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Anne ‘amiable’ with Harry at Coronation as it wasn’t ‘the place’ to discuss rift

By | 05/30/2023

Princess Anne and Prince Harry were spotted in a surprise exchange during King Charles’s Coronation earlier this month. His aunt was one of the few senior members of the Royal Family the Duke of Sussex spoke to during his brief return to the UK. The pair were seen chatting and laughing ahead of the ceremony… Read More »

Brutal clue Charles has already lost control

By | 05/28/2023

It’s hard to think of anything more quintessentially, entertainingly royal than a bit of biffo about a flower show. This week the annual Chelsea Flower Show (CFS) kicked off with press day seeing the requisite number of society sorts done up in capital ‘F’ Frocks and more HRHs than you would usually ever see in… Read More »

Is Princess Anne Prince Harry’s unexpected ally in the royal family drama?

By | 05/27/2023

Prince Harry seems to have found an unexpected ally within the royal family, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Princess Anne, known for her strong-willed nature, reportedly has a soft spot for her nephew and their bond may play a significant role in repairing strained relationships within the monarchy. TOPSHOT – Britain’s… Read More »

Elizabeth I heavily influenced by loss of mother Anne Boleyn at young age

By | 05/27/2023

Elizabeth I was heavily influenced by her mother Anne Boleyn, despite the fact that the latter died when the Tudor queen was less than three years old, according to the historian and author Tracy Borman. As well as being influenced by feminist ideas that were ahead of their time, Borman said there was evidence they… Read More »

Who Is Emílio Surita Esposa Anne Luyet? Apresentador(Presenter) Cancer Update

By | 05/18/2023

Emilio Surita Esposa Anne Luyet working with his wife as she recently went through withdrawal therapy. Here is their married life and fatal development update. Emilio Surita is a famous Brazilian telecaster, TV moderator and presenter. Since around 1993, Surita has been responsible for Panico on the Radio. Similarly, he has served as a moderator… Read More »

Rebecca Miller’s Berlinale Rom-Com ‘She Came To Me’ Starring Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway & Marisa Tomei Acquired By Vertical

By | 05/17/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Vertical has nabbed U.S. rights to the romantic comedy She Came to Me, starring Emmy winner Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway (Ocean’s 8) and Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei (Spider-Man: No Way Home), with plans to release the film in theaters nationwide on a date that has yet to be… Read More »

Anne Heche receives final resting place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Mother’s Day

By | 05/16/2023

Anne Heche was laid to rest at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Cathedral Mausoleum on Mother’s Day. Heche died on Aug. 11, and was laid to rest later that month. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office ruled her death as an accident as a result of “inhalation and thermal injuries.” She was 53. “She loved… Read More »

King Charles III coronation ceremony: Princess Anne has one of the most important jobs in the Coronation – Times of India

By | 05/06/2023

Princess Anne is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the only sister of King Charles III. She has one of the most important jobs in the Coronation, known as the “Gold-Stick-In-Waiting”.Princess Anne, 72, will be responsible for the monarch’s personal safety, notes Express UK.… Read More »

Andrew joins his children, Princess Anne and other royals for dinner

By | 05/06/2023

Prince Andew joined a host of royals including his two daughters and Princess Anne for a family dinner in London ahead of ahead of King Charles’s Coronation. The prince and his daughters dined at the exclusive Mayfair club Oswald’s with a host of royals including the Tindalls, Princess Anne, the Kents and the Duke and… Read More »

Kate Middleton’s unthinkable coronation task

By | 05/06/2023

In 1066, William, the Duke of Normandy crossed the channel, led an army that slaughtered thousands of Anglo-Saxons, then marched on London and managed to take over an entire country before most of the English had put their ale tankards down. But when do you think was the moment the man by now known as… Read More »

Send a message to King Charles III

By | 05/05/2023

If Australia was a long-running TV saga, King Charles would be one of those occasional guest stars, a familiar figure who returns for the key storylines and big moments. He’s not always been central to our lives, but he’s not exactly been a bit part either. He’s been a bit like Morag on Home And… Read More »

Princess Anne Names The 1 Moment She’s ‘Glad’ She Missed At Prince Philip’s Funeral

By | 05/04/2023

Two years after the death of Prince Philip, Princess Anne is speaking out about one of the more emotional moments from her father’s funeral ― and why she’s “glad” she didn’t see it in person. In an interview this week with Canadian broadcaster CBC, when asked about what COVID-19 “stole” from her, Anne mentioned how… Read More »

Anne Njemanze loses to Zeb Ejiro in Domittila trademark lawsuit

By | 05/04/2023

The registration and application of Domittila as a trademark by actress Anne Njemanze was on Thursday, May 4, cancelled by a trademark tribunal sitting at the Trademark headquarters in Abuja.    “Domitilla” is the title of a movie produced in 1996 by Zeb Ejiro, which starred Njemanze as the lead character. Njemanze however trademarked the… Read More »

Princess Anne reveals her official coronation role: ‘It solves my dress problem’

By | 05/04/2023

Princess Anne finally revealed her official role at the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla. The royal couple is set to take center stage on Saturday’s historic event which will see His Majesty formally crowned following his ascension to the throne in September. Speaking to CBC News, The Princess Royal shared that she will… Read More »

Princess Anne: slimmed-down royal family ‘doesn’t sound like a good idea’

By | 05/02/2023

Princess Anne, the 16th in line to the British throne, has said she does not think a slimmed-down monarchy is a “good idea”. Speaking to the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC News, the princess royal was asking about reports that her brother King Charles intends to overhaul the institution, in a move frequently referred to as… Read More »

?Domitilla? Trademark Saga: Zeb Ejiro and Anne Njemanze to settle out of court

By | 04/27/2023

May 4 has been fixed as the date for a report of settlement in a dispute between veteran film maker, Zeb Ejiro, and actress Anne Njemanze, over the rightful ownership of the brand, ”Domitilla”, by the Federal Trademark Registry.    Ejiro had filed a petition, seeking revocation of a purported registration of “Domitilla and Device”… Read More »

Really!!! Is Anne Hathaway Pregnant? Is She Married? WIki-Bio, Husband or Boyfriend

By | 04/27/2023

Today we are going to share with you all the information and details about a famous actress in Hollywood who getting viral and circulating news about that if she is married or not and has pregnant. People want to know if she is pregnant and this news got everyone’s attention and… Read More »

A Small Light review: astonishing bravery fuels this Anne Frank story

By | 04/26/2023

Review at a glance A nne Frank’s diary has become one of the world’s most famous symbols of defiance and hope. But its astonishing story has been historically hard to dramatise: the Franks’ artful elusion of the Nazis meant they were confined to the attic where they were hiding for two years, connected to the… Read More »

Princess Anne dresses in green for Belfast today with silver brooch

By | 04/26/2023

She also carried a black handbag with a gold chain and wore a turquoise silk scarf for added warmth. As is normal for Princess Anne, and was also normal for the late Queen, she wore her staple black gloves for today’s visit. Traditionally, members of the Royal Family would wear gloves to avoid shaking hands… Read More »

Siblings King Charles and Anne, Princess Royal got divorced in the same year

By | 04/24/2023

As the countdown to King Charles III’s coronation begins, we take a look at who all of his siblings are and their lives. As the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles was born next in line to the throne, making his life a subject of public interest from day one. His love life in… Read More »

Who Did Paige Anne Replace on ‘American Idol’? Learn All About Her Second Chance

By | 04/23/2023

Who did Paige Anne replace on ‘American Idol’? Here is everything we know about the singer who dropped out and how Paige reacted to her second chance. A fan-favorite on Season 21 of American Idol is none other than singer Paige Anne. Fans of the show were very upset to see her eliminated and not… Read More »