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‘Should be concerned’: Congress opens up on new threats posed to US labor market

By | 06/02/2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional lawmakers told Fox News they’re concerned about how artificial Intelligence will impact the job market, but were unsure how to approach the issue. “I don’t have answers,” Rep. Adam Smith, a Democrat, said. “There’s no question AI is an incredibly disruptive technology, and we should be closely looking at the implications… Read More »

IDA And Communications Workers of America Reach Tentative Labor Agreement For Non-Management Employees

By | 06/02/2023

The Writers Guild strike goes on, but there’s peace on one labor front in the entertainment industry. The Communication Workers of America Local 9003 and the International Documentary Association announced in a joint statement today that they have reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement covering Documentary Workers United, a group of non-management employees at the… Read More »

Supreme Court rules against union in labor dispute involving truck drivers and wet concrete

By | 06/02/2023

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a dispute about the pressure that organized labor can exert during a strike, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday against unionized drivers who walked off the job with their trucks full of wet concrete. The decision united liberal and conservative justices in labor’s latest loss at the high court. The lone dissenter… Read More »

Stock Markets Surge as US Labor Market Data Eases Rate Hike Concerns

By | 06/02/2023

Stock markets gained ground on Wall Street and in Europe on Thursday as US labour market data gave investors more confidence the Federal Reserve would hold back on further interest rate hikes in its battle against inflation. Worries about tighter monetary policy had weighed earlier after European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde said more rate… Read More »

Labor needed to show ‘disciplined financial management’ to prevent increased inflation

By | 05/31/2023

Liberal MP Michael Sukkar says the Labor party needed to show “disciplined financial management” to prevent increased inflation. “But also, to avoid kowtowing to the unions,” Mr Sukkar told Sky News host Amanda Stoker. “One of the most inflationary things that hasn’t even hit yet will be its Industrial Relations changes. “That’s going to fuel… Read More »

Mark McGowan’s resignation is a ‘big loss’ for federal Labor government

By | 05/29/2023

The Australian’s National Editor Dennis Shanahan says Mark McGowan’s resignation as WA Premier is a “big loss” for the federal Labor government. “This is a big loss for Anthony Albanese,” Mr Shanahan told Sky News host Peta Credlin. Follow Us on Google News

Labor Party promises always turn out ‘not to be the case’ after being elected

By | 05/28/2023

The Labor Party always makes promises which turn out “not to be the case” after it’s been elected into power, says Shadow Veteran Affairs Minister Barnaby Joyce. “What we’ve seen is whether it’s grants that were available to Soldier On, to the RSL, to emergency relief – they’re gone,” he told Sky News host Amanda… Read More »

Beverly Hills Voters Stymie LVMH Plans to Expand U.S. Hotel Business

By | 05/28/2023

Beverly Hills Voters Stymie LVMH Plans to Expand U.S. Hotel Business Follow Us on Google News

Labor Is Rising”: Hundreds Of Union Workers Gather In Solidarity With WGA At Los Angeles Rally

By | 05/27/2023

The Writers Guild of America West received the most robust support from their sister unions in Los Angeles at the “Unions Strike Back” Rally on Friday evening. In solidarity with WGAw President Meredith Stiehm stood Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 secretary-treasurer and chief negotiator, Lindsay Dougherty; SAG-AFTRA national executive director and chief negotiator, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland; UTLA President, Cecily… Read More »

After a year in power it’s now ‘harder and more expensive’ to see a doctor under Labor

By | 05/25/2023

Shadow Health Minister Anne Ruston says Prime Minister Anthony Albanese assured people it had never been harder to see a doctor before they came into power but after 12 months of governing it is now harder under Labor. “Mr Butler and Mr Albanese, they said it was never …. harder or more expensive to see… Read More »

Labor ‘determined’ to strengthen Medicare for all Australians

By | 05/24/2023

Health and Aged Care Minister Mark Butler says the Albanese government is “determined” to strengthen Medicare for all Australians. “This is not going to happen overnight … we’ve never pretended that these issues would be fixed overnight but we were determined to start work on them as quickly as possible,” Mr Butler said during Question… Read More »

Apple Strikes Multibillion-Dollar Supply Deal With Broadcom

By | 05/24/2023

Apple Strikes Multibillion-Dollar Supply Deal With Broadcom Follow Us on Google News

Labor ‘determined’ to close the labour-hire ‘loophole’: Tony Burke

By | 05/23/2023

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Burke says Labor is “determined to close” the labour-hire “loophole” which lets employees pay the casual workers less than their permanent colleagues in the same “rubbish conditions”. “One of the workers I met with had only recently become a permanent employee at the company,” Mr Burke said during… Read More »

Labor and unions are ‘determined’ to make contractors and small businesses ‘extinct’

By | 05/22/2023

Sky News host Amanda Stoker says the Labor government and unions are “determined” to make contractors and small businesses “extinct”. “Big employers unionise,” Ms Stoker said. “Self-employed people and small businesses generally tell the unions to get lost because they know they do more harm than good. “Labor and the unions are determined to make… Read More »

Childcare workers’ union to seek 25% pay rise after Labor budget snub

By | 05/21/2023

The union representing early childhood educators has condemned the Albanese government’s failure to boost their pay in the federal budget, signalling it will bring a multi-employer bargaining claim within weeks seeking a 25% pay rise. Helen Gibbons, the director of early childhood education at the United Workers Union, said it was “very likely” it would… Read More »

Labor Government ‘should be’ concerned as Voice support drops

By | 05/20/2023

Former Advisor to John Howard, Peter McGauran, says the Labor Government “should be” concerned as a recent poll revealed support for the Voice to Parliament has dropped. “I think the yes campaign … have had a reality check that this is not going to be a landslide vote in support of the voice,” Mr McGauran… Read More »

Nine Rounds of Interviews and No Call Back: It’s Harder Than Ever to Land a White Collar Job

By | 05/20/2023

Nine Rounds of Interviews and No Call Back: It’s Harder Than Ever to Land a White Collar Job Follow Us on Google News

Disney Ends Plans to Relocate Thousands of Employees to New Florida Campus

By | 05/19/2023

Disney Ends Plans to Relocate Thousands of Employees to New Florida Campus Follow Us on Google News