Airbnb guests invited to spend the night in Shrek’s swamp in the Scottish Highlands – for free

Shrek fans are being invited to enjoy a free fairytale stay at the ogre’s swamp in the Scottish Highlands.

Ardverikie Estate, where hit TV show Monarch of the Glen was filmed, looks set to host a recreation of the much-loved DreamWorks character’s home.

The unique getaway is available for two days next month via Airbnb.

The mud-laden, moss-covered and murky-watered oasis has been described as a “perfectly snug spot to escape from village life and embrace the beauty of nature”.

Shrek’s sidekick Donkey will be ‘swamp-sitting’, the ad says. Pic: Airbnb/Alix McIntosh

Pic: Airbnb/Alix McIntosh

Guests will be able to relax in the ambience of “earwax candlelight”, share stories around the fire, and eat like an ogre with freshly made waffles in the morning, according to the mysterious Airbnb advert for the experience.

Shrek’s iconic outhouse is also mentioned in the property listing.

Shrek’s outhouse. Pic: Airbnb/Alix McIntosh

Shrek’s sidekick Donkey, who is said to be “swamp-sitting” for his best pal, will be rolling out the welcome mat, according to the ad.

Airbnb quotes Donkey – who is voiced in the films by Eddie Murphy – as saying: “Shrek’s Swamp is lovely. Just beautiful. The perfect place to entertain guests.

“You know what I like about it? Everything.

“The overgrown landscaping, the modest interiors, the nice boulders, all of it.

“I can’t wait for guests to experience this muddy slice of paradise for themselves.”

The free two-night stay will take place between 27-29 October. Pic: Airbnb/Alix McIntosh

Pic: Airbnb/Alix McIntosh

The free two-night stay will take place between 27-29 October and can accommodate up to three guests.

Bookings open on 13 October.

Airbnb said the experience is “not a contest” and guests will be responsible for their own travel to and from the “swamp” in Scotland.

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The Airbnb listing added: “This property is independently owned and operated by Ardverikie Estate.

“Universal Studios Licensing LLC was compensated for providing rights to the use of DreamWorks Animation’s SHREK and the Donkey character.”

Airbnb also said it will make a one-time donation to HopScotch Children’s Charity, which provides respite breaks to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged youngsters.

Danielle Lloyd admits concerns as she’s invited on double date by Matt Hancock

Danielle Lloyd has claimed that she and her husband Michael O’Neill have been invited on a “double date” alongside Matt Hancock and his girlfriend Gina Colangelo.

However, she doubts whether the conversation between them would be flowing – and says she might have to get him “drunk”.

In a new column for OK! magazine published today, she told the world the former Health Secretary – who has divided opinion due to his handling of the coronavirus crisis – had sent her several messages asking to meet since filming wrapped up.

“We’re very different people – I honestly don’t know what we’d talk about,” she exclaimed, before adding: “I’m sure it’d be a fun night!”

She then chuckled: “I’d just have to get him drunk!”

Danielle also claimed that Matt faced “intense” questioning sessions during the filming of the show from contestants.

Matt had ended up on the front page of newspapers during the heat of the pandemic after his affair with his then-aide Gina was exposed and pictures were released of him kissing her despite Covid restrictions.

The fallout spelt the end of his marriage and his career – but he then continued his romance with Gina publicly and began to carve out a future in reality TV, appearing on shows such as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Although Danielle acknowledged there were tough questions put to him on Celebrity SAS by Matt’s fellow celebrities, she says she was able to see past his controversial history.

“I’m definitely not into politics, he was just someone I saw on the news every day when we were being told not to leave our houses,” she explained.

“I tend to take people as I find them, I try not to take into account things I’ve heard before.”

Revealing that Matt was very “friendly” towards her, she also praised him for the way he “handled confrontation”.

She added that officers on the show “absolutely annihilated” him, while he was also mocked by members of the public over footage of him thrusting his hips by a pool.

The so-called “dad dancing” was released to promote the show and saw viewers poke fun at him – but Matt insisted he was in “pretty good shape” after preparing for the show with an “intensive fitness programme” and a 100-mile mountain walk on Mont Blanc.

He claimed, according to ITVthat he broke a rib during a tough stint in the Vietnam jungle but “kept his mouth shut” in order to avoid being medically discharged from the programme,

Matt also said that the directing staff on the show “pushed his buttons” to get a “rise” out of him.

However, despite his rocky start, Danielle says Matt belongs to the SAS team members’ WhatsApp group – and it’s now just a case of getting everyone together for a drink.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9.30pm.

Murmu not invited for new Parliament inauguration because she is widow, tribal: Udhayanidhi

Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin and the state sports minister on Wednesday gave another controversial remark, saying that President Droupadi Murmu was not invited to the inauguration of the new Parliament building because she was a widow and belonged to the tribal community.

“The new Parliament building was inaugurated. They (BJP) got the Adheenams from Tamil Nadu for the inauguration, but the President of India was not invited because she is a widow and is from a tribal community. Is this Sanatan Dharma?” said Udhayanidhi Stalin at an event in Madurai. 

“We will continue to raise our voice against it,” he also said.

In May, as many as 21 Adheenams were invited from Chennai to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building.

He also spoke on NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam and said that we are constantly protesting against the NEET exam, adding that one Udhayanidhi is not enough to cancel the NEET exam but all of them should become Udhayanidhi and fight in the field.

“We are constantly protesting against the NEET exam. We have passed the resolution twice in the assembly. If we have to cancel the NEET exam, one Udhayanidhi is not enough. All of them should become Udhayanidhi and fight in the field. Only then can the NEET exam be cancelled,” said the Tamil Nadu minister.

On August 15, Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin had said that for the NEET examination to be abolished, education needs to be moved from the Concurrent list to the State list. 

The Centre reducing the qualifying percentile for NEET PG 2023 to be eligible for counselling to zero has exposed the conspiracy of the national test, Udhayanidhi said.

The Union ministry of health and family welfare on Wednesday reduced the qualifying percentile for NEET PG 2023 to be eligible for counselling to zero across all categories.

(With inputs from agencies)

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Queer Eye Drama? Karamo Says Antoni Only Invited Tan France to His Bachelor Party

Is there beef amongst the Queer Eye dream team? Well, that kind of depends on the level of your parasocial relationship with this particular group of coworkers.

On September 14, the emotional makeover series’s culture specialist Karamo Brown appeared on drama-monger Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show to promote his daytime talk show Karamo when he got unexpectedly candid about avocado—sorry, food and wine—expert Antoni Porowski’s recent bachelor party. “I wasn’t invited,” Brown told Cohen.

For those not caught up on the Queer Eye gang’s personal lives, Porowski is engaged to his boyfriend of three years, Kevin Harrington. However, despite playfully egging on relationship rumors with Jonathan Van Ness as recently as 2022, Tan France was allegedly the only member of the Fab Five to score an invite to Porowski’s singlehood sendoff. Supermodel Gigi Hadid was also in attendance.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Though interior designer Bobby Berk previously shared with Cohen that he did not attend the event, Brown confirmed that it wasn’t a scheduling conflict that caused Berk’s absence. After joking about “the shade of it all,” the 42-year-old told Cohen, point blank, “Bobby was not invited, I was not invited, and Jonathan was not invited.” He added, “Just Tan was invited. The shade.”

When Cohen said that Berk made it sound like he simply wasn’t able to “make it,” Brown continued, “No. Listen, I’m all about being real and being upfront. We weren’t invited…”

Whether attempting to quell feud rumors or sharing his honest feelings on the subject, Brown went on to defend Porowski’s guest list, saying, “When it comes to events like that—like family things, weddings—it costs money, so I don’t take offense to it.” Brown then went even further, saying that while he assumes the Fab Five will be invited to the wedding, he wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t because of “costs per plate.”

Interesting…Cohen seemed to think so as well, asking Brown if he would invite Porowski to his own hypothetical bachelor party, to which he responded, “I would not.” Karamo Brown has been dating photographer and art director Carlos Medel for two years, recently telling Page Six that he’s been “dropping hints” that he’s ready for marriage.

So, is there trouble in Queer Eye paradise? Maybe, maybe not. “We see each other. I drink. I’m doing a shroom. I’m doing, you know, having a good time and he’s not,” Brown explained. “He’s soberso I’m not gonna invite you girls so that you can be over in the corner sober. Like, no. So again, no shade.”

If you say so, Karamo! You can listen to their full conversation here.

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Little girl born with ‘werewolf syndrome’ is called ‘child from heaven’ by Malaysian king and queen as her family is invited to meet the royal family

Little girl born with ‘werewolf syndrome’ is called ‘child from heaven’ by Malaysian king and queen as her family is invited to meet the royal family

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‘My husband has invited his female friend to work from home with him’

A woman has taken to social media to vent her frustration after her husband invited a female friend to work from home with him in their house, and does so twice a week.

Posting on Mumsnet, she said that her husband works from home in the house they both live in and recently invited a guest – unknown to his wife – to work at home with him.

She said that the female friend has space to work in her own home and due to being so close to London there are plenty of other options she could take to work in, but instead opts to work with the troubled wife’s husband.

She also said that her husband did not ask if it was OK and just went ahead and invited his friend over, which did not sit well with her, but she does not know how to bring the issue to him because it feels “silly” to say it out loud.

She said: “My partner has worked from home since Covid and has now invited a female friend to come over and work with him here in our spare bedroom office.

“We’re south of London so plenty of spaces to work if it was needed elsewhere. Is this something other people would be comfortable with or is it not normal? On the one hand, she’s his friend so I shouldn’t find it not normal, but I can’t see any other reason to do this other than to spend time with her?”

She said that it doesnt sit very well with her because they don’t even work for the same company or do the same job.

She said: “I don’t know if it’s just me and I feel too silly to say it out loud. He works in IT and she does something with insurance so I’m at a loss as to the point.”

The female friend works there once or twice a week, and when asking the parenting site if it was not normal most people agreed with her, one commenter admitted that she used to work with a male friend in her home and it created a type of intimacy they never had before.

In the comment, the anonymous commenter said: “Me and my colleague worked in each other’s homes when we lost our office space. I’ll admit it did bring about a kind of intimacy we didn’t have before that.”

Others also agreed with the worried wife that it did seem odd that the friend would opt to work with her husband because there was no clear reason why she had to, aside from wanting to spend time with the husband.

One person said: “I think it’s nuts, absolutely nuts! I don’t suppose you could try the same and invite someone over to work with or start ‘working’ at a guy’s house? See if he’s ok with that? Could you speak to the woman? If they were working in the same company I’d understand it a bit more but they don’t so it’s really really strange behaviour.”

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Guy Refuses to Pay for Entire Dinner Bill for Friend Who Invited Work Acquaintances to Eat With Them

In a viral post, a man revealed that he refused to pay for an entire dinner bill after his friend invited several of his co-workers to join them.

When you’re out to dinner with a group of friendsit seems like nothing can ruin the night — until the bill arrives. An awkward silence usually falls over the table, but more often than not, everyone is willing to split it evenly or pay their share. However, some people don’t expect to pay at all, like these people in the “Am I the A——” (FATHER) subreddit.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/SEO403said he refused to pay for an entire dinner bill because his friend invited several other people (who didn’t expect to have to cover the cost of their meals, by the way).

Read on for the whole story. Plus, stick around to hear what the internet has to say.

Source: Getty Images

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A man didn’t pay an entire dinner bill because his friend invited more people.

The OP revealed that he returned to his birthplace for a vacation; while there, he asked an old friend to join him for dinner one night. The friend agreed before asking if he could bring four of his co-workers, which the OP allowed.

When the group arrived and was seated, everyone started ordering the most expensive things on the menu, such as cocktails, lobster, and sushi. Nevertheless, everyone was having a good time — but the mood changed once the bill came. It was 770€ ($823.89), so the OP told his friend they should all split it evenly.

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However, the friend’s male co-worker said he was “kind of broke” at the moment and could only spare 25€ (despite eating nearly 100€ worth of food). Now, this is when things started going south.

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Two of the friend’s female co-workers were on their phones, completely silent and disengaged. On the other hand, a third woman “had the audacity” to tell the OP he should just be a gentleman and take care of the whole bill, as he is “clearly doing better” than any of them. The OP asked her why she assumed that, and she referred to his Instagram page (which is full of vacation and business-related photos).

The OP pointed out that he didn’t know them, noting that it wasn’t a date. The same lady claimed she and the others didn’t expect to pay, which completely set off the OP. He asked his friend if he told the foursome they wouldn’t have to pay, but he denied it and said they always pay for their own things. If that’s the case, what’s so different this time?!

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The OP told his friend to deal with it, as he’s the one who invited them to their dinner. It quickly developed into a back-and-forth, with all of them saying it wasn’t fair and it was “too expensive.” Eventually, the OP grew annoyed, so much so that he decided to just pay for his portion.

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When he returned to the table, the OP discovered that, aside from his friend, no one else had enough for the bill (or so they said). The OP felt “a little bad,” but he didn’t offer to help out. Instead, he became petty and gave the waiter a big tip in front of everyone. OK, go off king!

Reddit agrees that the OP didn’t do anything wrong.

The now-viral post, which was shared on Sept. 6, 2023, amassed over 700 comments — and many fellow Reddit users rallied in support of the OP and his decision to not pay the entire bill.

“NTA. You asked your friend to JOIN you for dinner, and he asked to bring multiple friends, and you agreed. You never said you were taking them all out or treating anyone to dinner,” reads the top comment.

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The same Reddit user continued, “You’re all adults, and if they were short on cash, they shouldn’t have agreed to the restaurant or ordered so much food. They could have asked before ordering like you mentioned, as well. If your friend told them you were treating them all to dinner, then he’s the AH.”

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A second person said“Few people are more entitled than those who assume they’re going to eat on someone else’s dime.” That couldn’t be any more true!

“That’s wild to me,” another user wrote. “If I’m not paying, I’ll usually look for the cheapest thing on the menu.”

Someone else responsed“They’re relying on you feeling awkward and hoping you’d pay to end the awkwardness. In reality, the only people who deserve to feel awkward here are them. Let them own it. Pay for yourself, tip the waiter and leave. That’s all you can do in this situation. Let them deal with the situation they created.”

What do you think? Should the OP have split the bill? Let us know!

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A Family Donated Some Christmas Gifts to a Young Mom — Then Invited Themselves Into Her Home

Acts of kindness aren’t always kind — a young mom found this out after an embarrassing encounter with a family who donated Christmas gifts.

No one is exempt from falling on hard times. However, that doesn’t stop people from kicking you when you’re down. That’s exactly why we should try to do good, always.

But this TikTok user’s “traumatizing” tale proved that all acts of kindness aren’t so kind.

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In a viral videoa mom of two named Michelle Fairburn looked back on the time she thought she was being gifted a hamper full of Christmas gifts from a good Samaritan.

Instead, she ended up getting embarrassed.

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This woman said she was embarrassed by a family of do-gooders when she was a young mom.

I hate to break it to you, but the gift of giving doesn’t come with bragging rights. Somebody should have told this family that before they barged into Michelle’s home under the guise of doing a good deed.

“At the time I was 23 years old. I was in college and I was part of a single moms group in the college and they had a signup sheet for this Christmas hamper,” she said in the TikTok.

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“And I’m like, You know what? They’re gonna give me gifts. They’re gonna give us gift cards. They’re gonna give my kids gifts. Sure, why not? I’m going to sign up for the Christmas hamper,” she went on.

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Less than a month before Christmas day, she got the news that she’d receive her hamper soon. But she got a lot more than she expected at her front doorstep.

“So I’m thinking we just get to pick up a box and we get to take it home,” Michelle said. “No, that’s not what happened.”

The family who gifted her the Christmas hamper showed up at her door and insisted on coming in.

A middle-aged white woman and her family showed up at Michelle’s house unexpectedly with her Christmas hamper. What’s worse? They insisted on coming inside.

“OK, the family themselves — the ones that were donating the Christmas box — came to our homes and spent time with us as if we were frickin’ zoo animals.”

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According to Michelle, the encounter was “so freakin’ traumatizing” that she still has “flashbacks to this day.” She advised that do-gooders who really want to make a difference do their gift-giving anonymously.

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And if you’re doing it for the right reasons, you’d agree. The comment section was proof that Michelle’s experience wasn’t isolated. In fact, giving gifts for clicks isn’t uncommon.

In the comments, other people shared how what could have been a good deed turned into an embarrassing experience.

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“Back when I went to churchthey had the church donate gifts to a family but the family had to walk up on stage to accept the gifts,” someone else wrote.

While many commenters had been on the receiving end of this situation, there were a few who had done the gifting.

“My [family] did the donating once and I never knew why I felt awful sitting there watching them open gifts. This puts it into words. Thank you for sharing,” another user commented.

Hopefully, Michelle’s video will be a reminder to us all that you can’t put a pricetag on someone’s dignity.

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Harry’s furious eight-word response after Meghan not invited to Queen’s deathbed

Prince Harry reportedly gave a furious response to his father after he insisted that Meghan Markle was not invited to Queen’s deathbed.

The late Queen died last September 8, meaning that today marks the first anniversary of her death.

With the late Queen’s death recorded at 3.10pm, many of the royals were not present at the time – including Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in the UK for work commitments at the time of the Queen’s death, but Harry didn’t respond well when asked if he could attend Balmoral alone – without his wife by his side.

In his tell-all memoir, Spare, Harry documented how the King requested that he not bring Meghan to Balmoral – leading Harry to issue a furious eight-word response.

With Harry likely wanting to have Meghan with him for support, Harry claimed that he told his father, “Don’t ever speak about my life that way”.

The late Queen died at Balmoral, which has often been described as her “happy place”.

The time of her death was recorded on her death certificate as 3.10pm – with Harry only arriving at Aberdeen Airport at 6.64pm.

As Harry was still travelling, after hearing that her health was declining, Harry claimed that he only heard that she had passed while on the flight from London.

He wrote in Spare that a notification had flagged on his phone from Meghan, promptly prompting him to check the BBC website where he learned the devastating news.

He said that he had been thinking about his late meeting with the Queen and what they had spoken about, before he got the notification from his wife.

As he arrived at Balmoral, he wrote that it was his aunt, Princess Anne, who welcomed him and led him to “Granny’s bedroom”.

Speaking of his other major loss in his life, he recalled how he remembers how he never got to see his late mother after she passed in 1997.

Harry’s tense relationship with the Royal Family has been at the forefront for the past few months, particularly since the Netflix docuseries and the release of the Duke of Sussex’s book.

Earlier today, Harry took a surprise visit to Windsor Castle to pay respects for his late grandmother on the first anniversary of her death.

Less than 24 hours after arriving in the UK, Harry arrived in Germany for the start of the Invictus Games on September 9.

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North Korea reopens borders after three years but only Russia and China invited

A Russian military music and dance group has landed in North Korea, and it seems to be a sign that North Korea is opening its borders after being mostly cut off since early 2020 due to COVID-19.

The country had even stopped its own people from going abroad.

But now, it is inviting Chinese and Russian officials for events, and they have allowed a Russian music ensemble to visit.

North Korea is getting ready to celebrate its 75th founding anniversary on September 9, and some have speculated the country could hold a big parade.

Russia also mentioned that they’ve been able to send new diplomats to their embassy in Pyongyang for the first time since 2019.

Experts say these actions suggest North Korea might open its borders more, possibly even allowing tourists in the future.

This was stopped because of COVID-19.

It comes amid speculations that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be meeting with Russia‘s President Putin to discuss weapons deals.

Kim is understood to planning to travel to Vladivostok, a city in Russia close to North Korea, later this month for a big economic meeting.

The landmark meeting could mean that Russia is seeking to buy weapons from North Korea in exchange for technology and food exports.

South Korea is keeping a close eye on this situation, saying Kim might take a different route when travelling to Russia.

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Mallikarjun Kharge Not Invited To G20 Dinner Hosted By President

The gala dinner will take place at the multi-function hall of the Bharat Mandapam.

New Delhi:

Congress chief and the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge has not been invited to the G20 gala dinner being hosted by the President on Saturday, his office has said. Mr Kharge holds a cabinet minister rank, and is the president of the country’s largest opposition party.

Sources said no leader of any other political party has been invited either.

All cabinet and state ministers, and all Chief Ministers, have been invited to the dinner. All Secretaries to the Government of India and other distinguished guests, including big industrialists, are also on the guest list.

Former Prime Ministers Dr Manmohan Singh and HD Deve Gowda were also invited.

Bihar’s Nitish Kumar, Hemant Soren from Jharkhand, Mamata Banerjee from West Bengal, MK Stalin from Tamil Nadu, Arvind Kejriwal from Delhi, and Bhagwant Mann from Punjab are among the Chief Ministers who have confirmed they will attend the dinner gala.

All invited guests have been asked to reach the Parliament House tomorrow at quarter to six in the evening. Special transport arrangements have been made from there to take them to Bharat Mandapam and back.

This was done due to VVIP movement and traffic restrictions.

The convoys of invited guests will not go till Bharat Mandapam.

Delhi Police has drawn up the itinerary to bring all the Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, Chief Ministers, Secretaries, and other special guests from their residence to Parliament House.

The gala dinner will take place at the multi-function hall of the Bharat Mandapam, the revamped India Trade Promotion Organisation complex at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, which has a huge capacity. There will be a short cultural programme accompanying the gala dinner, Muktesh Pardeshi, who is a special secretary (operations) of the G20 and is heading the operations and logistics for the summit, told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will welcome the leaders of all countries individually at the venue, where he will also host a working lunch for them on Saturday, officials said.

Two sessions are scheduled to be held at Bharat Mandapam on Saturday, and PM Modi will reach the venue at 9 am.

There will be 40-plus delegations headed by presidents, prime ministers and, in some cases, their foreign ministers, as well as international organisations led by their secretary generals or executive directors. 

Each delegation will have 150 to 200 people on average. Adding security personnel, media representatives, people involved in catering and others would mean that nearly 10,000 people will be at Bharat Mandapam on Saturday and Sunday, Muktesh Pardeshi said.

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Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani Invited For World Leaders’ G20 Dinner

India’s richest businessmen, led by Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, will join G20 leaders at a dinner in the national capital on Saturday, as the country showcases its position as the world’s fastest growing major economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to wield leadership of the G20 grouping of the world’s most powerful economies to promote India as a destination for trade and investment, particularly as China’s economy slows.

U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are expected to be part of the gathering in New Delhi.

Among the 500 businessmen invited are Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran, billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla, Bharti Airtel founder-chairman Sunil Mittal, in addition to Reliance Industries’ Ambani and the Adani Group chairman, two sources said.

“This dinner … will host various state heads and makes for an opportunity to gather India’s Who’s Who during the leaders’ summit,” said one Indian official who spoke about the closed-door event on condition of anonymity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the weekend summit, however.

Saturday’s dinner will afford PM Modi another opportunity to highlight business and investment opportunities in India. To be held at a brand-new Bharat Mandapam, the menu will feature Indian food with a special emphasis on millets, a grain the country has been promoting.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

(Disclaimer: New Delhi Television is a subsidiary of AMG Media Networks Limited, an Adani Group Company.)

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