We’re millennial workers and we don’t want to be your manager

The pay out’s no longer worth it (Credits: Getty Images/Westend61) Moving up to management was always the bog standard career dream. Get a job, get promoted, move up until you’re the top dog. Except, like many thing that were once taken as a given, the younger generations are turning their backs and questioning that career … Read more

Listicle: 10 signs you’re really Gen-Z on the inside

You hate labels in a relationship. Dating sounds too proper. Boyfriend/girlfriend seems too final. Love is too tumultuous to call it ‘going steady’. Situationships (undefined romantic relationships) seem better. Beige flags are strange, but tolerable behaviour in a partner. Couplehood can be soft-launched (a teaser, minus the revealing details). Soul-crushing dating apps still exist. As … Read more

How to spot a millennial? You can tell by the length of our socks | Zing Tsjeng

Open your sock drawer. Go on, take a look. Tell me: what kind of socks do you have? If your response is “ankle socks”, then I have bad news for you: you are an avocado-eating, flat-white-sipping, no-home-owning millennial. But if you would rather die than expose your ankles to the wind, congrats: you are a … Read more

Kate Middleton Was Spotted in Two of Her Most Millennial Outfits Ever

Kate Middleton Was Spotted in Two of Her Most Millennial Outfits Ever

Kate Middleton is in her throwback era. The Princess of Wales just wore back-to-back two of the most millennial-coded outfits I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never identified with royalty more. On November 1, Kate was photographed on a local “Dad Walk” in London, wearing thee brown military jacket (you know the one) and a blue-and-white … Read more

Old Dads: Bill Burr’s Netflix Comedy is a Millennial Hit

Bobby Cannavale as Connor, Bokeem Woodbine as Mike, Bill Burr as Jack in Old Dads

The millennial generation is now deep into its parenting stage. With some millennials already into their 40s and the term “geriatric millennial” getting thrown around, it seems that some members of the generation are embracing the “old” label.  That may explain how “Old Dads,” the Netflix comedy about aging fathers losing their edge, soared to … Read more

I’m a millennial homeowner – I have the best happy hour gadget in my kitchen

A MILLENNIAL has shared the handy little gadget she keeps in her kitchen that makes happy hour better. She said she gets tons of compliments on the gadget from visitors. 3 Terra, a millennial homeowner, showed off the cool gadget in her homeCredit: TikTok/ terramariekurtz Terra (@terramariekurtz) shared the video with over 60,000 TikTok followers. … Read more

A Swedish millennial bought one of Japan’s famously cheap abandoned houses. Here’s how he turned the 100-year-old property i

While rebuilding an abandoned “akiya” property that he purchased in suburban Tokyo in 2022, Anton Wormann often questioned his own sanity. A year later, the transformation was complete — Wormann had successfully renovated the Japanese home to rent out on Airbnb for extra income. Wormann, a 30-year-old model who is originally from Stockholm, first came … Read more