Jeff Bezos and Joe Biden spar over corporate taxes and inflation

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos  (REUTERS)

Jeff Bezos launched a political tirade on Twitter against US President Joe Biden and also denouncing a tweet from Biden about the corporate taxes as as “disinformation” and “misdirection.” However, the White House quickly retorted on Monday that Bezos “opposes an economic agenda for the middle class.” And then Jeff Bezos replied back on Twitter, … Read more

Joe Biden’s New York Visit After Supermarket Shooting

New York Shooting: US President Joe Biden will visit Buffalo, New York. Washington: US President Joe Biden will visit Buffalo, New York Tuesday after 10 people were shot and killed in an alleged racist attack at a grocery store there, the White House said Sunday. “The President and the First Lady will travel to Buffalo, … Read more

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos criticises US Prez Joe Biden over inflation tweet. See post

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. (REUTERS)

In reply to Joe Biden’s tweet saying inflation could be tamed by making wealthy corporations “pay their fair share”, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has accused the US President of “misdirection” on microblogging site Twitter. The exchange began with Biden’s tweet: “You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair … Read more

Joe Biden Congratulates Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed On Being Elected UAE President


Washington: US President Joe Biden congratulated the UAE’s de facto ruler Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on being elected Saturday as the country’s president following his brother’s death. “I congratulate my long-time friend Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on his election as President of the United Arab Emirates,” Biden said in a statement, … Read more

‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Chides Joe Manchin for Siding With GOP Against Abortion Protections: ‘You Don’t Have a Vagina’ (Video)

The hosts of “The View” are none too pleased with Joe Manchin, after he became the lone Democrat to vote against abortion protections this week. So, on Thursday, host Whoopi Goldberg called him out for it. On Wednesday, Manchin sided with house Republicans, and voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) which would have … Read more

Covid claims 1 million American lives. Here is Joe Biden’s statement

As a nation, we must not grow numb to such sorrow: Joe Biden (AP)

The death toll in US from covid has crossed one million, according to White House. “We must remain vigilant against this pandemic and do everything we can to save as many lives as possible, as we have with more testing, vaccines, and treatments than ever before,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement. Here … Read more