one person described as performative and inauthentic. “Like a show,” this source said.

“As the priest made his way through the office, spritzing holy water room to room, employees nudged him towards Matt’s office,” this person said. “The way he had treated junior employees, it seemed to us like he was the one who needed it the most.”

Schlapp—who stands accused of making unwanted physical advances on three men in recent years, one of whom is suing him for sexual battery and, along with his wife, defamation—is former co-chair for “Catholics for Trump.”

CPAC did not reply to a request for comment, but Schlapp provided a statement through his publicist, Mark Corallo.

“CPAC is being terrorized by a demon self-described as The Daily Beast,” the statement, attributed to Matt Schlapp, said. “The good news is the leadership of CPAC knows how the epic battle against the Beast ends. I’d short the stock.”

Mercedes Schlapp also tried to get ahead of the story, posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, that “Satan’s publication” is wasting its time among other crises.

“Americans are dying of fentanyl, children are being sex trafficked, and violent crimes are happening in our cities while Satan’s publication is writing about exorcisms. Daily Beast is a joke,” Mercedes Schlapp wrote.

On Tuesday—in response to The Daily Beast’s reporting that Schlapp tried unsuccessfully to settle the lawsuit earlier this year, and now faced two new accusations—both Schlapps alleged that The Daily Beast was run by the devil.

“The Daily Beast is Satan’s publication to persecute Christians and their families,” Mercedes Schlapp tweeted.

“Soon to start a weekend edition: the Saturday Satan,” her husband added, despite the publication already self-identifying as “daily.”

Four people with knowledge of the exorcism told The Daily Beast that just prior to the event, CPAC junior staff had resigned to Schlapp personally, after he repeatedly rejected their calls for higher compensation amid increasingly demanding work conditions.

“Everyone disrespects what the Schlapps did to them. They left because they couldn’t get money,” one of the people told The Daily Beast. “Matt has said, ‘everyone is disposable,’ and says that they can always find someone else to do the job for that much.”

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Ontario mayor who resigned apologizes for ‘ignorant, insensitive’ comments about First Nation | CBC News

A day after resigning as mayor of South Bruce Peninsula, Garry Michi has apologized for his comments about a local water treatment plant and people in the First Nation community in Ontario.

“I deeply regret the words I used during a personal conversation and the subsequent impact they have had,” said Michi in an email to CBC News.

“I want to acknowledge the harm caused by my ignorant, insensitive and poorly chosen words, and I want to sincerely apologize for the damage this has caused to the relationship between myself, the town and the First Nations community.”

Michi was recorded in an audio clip that was posted Friday by an anonymous individual. In it, he questions the federal government’s decision to fund a water treatment plant on the Chippewas of the Nawash Unceded First Nation, also known as Cape Croker.

The comments drew immediate fire from Indigenous groups and calls for Michi’s resignation, which came following an in-camera meeting Tuesday at the township office.

In the 43-second clip, Michi is heard talking about the plant that opened in Cape Croker 25 years ago. He claims the plant was ruined because community members didn’t maintain it, and questions the $65 million spent to set up new hydrant and water plants. 

“And 75 per cent of those houses? I mean, they should be torn down,” he said in the recording. “It’s like why are we spending $65 million on a water treatment plant up there that’s going to last 20 years because they’re not going to look after it. Just look at their homes. I can understand to be poor, but you can be poor and clean.”

LISTEN | Western University instructor cites harmful ‘misconceptions’ about Indigenous people:

London Morning9:36Ontario mayor’s views about Indigenous people indicative of systemic racism

The Mayor of South Bruce Peninsula resigned this week after an audio clip was posted online of him making negative comments about the Chippewas of the Nawash First Nation. Mayor Garry Michi’s words have caused damage to the community, the nation’s chief said. London Morning spoke with Indigenous Studies professor Cody Groat about the incident and what other communities are doing to ensure inequities are kept in check.

Cody Groat, an assistant professor in Indigenous studies at Western University in London, Ont., spoke to CBC London Morning about the controversy.

“I have a feeling that these beliefs are held by many people within southwestern Ontario, unfortunately, and this was an instance where it was recorded on tape, and I think that it was the right decision and the inevitable decision to resign from office,” Groat said.

“But again, I think it was based on a lot of misconceptions that are held about Indigenous people.

“I think there is a lot of problems that are deeply embedded within these remarks. And again, I think regrettably they’re shared by a lot of people in in our province,” he added.

Michi vows to learn from this experience

Michi said Wednesday that when he became mayor — he was elected in the October municipal elections — he wanted to “enhance our relationship with the First Nations people. But my words [in the audio recording] were completely out of line with that objective and I take full responsibility for my words. There is no excuse for my behaviour and I am committed to learning from this experience.”

The former mayor said he recognized his own privilege clouded his judgment and he spoke without proper understanding.

“I make no attempt to justify this. I hope that with time and effort, I can rebuild the trust and respect that our friends and neighbours deserve.”

Michi said he is grateful the community is holding him accountable for his words and admits the language he used shouldn’t be tolerated.

He said he would personally apologize to Chief Greg Nadjiwan of the Chippewas of Nawawh Unceded First Nation.

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Channel 5 boss secretly resigned as he felt like he was ‘being eaten alive’

Channel 5 boss Ben Frow has revealed he secretly resigned last year for a period due to burnout.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, he said he experienced a “delayed reaction” from the pressures he faced during Covid to hold up the team and his family.

Mr Frow, who is the broadcaster’s controller, said it hit him “like a brick” last April and he resigned as the company’s president.

However, he later paused his resignation after making a recovery.

He shared: “I’ve got the pressures of business, I’ve got the pressure of Channel 5 and all the channels, then I had all the pressure of the indies who were like, ‘What the hell is happening? We can’t film anymore.’

“Then I had the pressure of people going, ‘If I don’t get a commission my company is going to fall down.’

“And I powered through it but I think it just hit me like a brick in April last year and I just had to stop.”

He added: “I was very angry… I would shake in meetings. People would say, ‘Can I have this?’ and I would start shaking.

“I felt like I was being peaked alive, eaten alive. There was nothing left in me inside. So I resigned.”

Mr Forw added that it felt an “enormous relief” when he resigned, but explained that he did not tell his colleagues or his family.

He felt in a better place when he returned as the chief content officer of Paramount UK.

He added: “I cannot allow myself to be overwhelmed like that again in that sense of (having a) responsibility to everybody and everything all the time.”

More to follow… 

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The embattled leader of Maui County’s Emergency Management Agency has resigned

MAUI, Hawaii — After facing criticism in recent days for his decision not to activate the siren warning system in the midst of the Maui fires, Maui Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya has stepped down, according to a Facebook post by the County of Maui.

“Given the gravity of the crisis we are facing, my team and I will be placing someone in this key position as quickly as possible and I look forward to making that announcement soon,” Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen said in the post.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Andaya was asked whether he regretted choosing not to sound the sirens. “I do not,” he said.

He said that the sirens were primarily used for tsunamis and that if they had sounded them, they were afraid people would have gone “mauka” – or onto the mountainside. “And if that was the case,” he said, “then they would have gone into the fire.”

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Spotlight at Adani Group after Deloitte quits as ports auditor: ‘Has it resigned because…?’

The resignation of Deloitte Haskins & Sells as auditor of the Adani Ports has brought fresh scrutiny of the financial management at the conglomerate led by billionaire Gautam Adani. Shiv Sena (UBT) lawmaker Priyanka Chaturvedi wondered whether the auditor resigned because of the refusal of the Adani Group for an independent external investigation into some of the allegations levelled by US short-seller Hindenburg Research.

Art teacher Sagar Kambli gives final touches to a painting of Gautam Adani highlighting the ongoing crisis of the Adani group.

“So has Deloitte & Haskins resigned because the Adani Group of Companies refused independent external investigation of allegations in the Hindenburg Report?” Chaturvedi wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Deloitte has been the auditor of Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone (APSEZ) since 2017. In July 2022, it was given another five-year term.

The resignation comes weeks after Deloitte raised concern over certain transactions flagged in the report of Hindenburg Research. In May flagged, the auditor flagged three transactions, including recoveries from a contractor identified in the Hindenburg report, in issuing a qualified opinion on the accounts of APSEZ.

Confirming the auditor’s resignation, APSEZ said, “In Deloitte’s recent meeting with APSEZ management and its Audit Committee, Deloitte indicated a lack of a wider audit role as auditors of other listed Adani portfolio companies. The Audit Committee was of the view that the grounds advanced by Deloitte for resignation as Statutory Auditor were not convincing or sufficient to warrant such a move.”

The resignation puts a fresh spotlight on the management of Adani’s empire just days before the marker regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is due to submit the results of a probe into Hindenburg’s wide-ranging allegations of accounting fraud and market manipulation.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh, who has been posing questions to the government over the allegations against Adani Group, cited Deloitte’s resignation and said, “When statutory auditors repeatedly quit, you know that things are not as they are projected.”

In a statement, Ramesh alleged, “Shady transactions by the PM’s favourite business group are reportedly leading Deloitte Haskins and Sells to take the unusual step of resigning as auditor for Adani Ports and SEZ”.

Adani Ports has appointed MSKA & Associates as its statutory auditors effective from August 12 until the date of its next annual general meeting to be held in 2024, the company said in a filing.


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Biden world resigned to a campaign shadowed by Hunter drama

Inside the White House, U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ selection as special counsel was met with private frustration. Those close to Biden believed that the appointment was the result of a GOP pressure campaign intended to distract from the legal troubles surrounding their party’s presidential frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

But many Republicans also voiced unhappiness, expressing their belief that the appointment of a special counsel was actually meant to protect the president by creating a mechanism to stall the various Hunter Biden probes being conducted by the GOP-led House of Representatives.

What was certain in the aftermath of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s announcement was that as much as the White House had tried to turn the page, the specter of Hunter Biden’s legal problems would hang over his father’s reelection bid.

“This is exactly, exactly why I’m trying to raise the alarm,” said Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), who has toyed with the idea of challenging Biden in a Democratic primary and encouraged others to do so.

“It is another reason why I wish this call to action that I’m trying to inject into the Democratic Party would be heard,” Phillips said. “The data, the polling is a huge risk. The president’s age is a risk. And now the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the president’s son — essentially, what, 16 months before the 2024 election — is almost certain to ensure that this is front and center during the most consequential campaign in perhaps history.”

It was barely two weeks ago that the younger Biden was mere minutes away from a plea deal that could have put his legal worries to rest. But a federal judge in Delaware balked at the expansiveness of the immunity being granted. Garland said Friday that he approved the request from Weiss — who had been investigating Hunter Biden and approved the plea deal — to assume the title of special counsel to continue the probe. Weiss, a Trump appointee, said Friday that plea agreement talks had broken down and that a trial was likely.

Outwardly, Biden world downplayed the development and promised full cooperation with the newly empowered special counsel’s investigation.

“This doesn’t change our understanding of Mr. Weiss’ authority over the five-year investigation into Mr. Biden,” said Chris Clark, one of the attorneys for Hunter Biden. “For years, both Mr. Weiss and the Department have assured us and the public that Mr. Weiss had more authority than a special counsel and full authority to negotiate a resolution of his investigation — which has been done. Whether in Delaware, Washington, D.C. or anywhere else, we expect a fair resolution not infected by politics and we’ll do what is necessary on behalf of Mr. Biden to achieve that.”

A narrow reading of the appointment could suggest, some experts said, that in the aftermath of the plea deal collapse, Weiss simply needed the broader powers of a special counsel to prosecute crimes committed outside of his Delaware jurisdiction. Some of the matters Hunter Biden is facing occurred in California and the District of Columbia and there was no certainty that Weiss would expand the probe beyond existing charges.

But there was suggestion, at the plea hearing, of other investigations. And history suggests that Friday represented an expansion of the scope of Weiss’ work, not just an effort to access new venues — some special counsels probing previous administrations have at times dramatically broadened the scope of their inquiries.

Few, if any, Democrats believe that a trial would be anything but a lengthy distraction from the campaign, though several argued that the appointment of Weiss would diffuse a Republican talking point that the DOJ was trying to impede the investigation.

“Attorney General Garland has committed to avoiding even the appearance of politicization at the Justice Department, and his appointment of a Special Counsel in this matter demonstrates that commitment yet again,” said Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

A Reuters/Ipsos poll in June found that most Americans said the Hunter Biden plea deal does not affect their likelihood of voting for Biden next year.

The White House and Biden campaign declined comment on the appointment.

The investigation into Hunter was discussed by the Biden family prior to launching the 2024 campaign. First lady Jill Biden made clear last year that it would not play a decisive role in whether or not the president would run for reelection. But the impact that the scrutiny of another campaign might have on Hunter Biden was weighed, according to three people not authorized to speak publicly about private conversations.

The president had long expressed private frustration with the length of the federal investigation into his son — now five years and counting — and has worried deeply about the toll it took on Hunter, who has been open about his drug addiction issues, according to two people close to the elder Biden not authorized to speak publicly about private conversations. The plea deal would have been a marker, the first couple hoped, of a new era in Hunter Biden’s life. Biden calls to check on his son nearly every day, people close to him said, to voice his love, concern and support for Hunter staying sober.

Biden aides — while believing that most voters don’t care about the allegations into Hunter — have grown accustomed to the growing number of accusations being levied by Republicans against the so-called “Biden Crime Family.” Even though a number of alleged witnesses and whistleblowers have yet to provide evidence of illegality, Republicans have seized on the allegations — and even discussed impeachment.

But many Republicans were not happy with the appointment of a special counsel — even though they had called for exactly that.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy posted on social media that “this action by Biden’s DOJ cannot be used to obstruct congressional investigations or whitewash the Biden family corruption. If Weiss negotiated the sweetheart deal that couldn’t get approved, how can he be trusted as a Special Counsel?”

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise echoed the notion, declaring: “Don’t be fooled. Garland appointing Weiss as a sham special counsel on Hunter is a way to block info from Congress while claiming they’re investigating.”

The House Republican Judiciary Committee also issued a statement blasting the appointment, although in February it tweeted: “Why hasn’t DOJ appointed a special counsel for the Hunter Biden investigation?”

While no one in the White House nor Biden’s reelection team was happy about the appointment — least of all the president — the White House does believe that many Americans, especially those with addictions in their own family, are, and will be, sympathetic to the Bidens. And aides have long believed that many of the Hunter Biden allegations were known before the 2020 election and didn’t dissuade voters.

Still, many Democrats worry that Hunter Biden — along with the president’s age — loom as real tripwires for the president’s reelection bid even if it is against a Republican standard-bearer facing multiple criminal trials of his own.

“We may know the scale here is dramatically different. I mean, we have one individual who tried to overthrow our democracy and behave like a fascist dictator. … Hunter Biden is a guy who had substance abuse problems,” said one national Democratic strategist. “Clearly he’s done some things that aren’t right. But for voters, unfortunately, in this partisan environment we’re in, it’s going to be hard for voters to make a distinction. And I think that really, seriously hurts Biden.”

Jennifer Haberkorn and Lauren Egan contributed to this report.

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Why Did Alvin Bragg Resigned | Net Worth Before Arrest

New York Area Lead prosecutor Alvin Bragg is an American lawmaker and legal advisor. He prevailed upon the overall political race Conservative Thomas Kenniff on November 2, 2021, turning out to be New York Province Lead prosecutor.

He turned into the primary African-American New York Region Lead prosecutor on January 1, 2022. Bragg’s renunciation and capture charges have been coursing on the web for a long. Peruse this article assuming that you’re stressed over Alvin’s detainment.

Truth Check: Alvin Bragg Surrendered Why?
A Walk 2023 Twitter video guaranteeing Alvin Bragg quit perplexed everybody. There is no evidence that Alvin surrendered. His administration is looking at a 2016 official mission quiet cash installment to pornography entertainer Blustery Daniels.

He says in the video that Bragg has removed all charges against President Trump and is stopping as D.A. because of his psychological well-being.

Jack Posobiec tweeted a video of Bragg supposedly reporting his renunciation and dropping all charges against Trump. The video implies to adjust Bragg’s January 21, 2022 remarks at New York College School of Regulation as sound. The banners in the setting and Alvin’s ties match the YouTube film, yet Bragg doesn’t specify Trump, the request, or his renunciation.

Prior to Capture Alvin Bragg Total assets
As indicated by CA Information, Alvin Bragg has a total assets of around $41 million. Lawyering brought him quite a bit of his riches. Partner at Morvillo Abramowitz Excellent Iason and Anell. Bragg turned out to be New York Head legal officer in 2003. He then, at that point, turned out to be New York City Board case and examinations head. He played various parts and set aside a ton of cash.

Alvin Bragg Captured? What We Know
Individuals are looking for Alvin Bragg’s capture requests. Numerous virtual entertainment clients need Bragg captured. Nonetheless, he has not been captured. Georgia Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene advocates for Bragg’s capture. She recommended liberals ought to quit slamming conservatives.

Taylor marked conservatives “a beaten life partner” and requested they battle liberals’ “misuse” on them. Taylor referred to Best as “the most honest man throughout the entire existence of our country.” To the remark, many concurred and expressed their Bragg capture feelings.

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Resigned from Byju’s board due to poor reporting, governance structures: Prosus

Mumbai: Global investment firm Prosus (formerly Naspers) said that it had resigned from Byju’s board because, even as the edtech grew considerably over time, its reporting and governance structures did not evolve sufficiently for a company of that scale.

This is the first time that one of the three non-promoter directors on the board of Byju’s, who resigned in June, revealed the reasons for leaving the board.

“Despite repeated efforts from our Director, executive leadership at Byju’s regularly disregarded advice and recommendations relating to strategic, operational, legal, and corporate governance matters. The decision for our Director to step down from the Byju’s Board was taken after it became clear that he was unable to fulfil his fiduciary duty to serve the long-term interests of the Company and its stakeholders,” the statement said.

In June, when the three non-promoter directors on the board resigned, the company initially denied the reason behind it. It released a statement saying they took the decision due to the shareholding of the investors falling below a certain level.

GV Ravishankar, representing Peak XV (formerly Sequoia India), Vivian Vu representing Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Russel Dreinstock representing Prosus resigned from the board leaving Byju Raveendran, his wife Divya Gokulnath and brother Riju Raveendran as the only board members.

The company said it is in the process of reconstituting its board and is looking to onboard independent members soon. Earlier this month, it brought on board TV Mohandas Pai, former chief financial officer of Infosys and Rajnish Kumar, the former chairman and managing director of State Bank of India as part of a new council that will help the promoters nurse back the company to health.

In an interview with Mint, Rajnish Kumar had said that they would advise Byju’s on governance matters and organisational structure and that Raveendran is bound to listen to them.

On Monday, in a joint statement, Byju’s and its lenders said they have reached a consensus on restructuring its $1.2 billion term loan B. According to the statement, the proposed amendment, which will be effective before 3 August, seeks to address loan acceleration, end all litigation, and prevent any further enforcement actions.

“The steering committee of ad hoc term loan lenders, who collectively own over 85% of Byju’s $1.2 billion term loan, today said that they had agreed to work collaboratively toward a signed and completed term loan amendment prior to 3 August,” according to the joint statement. “We made progress with Byju’s for a completed loan amendment. This announcement is consistent with stated goals of working constructively with Byju’s management to protect the value of the franchise. We look forward to completing the loan amendment over the next two weeks and are committed to do our part to deliver on our agreed upon timeline,” it added.

The announcement comes months after the lenders, led by Redwood Capital, dragged Byju’s to a US court seeking that loan repayment be speeded up and gaining control of the US entity, Byju’s Alpha.

With bondholders renegotiating the loan terms with the company amid financial filing delays, the Byju Raveendran-led startup is facing increasing pressure to effectively manage its cost of capital.

Responding to the lawsuit, Byju’s decided to suspend interest payments on the loan till the dispute was resolved, but ended up defaulting. In its plea, Byju’s termed TLB lenders as predatory and moved to disqualify Redwood as a lender. But the resignation of statutory auditors and non-promoter directors on its board compounded the challenges faced by India’s most valued startup.

The investors and bondholders seem to be bullish on the larger edtech segment in India and growth prospects for Byju’s.

In its statement, Prosus elaborated that Byju’s sits at the intersection of India and education, two very important and strategic areas of investment for the firm.

“Although we no longer have a representative serving on the Board of the Company, we continue to believe in the potential of Byju’s and its role in revolutionising access to quality education in India and around the world. As a shareholder, Prosus will continue to assert its rights, collaborating with other shareholders and government authorities to safeguard the long-term interests of the Company and its stakeholders,” it said.

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Updated: 25 Jul 2023, 11:48 AM IST

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This is why OpenAI’s Head of Trust and Safety, Dave Willner, resigned…

Dave Willner, the head of trust and safety at OpenAI, announced his departure from the company in a LinkedIn post on Friday. In his statement, he cited the challenges of balancing the demands of the job with his family life. Despite leaving his current position, he expressed his willingness to continue providing advisory services in the future.

Following Dave Willner’s departure from OpenAI, the company did not provide an immediate response to inquiries about his exit.

In recent times, trust and safety departments have assumed a significant and prominent role within technology companies, including OpenAI, Twitter, Alphabet, and Meta. These departments play a crucial role in their efforts to mitigate the dissemination of hate speech, misinformation, and other harmful content on their platforms.

Concurrently, concerns about AI running out of control have been on the rise.

Dave Willner assumed his position at OpenAI in February of the previous year, following his tenure at Airbnb and Facebook. He cited the increasing demands of his job as having a detrimental impact on his family life as the reason behind his decision to step down.

“Anyone with young children and a super intense job can relate to that tension, I think, and these past few months have really crystallised for me that I was going to have to prioritise one or the other,” Willner said in the post.

“I’ve moved teaching the kids to swim and ride their bikes to the top of my OKRs (objectives and key results) this summer,” he added.

OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, has gained worldwide attention with its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The company emphasizes the critical role of its trust and safety team in establishing “processes and capabilities to proactively prevent the misuse and abuse of AI technologies.”

(With inputs from Reuters)

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Updated: 21 Jul 2023, 03:05 PM IST

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