Broadway Review: ‘Monty Python’s Spamalot’ Is Back—Deliciously Silly, Slightly Dated

Broadway Review: ‘Monty Python’s Spamalot’ Is Back—Deliciously Silly, Slightly Dated

Spamalot, first seen on Broadway in 2005, is back—and the good news is the really good silly bits of this parody of Arthurian legend are just as good-silly as they always were. But the bits that felt dated have only become more dated; one a song about Jews running Broadway at this moment sounds not … Read more

‘I’m a sex symbol? That makes me embarrassed’: Monty Don on love, class and his future on Gardeners’ World

‘Sorry, Monty!” says the woman who opens the door to the glass-walled room by mistake (or was it?). She looks a little thrilled – we’ll come to Monty Don’s status as a sex symbol in a bit, and he will squirm slightly. But for now, in this meeting room at Camley Street natural park in … Read more

Monty Don heartbroken over beloved dog Nell’s death after cancer diagnosis

Monty Don has shared some sad news (Picture: themontydon/Instagram) Monty Don has shared his devastation over the death of his beloved dog Nell, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. The Gardeners’ World star, who is known for his love of dogs and often appears on our screens alongside members of his furry family, … Read more

Monty Don sparks frenzy with ‘exciting’ new venture away from Gardeners’ World

Monty Don made fans’ day as he shared that he would be releasing a brand new book titled The Gardening Book that is aimed at horticultural amateurs. The Gardeners World host shared that the book was available for pre-order now before being released next month, as his 1.2 million followers declared it the perfect “Christmas … Read more

Monty Don’s kind gesture to local hospice revealed after star pays a visit

MONTY Don made a kind gesture this week when he visited a hospice for a special reason. The beloved gardener and TV star, 68, appears weekly on the BBC’s Gardeners World programme. 4 Monty Don made a kind gesture this week when he visited a hospice for a special reasonCredit: Handout 4 Monty offered his … Read more

Monty Python star Michael Palin’s anguish at losing wife

The Monty Python comedy legend and travel documentary maker lost “bedrock of my life” Helen, 80, weeks after their 57th wedding anniversary. He said losing his teenage sweetheart, who had been battling chronic pain and kidney failure, had left him shattered. But despite his sorrow, the father of three, whose films include Brazil, A Private … Read more

Monty Don says wife was unimpressed after placing auction bid he could’nt afford

Monty Don recalled a time he accidentally bought 1,100 trees at an auction instead of 12. Speaking on the Gardeners’ World magazine podcast with editor Lucy Hall in 2022, the 68-year-old revealed that despite minor disagreements about their garden on occasion, his wife Sarah Don is supportive of his decisions. The BBC presenter said the … Read more

Monty Don missing from Gardeners’ World after sharing emotional update with fans

MONTY Don left viewers very concerned after he went ‘missing’ from Gardeners’ World. The BBC Two horticulturalist recently shared an emotional update with his fans as he mourned his late canine companion. 5 Monty Don was absent from Thursday bight’s edition of Gardeners’ WorldCredit: BBC 5 The TV personality commemorated the passing of one of … Read more

Monty Don upsets fan by risking ‘danger’ to dog on Gardeners’ World

Monty Don demonstrated how he uses the hedge cutter to tend to his beloved garden, as his much-adored golden retrievers followed dutifully behind him. However, one eagle-eyed viewer said the situation left them “imagining all kinds of catastrophic accidents”, as they did not feel using such equipment was appropriate around children and animals. On a … Read more

Monty Don melts fan’s hearts with emotional post about Gardeners’ World co-star

MONTY Don melted his fans hearts once again with a gorgeous post gushing over his trusty companion. The Gardeners World star shared a brand new snap of his pet pooch Nell who was waiting for him to arrive back at home. 3 Monty Don shared a new snap of his pooch NellCredit: Not known, clear … Read more

Wife’s cancer almost prevented Monty Williams from taking Pistons job

DETROIT — For much of the spring, finding an NBA coaching job was the last thing Monty Williams cared about. After being fired by the Phoenix Suns following their elimination from the postseason, Williams had talked to a few teams when his family got some upsetting news — his wife, Lisa, was diagnosed with breast … Read more