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Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs urges Biden to designate tribal monument at Grand Canyon

By | 06/01/2023

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is urging President Joe Biden to use the Antiquities Act to designate the tribally proposed Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument. In a letter dated Tuesday, Hobbs told Biden that she is committed to preserving cultural and natural treasures throughout Arizona and said the Grand Canyon is a “culturally… Read More »

Indiana woman dies in Grand Canyon while trying to hike to the Colorado River and back in a day

By | 05/25/2023

Officials say an Indiana woman died earlier this month while hiking inside Grand Canyon National Park. The National Park Service said Wednesday the 36-year-old from Westfield died May 14 while trying to hike to the Colorado River and back in a day. She was found unconscious on the Bright Angel Trail above the Three-Mile Resthouse.… Read More »

GMC Canyon AT4X AEV Edition Teases Rugged Parts Ahead Of July 6 Debut

By | 05/17/2023

The GMC Canyon will get a rugged AEV edition to join the off-road-focused versions of the Sierra 1500 and HD. The brand teases the new truck by showing some of the hardcore pieces underneath the pickup. Compared to the existing Canyon AT4X, this AEV edition appears to have additional skid plates. They run nearly half… Read More »

iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite feature saves Utah students trapped in deep canyon

By | 04/24/2023

Last fall, the iPhone 14 introduced one of the most important features Apple has ever launched. Emergency SOS via Satellite lets you send messages or make calls with the help of a satellite if you don’t have a cellular connection. This function has been available since November 2022, and since then, we have heard several… Read More »

Utah homes slide off cliff into canyon

By | 04/23/2023

Multiple residents in a Utah neighborhood evacuated after two homes slid into a canyon overnight, months after officials had declared the sites unsafe for habitation.  Officials notified residents in Oct. 2022 that both homes were unfit for occupancy due to dangerous conditions resulting from shifting ground – the same conditions that led the homes to… Read More »