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Thousands of Catholics flock to Missouri church to pray over body of ‘miracle’ nun who was exhumed after four years with no signs of decay (photos)

By | 05/30/2023

Thousands of worshipers have started flocking to a Catholic nun to witness her body after it was recovered from her Missouri grave without any signs of decay despite being buried since 2019.    Faithful Catholics have been pictured and filmed in a long queue rushing to Gower – about 40 miles north of Kansas City… Read More »

Green cover helps bird of a different feather flock to Chandigarh

By | 05/30/2023

In what nature lovers see as a positive sign towards green cover, the number of Oriental Pied Hornbill (OPH) – a distinctive relative species of Indian Grey Hornbill (Chandigarh’s state bird)– has increased in Chandigarh in the last few years. The presence of OPH was recorded for the first time in Zirakpur near Chandigarh in… Read More »

Investors will still flock to US Treasurys in a default – but the crisis would make these alternatives more attractive down the line

By | 05/28/2023

Cate Gillon/Getty Images Atlantic Council senior director Josh Lipsky said investors would still turn to US Treasurys immediately after a default. But long term, a default hurts the credibility of the US, and investors would seek other assets, he told Insider. “More and more countries will look for alternatives, and eventually they will find them.”… Read More »

Investors Flock to Safety Plays, but Stock ‘FOMO’ Lingers

By | 05/07/2023

Investors Flock to Safety Plays, but Stock ‘FOMO’ Lingers Follow Us on Google News

London gears up for Coronation as tourists flock to capital

By | 05/05/2023

1683268960 Lord Mayor of Westminster says he hopes coronation will bring people together The Lord Mayor of Westminster said the King’s coronation will “share a new Britain” and is “looking forward” to the historic event. Councillor Hamza Taouzzale, 23, the youngest person and first Muslim to be Lord Mayor, will be donning his blue and… Read More »

More and more of India’s elderly flock to holy city to wait for a peaceful death

By | 04/27/2023

More Indian elderly people are leaving comfortable lives to live their last days in the holy city of Varanasi near the Ganges River, Hinduism’s holiest river. By dying in Varanasi, Hindus would be able to break the tenuous cycle of death and rebirth in order to attain salvation. Demand for residential areas in Varanasi remain high… Read More »